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Health Insurance

Customer Reviews

Ravindra Pavuluri

  |   24 Mar 2019

Good interaction with your executive. Her detailed explanations and willingness to answer every query helped me a lot in making an informed decision. I especially appreciate the way she elaborated on features like coverage against accidental death or permanent total disability due to an accident. Thanks!

Daggula Nagabushana Reddy

  |   16 Mar 2019

The executive's way of attending the call and explaining the personal accident policy was excellent. I have been with ICICI Lombard for the last nine years and he is one of the best employees I have come across. Wonderful experience, highly recommended.

Kaushik Narayan

  |   09 Mar 2019

Great job explaining the Personal Protect Policy and staying with me until the completion of the purchase. The staff at ICICI Lombard is incredibly supportive and takes care of its customers. I am content with the way the agent handled things and got me the right plan.

B. Prabhakar

  |   27 Feb 2019

I found the customer care executive I spoke with to be clear and precise in his communication. He passed on all the information he had and even recommended the right plan according to my needs. Additionally, he told me about cool benefits like coverage against Accidental Death or Permanent Total Disablement due to an accident.

Navin Baxi

  |   18 Feb 2019

My interaction with your agent was very helpful. She helped me resolve all my issues and buy the Personal Protect Policy. The best thing about my experience with her was that she made sure I got to know the plan as closely as possible to avoid any confusion in the future. Thanks a lot!


  |   10 Feb 2019

The customer care representative was very supportive in my search for the right insurance policy. She explained several plans in great detail and finally recommended the one she believed was perfect for my requirements. I am thankful for all her help.

Mithilesh Kumar

  |   01 Feb 2019

While purchasing ICICI Lombard's Personal Protect Policy, I spoke with a few executives from the customer service department. They were all very professional and knowledgeable about the product. They also explained that I could customise the insurance cover. Thanks for all the help.

Samir Pathak

  |   30 Jan 2019

I am very impressed by the honesty of the ICICI Lombard customer care employee I spoke with. She was very transparent about the policy's inclusions and exclusions. She was quickly able to understand my queries and provide me with timely solutions for the same. Thanks.

Nannapaneni Dasaradha Ramaiah

  |   26 Jan 2019

Your representative was really competent at explaining the features and benefits of the Personal Accident Insurance policy in a clear and polite manner. It was nice talking to her. I hope to receive the same level of service from ICICI Lombard in all future dealings.


  |   21 Jan 2019

Great support rendered by your sales representative. She made the required efforts to simplify the policy-buying process for me. Thanks to her, I am fully aware of all the essential aspects of my Personal Protect Policy, such as accidental death compensation and accidental hospitalisation reimbursement.

Jaiprakash Ramani

  |   18 Jan 2019

The process of understanding the Personal Protect Policy and then purchasing it was smooth, thanks to the support and guidance of your insurance advisor. She put in a lot of effort in helping me make the final call regarding the best plan for my needs. Much appreciated.

Sen Gupta Pratip

  |   15 Jan 2019

There were a slight error in my Personal Accident Insurance document, so I reached out to ICICI Lombard's customer care team. The man I was connected with was quick to respond to me and ensured that the correction was made. Thanks for the speedy help!

Shashi Kumar

  |   10 Jan 2019

The professional I spoke with from ICICI Lombard's customer care team had a wealth of knowledge about the product. She explained it to me in great detail, which convinced me that this was the right policy for my needs. Thanks.

Atul Paratane

  |   07 Jan 2019

ICICI Lombard's customer service team is absolutely remarkable. The executive I spoke to explained that medical tests were not necessary to purchase the personal accident insurance policy. She helped me through the entire process.


  |   02 Jan 2019

Great job on the part of your customer care representative. She put in a lot of effort in convincing me to buy a accident policy that was right for me, and did not hesitate to answer any of my queries. I respect her determination and am glad I went ahead with the purchase.

Vivek Jaju

  |   26 Dec 2018

The interaction with ICICI Lombard's salesperson was pretty perfect. It began with him taking me through different health plans and ended with me giving a go ahead to the Personal accident insurance policy. Well done!

