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Tips For Choosing Your Next Motorcycle Boots

Learn how to pick motorcycle boots that balance safety and style. Find tips on protection, styles, and features for a safe and stylish riding experience.

  • 19 Feb 2019
  • 3 min read

With the right guidance, you can choose the perfect motorcycling boots to keep yourself safe and stylish

According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers found that about 30% of the non-fatal motorcycle accidents ended up heavily damaging the legs and feet of the rider. That can be a scary statistic if you’re a frequent bike rider. However, there’s not much you need to worry about if you follow the road safety rules and take appropriate precautionary measures while riding a motorcycle. It is important to secure yourself as well as your motorcycle with the help of a two wheeler insurance.

Motor insurance not only provides financial protection to your motorcycle against the risks of theft or damages, but also cover you for medical bills and hospital expenses in case of an accident. 

While riding a bike, you have to place your feet next to the engine, which can get extremely hot during the ride. This poses a substantial threat to your legs and hence, it’s imperative to wear a sturdy pair of bike-riding boots which can withstand such threats. Apart from protecting your legs, these boots also make a solid fashion statement and helps you to walk around quite comfortably. Here is a quick guide that will help you to choose the perfect motorcycle boots for you:


You need to figure out what kind of boots will serve you the best, depending on your riding style and the conditions in which you have to ride. If you’re a street rider and use your motorbike for daily commute, you can opt for a basic pair of closed boots. However, if you’re an explorer who often go for rides on rugged surfaces like mountains or terrains, dirt rider boots will suit you better as they offer solid protection, rigidity and strength.

Optimum Protection

One of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing your motorcycle boots is the level of protection they offer. This is the basic purpose of opting for boots and should be given preference over everything else. In general, your riding boots should be able to protect you from extreme weather conditions and shield your feet from getting injured or bruised in case of an accident.

Safety Features

A good pair of riding boots come with multiple safety features such as heavy molded padding, high insole protection, a reinforced shin protector pad and protective braces for heels and toe sliders. Check for boots with a well-constructed sole, which is slip-resistant to ensure a good grip on the footrest. A pair of good quality ankle padded boots can help you tackle situations like extreme twisting and contouring.

Length and Style

While choosing motorcycle boots, style is something that is secondary, but it’s still carries a lot of significance. The coverage and length are some of the factors you can look after before buying your riding boots. You can either go for ankle-length boots which looks compact and smart or you can choose mid-length or three-fourth length riding boots which provides good protection by keeping your shin and ankle covered.

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Vented vs. Waterproof

Your riding boots should provide a perfect blend of comfort and protection. For utmost convenience in harsh conditions, there are boots with different varieties which offer enhanced protection along with comfort and convenience. Vented boots are popular among riders as they ensure airflow through the molded leather construction.

On the other hand, waterproof riding boots are just as popular. While not all waterproof riding boots are necessarily made with Gore-Tex, they will surely keep your feet dry on a rainy day. Some riding boots are Seco-Tex waterproof and have a breathable membrane, which protects your feet from splashes of water and also keep them dry from moisture and sweat.

Each type of riding boot will offer unique specifications with different style quotient. Hence, while choosing your riding boots, you need to make the right choice according to your needs, purpose and style preferences. In addition to getting the required gear, you must also follow all the road safety rules while riding a two-wheeler to prevent accidents and injuries to yourself as well as your pillion rider.

Life however, can take an unexpected turn and despite of having the most protective riding boots and adhering to all road safety rules, accidents can take place.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for educational and informational purposes only. It may contain outdated data and information regarding the Insurance industry and products. It is advised to verify the currency and relevance of the data and information before taking any major steps. ICICI Lombard is not liable for any inaccuracies or consequences resulting from the use of this outdated information.  

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