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Two-Wheeler Road Tax in Karnataka

Understanding the road tax for two-wheelers in Karnataka involves knowing the state's taxation norms and regulations applicable to motorcycle and scooter owners.

  • 28 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Karnataka is known for its diverse natural landscapes and thriving cities. As a powerhouse of the Southern economy and housing India’s leading software companies, it relies on a well-maintained road network to keep its wheels of progress turning. To fund the development and maintenance of these roads, the Karnataka government imposes road taxes on vehicle owners. This blog delves into the specifics of Karnataka road tax for bikes. Here, we also provide valuable insights into tax rates, calculation methods, and their significance.

What is the Road Tax in Karnataka for Bike?

Two-wheeler road tax in Karnataka is an essential obligation for all bike owners. The tax amount is determined based on several crucial factors, ensuring a fair contribution to road infrastructure. Below is a table outlining the road tax rates for two-wheelers in Karnataka:

Vehicle Value (in lakh)          

Tax Percentage

New vehicles costing less than Rs 50,000


New vehicles costing more than Rs 50,000


Vehicles no more than 5 years old

73% to 93%

Vehicles between 5-10 years old

49% to 69%

Vehicles between 10-15 years old

45% to 25%

Electric Vehicles



These tax rates apply to new and used two-wheelers, with different slabs for vehicles under 5 years old and those between 5-10 years old. Understanding these rates is crucial for bike owners in Karnataka as compliance ensures the state’s roads remain safe and well-maintained for everyone’s benefit.

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Adhering to the Karnataka two-wheeler road tax is essential for bike owners, ensuring compliance with the law and support for the state’s infrastructure. The tax rates, considering the vehicle’s value and age, are structured to be fair. Prompt payment of your road tax is crucial for maintaining accessible roads in Karnataka.

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