Hariom Sahani

  |   18 Dec 2018

I was very glad to have been put in touch with your salesperson. He was enthusiastic about helping me find the right personal accident insurance policy and guided me to the best of his ability. I was quite satisfied by his approach and overall commitment to his job.

Sarwar Shaikh

  |   19 Nov 2018

I wanted a personal accident cover exceeding Rs. 10 lakhs, and ICICI offered me one with a whopping coverage of Rs. 15 lakhs. I am really happy with the product and would like to thank them profusely for helping me out. Keep up the good work.

Mubeen Shaikh

  |   26 Oct 2018

Service provided by the advisor was very good. Purchasing personal accident insurance from ICICI Lombard was truly a great experience, and I'm thrilled to recommend the brand to all my friends and family.

Sanjaya Kumar Shrestha

  |   11 Oct 2018

I had bought two Personal Protect policies - one for my wife and one for myself. I have received the hard copy of only one policy. For some reason, I haven't received the soft copy nor the hard copy for the other one. Request you to send the copies at the earliest. Thanks.

Baba Gajinder Singh Bedi

  |   05 Oct 2018

I have to say, the agent I spoke with was very polite and patient. She used her excellent marketing skills to educate me about all the features available in my policy and encouraged me to choose the appropriate policy for my needs.

Umesh Kumar Sharma

  |   28 Sep 2018

The kind of cooperation and help offered by ICICI Lombard is really worth taking note of. Buying my two wheeler insurance policy from them was quite easy, especially since the customer care executive was guiding me over a call. Superb!

Dnyaneshwar Barhate

  |   20 Sep 2018

I am really happy with the kind of information that was provided to me by ICICI Lombard's customer care employee. He gave me all the details I required for my personal accident insurance policy. Thank you very much!

S.P. Sridhara

  |   16 Sep 2018

I'm absolutely stunned by the kind of excellent service I received from ICICI Lombard's customer care executive. All my queries were answered very promptly and in great detail. Super job!

Vijaypavankumar Namburi

  |   10 Sep 2018

I purchased a Personal Accident Insurance. Since I had already done my research, I had a decent knowledge about the policy. But one quick chat with your agent gave me insights that the internet couldn't. It was so great. Sending my best regards.


  |   01 Sep 2018

Interacting with the customer service executive at ICICI Lombard while purchasing personal accident insurance was a great experience. All my queries regarding the policy were answered very quickly, and all my doubts were put to rest. Thanks!

Mahendrakumar Soni

  |   20 Aug 2018

I would like to thank the sales executive at ICICI Lombard who helped me with the Personal Accident Insurance. The representative was very well-versed with the policy features and its exclusions. He promptly addressed all the queries and concerns I had.

Ravi M. J.

  |   30 Jul 2018

The customer service employees I interacted with while renewing my personal accident insurance policy were both incredibly professional and courteous. They helped me complete the transaction in a speedy fashion. I'm very happy with the experience.

Daljeet Singh Saini

  |   01 Jul 2018

I was facing some issues with the booking process of my Personal Protect Policy. Your representative helped me resolve all the problems in no time and guided me throughout the procedure. Thanks for calling me!

Sita Rama Rao

  |   30 Jun 2018

Outstanding service from the employee at ICICI Lombard. He went into so much detail about the policy that I was immediately convinced of his competence. I am glad the organization has such professional people working with them. I will definitely come back to buy insurance from here in the future.

Ish Ande

  |   27 Jun 2018

With the help of your sales associate, I realized that a Personal Protect Policy was perfect for me. It is great for anyone who wants coverage against accidental death or permanent total disablement due to an accident. She clarified all my doubts and stayed on the phone while I undertook the booking process online. Kudos!

Satish Kumar Singh

  |   22 Jun 2018

Your customer care executive went above and beyond to help me with my insurance purchasing process. From explaining the details and advantages to filling all the forms and applying for the policy, I had his support at every step. Hats off!

