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How to Download Bike Insurance Copy?

Learn how to easily download a copy of your two-wheeler insurance online, whether you made the purchase online or offline.

  • 23 Jan 2023
  • 3 min read


It is not unusual to misplace the hard copy of your motorcycle insurance. Or, you may lose it to the usual wear and tear of being stored in narrow gaps of your bike. Either way, do not fret if you lose your insurance policy document or need to obtain a copy of your bike insurance policy. Here’s what you must do for bike insurance copy download.

Follow these tips if you lose your two-wheeler insurance document

  • Look for the document in your office, home, and vehicle. If you don't find it in any of these places, it was likely either lost or stolen.
  • Stop using the bike if you cannot find the insurance document. You must not ride your bike without the policy document in hand.
  • Your last option is to request a duplicate insurance copy from your insurer and wait a few days for it to arrive before you resume using your bike.

How To Download A Bike Insurance Copy Online?

Whether you bought bike insurance online or offline, the insurer allows you to download the insurance copy online with a few clicks. Follow these steps to download a copy of your insurance document.

  • Visit your two-wheeler insurer's website. 
  • Navigate to the bike insurance section and select the type of insurance you purchased.
  • Enter your policy details. In case you do not remember the policy number, enter your bike registration number, and you will be provided with the policy details. 
  • Verify the information displayed on the screen. 
  • The policy copy will appear on your screen. Download the file to your desktop and print a copy.

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How to Get a Duplicate Two-Wheeler Insurance Copy Offline?

Notify your insurer

As soon as you see your insurance document is missing, inform your insurer.

File an FIR

The insurer may request a copy of the FIR. As a result, it is critical to file a complaint with the nearest police station and keep a copy of the complaint with you.

Newspaper advertising

In some cases, you must also advertise the missing policy information in the local newspaper. Attach the advertisement cutting with other documents when requesting a new copy.

Indemnity bond

Finally, you must sign the indemnity bond, after which the insurer will verify your documents before issuing duplicate policy papers.

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