Abhaya Simha Venugopal

  |   15 Jun 2018

I needed help renewing my existing policy, so I connected with one of your representatives. He was nice to talk to and gave me the proper solutions to my queries. The communication was quite clear on his end, which made the whole process a lot smoother. Thank you!

Venkateswara Rao Boddapati

  |   04 Jun 2018

Your representative convinced me to buy the Personal Protect Policy. It was a wonderful experience dealing with her. She guided me accurately through the various features and benefits of the plan while emphasizing on the elaborate coverage provided for different types of accidents. Thank you!

Mallikajaya kumar

  |   02 Jun 2018

I found the service provided by your representative to be very good. She was patient and clear while telling me about the plan's features such as worldwide coverage and easy claim process. Great job!

Bimal Kumar Sarkar

  |   01 Jun 2018

The executive from ICICI Lombard was outstanding. Convinced me to invest in the Personal Protect Policy which proved to be a good decision for me. I learned about the numerous benefits it provides that I wasn't previously aware of, like accidental hospitalisation expenses reimbursement. Thank you so much for the excellent customer service.

Sanjay Sawhney

  |   29 May 2018

I had logged into the website of ICICI Lombard to learn more about the Personal Protect Policy. The next day, I received a call from one of your agents, who thoroughly explained the details and helped me procure the policy in a transparent manner. I received both the payment link and the soft copy of the plan instantly over email.

K.S. Prakasham

  |   25 May 2018

The employee from ICICI Lombard convinced me to purchase a Personal Protect Policy. She explained everything really well and spent some time talking about the accidental hospitalisaton expenses reimbursement feature. I would like to speak to her again for another policy.


  |   21 May 2018

The service provided by the team at ICICI Lombard was quite good. I learned everything I needed to about the policy, and my queries were answered promptly. But once I made the purchase, the processing took a lot of time. If that is improved, it would be a much better experience overall. Thank you.

Satish Reddy Gunnala

  |   17 May 2018

I was facing some issues with the booking process of my Personal Protect Policy. Your representative helped me resolve all the problems in no time and guided me throughout the procedure. Thanks for calling me!

Akhtar Husain Zaidi

  |   15 May 2018

Outstanding service from the employee at ICICI Lombard. He went into so much detail about the policy that I was immediately convinced of his competence. I am glad the organization has such professional people working with them. I will definitely come back to buy insurance from here in the future.

Neha Nitin Patil

  |   11 May 2018

With the help of your sales associate, I realized that a Personal Protect Policy was perfect for me. It is great for anyone who wants coverage against accidental death or permanent total disablement due to an accident. She clarified all my doubts and stayed on the phone while I undertook the booking process online. Kudos!

Amod Shriram Biwalkar

  |   06 May 2018

Your customer care executive went above and beyond to help me with my insurance purchasing process. From explaining the details and advantages to filling all the forms and applying for the policy, I had his support at every step. Hats off!

Kuldeep Kumar

  |   01 May 2018

I needed help renewing my existing policy, so I connected with one of your representatives. He was nice to talk to and gave me the proper solutions to my queries. The communication was quite clear on his end, which made the whole process a lot smoother. Thank you!

Arvind Shriram Patil

  |   27 Mar 2018

It was nice speaking with an executive from your organisation while booking my Personal Accident Insurance. He was extremely helpful and patiently listened to me. From our conversations, I got to know about important provisions like Easy Claim Process with minimal documentation.

Swaroop Paul M.

  |   13 Feb 2018

I’ve bought a new personal accident insurance plan from ICICI Lombard. The executive I interacted with assisted me at every step of the procedure, right from setting up the account to paying for the policy. Thanks to him, I was able to make the purchase without any confusion or delay.

C.H. V.S.N. Murthy

  |   10 Feb 2018

While looking for a suitable personal accident insurance, I decided to contact your customer care team. Your representative promptly assisted me in this regard. He possessed impressive communication skills, and explained to me the provisions of the policy in an excellent manner.

Vijay Gupta

  |   08 Feb 2018

ICICI Lombard's customer service person helped me to buy personal accident insurance with ease. I also learnt about the plan’s numerous provisions such as optional coverage against accidental hospitalisation. Good job!

Nitin Tyagi

  |   06 Feb 2018

I've purchased personal accident insurance from ICICI Lombard. Your executive provided me with complete information regarding the plan including advantages such as issuance of the policy without medical check-up. Great going!

Shrikant Chandra

  |   03 Feb 2018

I would like to commend ICICI Lombard's customer service executive for giving me excellent support during the renewal of my personal accident insurance. He maintained a professional demeanour and cleared each and every doubt I had.

Rabin Kumar Sahoo

  |   28 Jan 2018

I had a talk with your agent ICICI Lombard while booking my personal accident insurance. He was extremely cooperative and gave us the best suggestions. Later, he highlighted the plan’s benefits such as coverage against accidental death or permanent total disability.

Sachin Pawar

  |   12 Jan 2018

I’ve bought ICICI Lombard’s Personal Protect Policy. During our interaction, your customer support associate answered all of my questions in an articulate manner. Thank you very much for the assistance provided.

Gurmit Singh

  |   02 Jan 2018

I communicated with a very patient and helpful ICICI Lombard agent for guidance with regard to purchasing personal accident insurance. She did a good job of assisting me. However, I wanted to know more about Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) eligibility. Please revert to me via email.

Godbole Arun Nagesh

  |   26 Dec 2017

I contacted ICICI Lombard to get information regarding travel and accident insurance. Your agent called me back, and after listening patiently to my insurance requirements, he suggested a suitable policy. He also guided me through the payment process. I am impressed with his thoughtful suggestions, his dedication to share with me all the relevant information, and his good knowledge of the policy.

Nathanel Anandas

  |   02 Dec 2017

I’ve purchased ICICI Lombard’s Personal Protect insurance policy with a term of three years. Your executive adopted a straightforward approach while explaining the policy, which helped me understand it all with ease. I wish her a bright future ahead. I score her service 100 out of 100. All the very best!

Devendra Kumar Sawhney

  |   27 Nov 2017

It’s because of the generous support provided by your agent that I’m now covered financially against death or disability. I’d lost my cool at one point during the conversation, but he really maintained a calm demeanour throughout. Thanks for helping me buy a good personal accident insurance plan.

Arjith Gopalakrishnan

  |   04 Aug 2017

I got new policy for Personal Protect. Thanks for the excellent support from ICICI Lombard and team. This is one of the best personal accident insurance policy. Overall great experience.

Ritika Sharma

  |   14 Jul 2017

Your team helped me a lot to buy personal accident insurance policy and they explained each and every terms & conditions of a policy. Thank you.

T. R. Natarajan

  |   15 Jun 2017

Hi, Is there any tax benefit, we get in personal accident insurance policy? Under which section? 

Hemant Relekar

  |   15 Apr 2017

Your team had provided valuable information on personal accident policies to make me to understand every aspect of the policy. With this interaction, I may be treated as your loyal customer in future.

Anupam Chattopadhyay

  |   30 Mar 2017

I received very detailed advice from your chat support team. They helped me to select best personal protect plan. Fantastic service.

Santosh Kumar Veeranna

  |   26 Mar 2017

I was supported by your advisor. She did an excellent job in suggesting personal accident insurance while availing the travel policy. She is quite knowledgeable and proactive. I would rate overall service as Excellent/Outstanding.

Srikant Bondugula

  |   22 Mar 2017

I was unable to renew my personal protect policy online. So I called customer care number and your team satisfactorily guided me through the process of renewal. Thank you

shashank ghadshi

  |   18 Mar 2017

The customer service representative was very helpful in finding the right personal accident policy for me. I really appreciate your customer centric approach. Thanks ICICI Lombard.

Ramesh Thimmappa

  |   10 Mar 2017

Your representative explained everything very clearly and provided excellent support on purchasing a new personal protect policy. Thank you.

Surya Sripathy

  |   02 Mar 2017

I had an expert help and advice from your team. They were there on every step of the way, clarifying my doubts and giving me advice, very happy with the service I received. Would recommend to colleagues.

Shashank Shinde

  |   25 Feb 2017

Hi, Excellent service by ICICI Lombard. Your advisor provided me all the information on personal accident policy and also gave me confidence that I was selecting a right policy. Thank you!

Sadanandam Seshachalam

  |   11 Feb 2017

I must say everyone should opt for personal accident insurance policy, which fulfills your financial gap. I would like to congratulate the entire ICICI Lombard support team, for having such as great support.


  |   06 Feb 2017

Excellent personal protect policy by ICICI Lombard. It covers lot more things which I did not expect. Thank you so much.


Ratul Ghosh

  |   04 Feb 2017

I bought personal accident policy, I have received soft copy of policy via email but I did not receive hardcopy yet. Can you help me on this.

Shripad Salsingikar

  |   30 Jan 2017

I am happy with ICICI Lombard’s service. Their representative had provided me all the info on personal accident insurance policy and also helped me to buy the policy online.

Ritesh Mahajan

  |   24 Jan 2017

Excellent customer service from ICICI Lombard team. They explained me all the benefits of personal accident insurance policy and helped me to buy policy online for my parents.

Vikas Luthra

  |   10 Jan 2017

Your team had assisted me throughout the buying process of personal accident insurance policy and this policy gives much more coverage than any other in the market. Great support from ICICI Lombard team!

Anil Kumar

  |   31 Dec 2016

Excellent hand holding and guidance by your team to purchase personal accident policy.

Raj Sheikhar

  |   26 Dec 2016

I had bought personal accident policy online and had received soft copy of my policy on my email id, however can you please clarify when I will receive hard copy of the same policy. Thanks!

Jubit Emmanuel

  |   20 Dec 2016

Appreciating the prompt and friendly support from your support team and they explained me all the details on personal protect policy.

Sanak Mishra

  |   19 Dec 2016

Your team gave me excellent support in getting the personal protect policy online. Thanks

Dinesh Gupta

  |   09 Nov 2016

Your representative was good in explaining the features such as compensation on permanent and total loss of limbs, sight, etc. due to an accident in personal protect policy. She was helpful in online buying process of a policy.

Chiranjit Pal

  |   07 Nov 2016

I bought a personal accident policy, all the features explained by your team was helpful and understandable. They had answered all my queries very well. Thank You.

Sreepada Sreenath

  |   04 Nov 2016

Nice support and information provided by sales representative and I have purchased personal accident policy online because it will secure my family through financial loss in my absence. 5 Star for all service.

Raghava Rao

  |   01 Nov 2016

This is the first time, I have renewed my policy online. It was good experience and your team has helped me on each and every step, which made whole buying process very easy. Also your team convince me to buy another personal protect policy for my wife. Thanks.


  |   20 Aug 2016

All my queries and doubts were cleared by them in a very patient way. Appreciate all this.

Saminder Rait

  |   15 Apr 2016

Your team is well versed with the product and explained well through the process. Happy with the service.

Robert D.

  |   15 Apr 2016

Nice talking to the team at ICICI Lombard, they gave all the information which was required by me and were also very clear in explaining the product as per my need.

Dinesh Totawad

  |   13 Apr 2016

Had a word with your team. They gave us detailed information and assisted us in buying the policy. Thank you for your service.

Anil Kumar

  |   13 Apr 2016

Your team has made me aware of a personal accident policy and helped me to take good policy. Thanks to them

Manjunath Pillay

  |   10 Apr 2016

Hi, The feedback on the policies given by your team is great. All my queries and doubts were cleared by them in a very patient way. Appreciate all this.

Govindu Kanike

  |   10 Apr 2016

I spoke to the team. I really liked their patience in providing details of the policy about personal protect insurance. I understood the details and will get back in a week.

Alok Tripathi

  |   09 Apr 2016

The way your team assisted to complete the transaction was very satisfactory. All details were described thoroughly before proceeding to transaction. The quality of service was up to the mark and I would like to rate it 9 out of 10. Good job!!

Uma Sankar Gadwala

  |   09 Apr 2016

Your employee explained in a detailed manner and impressed a lot. Even though I had a strictly satisfactory experience with ICICI Lombard, still the way she explained everything is the reason to take the policy.

Uma Dhuria

  |   08 Apr 2016

Spoke to your team who gave me very good information and clarified all my doubts about personal accident insurance as well as health insurance policy. Thanks.

Utsav Sharma

  |   02 Apr 2016

As a new customer it was really a great help from your team. Nice policy provided for protecting my near and dear onces. Really appreaciate their help and follow ups for booking this policy.

Akshey Marwaha

  |   28 Mar 2016

Received call from your team and they briefed me about the salient features of health policy that I purchased yesterday and advised me to take personal protection policy also. They very well explained the policy concepts and I am quite satisfied.

Manish Thummar

  |   20 Mar 2016

You have dispatched my Personal Protect Policy a few days back by Shree Nandan Courier vide ref. No.1065200697508. Till date I have not received the same. Please do needful and make sure I get it immediately. Thanks.

Ishteyaq Ahmad

  |   15 Mar 2016

Your team explained the personal accident policy very well. I did not know about such a plan and I really appreciate their guidance and it is because of them that I took the policy. I will suggest all my friends to take such a policy from ICICI Lombard. Excellent, outstanding and mind blowing product knowledge.

Sudhanshu Handa

  |   08 Mar 2016

The customer care executive has done the insurance very carefully and she was very helpful during the entire process.

Aditi Padhye

  |   05 Mar 2016

The team was very helpful in explaining about product and answering my queries. I will like to rate them 5 out of 5.

Jagadeesh Natarajan

  |   01 Mar 2016

The team has given good explanation about personal accident insurance. I am planning to purchase the product in March 2016. Thank you.

Arpit Rajain

  |   28 Feb 2016

Was on a phone call with your team for renewal of my personal accident policy. They were were very courteous and helpful.

Gurmeet Singh

  |   23 Feb 2016

The team has good knowledge of the product and is well aware of their roles and expectations. They helped in clearing several doubts very patiently. All the best to them for their careers.

Debankur Bandyopadhyay

  |   20 Feb 2016

Hello, I wanted to place a note of appreciation for your customer care team for their very helpful, effective and customer friendly approach to address my area of issue/concern. Instead of giving me a yes/no answer, they were actually trying and working to help me, for which I express my thanks and appreciation.

Dineshkumar Thirugnanam

  |   16 Feb 2016

I was made to wait in the line for more than 15 mins before a representative picks up the call. He took the call and did my work easily, he also explained the benefits of this product and allowed me to take my time to make the decision of buying it. He has not urged me at any point of time when I was in search of my card to make the payment. Cheers!!! Great help in quick time.

Om Khullar

  |   15 Feb 2016

The team was very nice to provide necessary information for the accident insurance policy. While I wanted a policy for one or three years, the team suggested to take a policy for 5 years for a coverage of Rs 5 lakhs and that too with a couple of add ons. This proved cost effective and beneficial for me. ICICI Lombard is doing good business due to such a caring team.

Nagesh Babu Uppala

  |   10 Feb 2016

Good service. The team has given the entire details of my accident insurance and helped me immensely in getting the policy done online.

Surendra Nath Goswami

  |   07 Feb 2016

I got good support on telephone from your executive for buying an accident policy for myself.

Victor Lawrence Noronha

  |   03 Feb 2016

Good, I got a personal accident insurance policy instantly by logging on to the website. Thanks

Sureshbabu Balusupati

  |   01 Feb 2016

I am yet to receive my accident insurance policy which I booked online. Please send it asap.

Sanjoy Bhattacharya

  |   28 Jan 2016

Dear Team, Yesterday I purchased an accidental insurance policy online. It was very easy to fill in the form, review details and proceed with the payment using net banking. The entire process took just 10 minutes. My personal thanks to ICICI Lombard for such an easy process.

Krishnan Rammurti Aiyar

  |   24 Jan 2016

Good experience in renewal of my policy with your team. Thanks.

Anil Acharya K. K.

  |   20 Jan 2016

The interaction about product knowledge and method to convince by the team was great. The suggestion from personal side would be to reduce the rate of speech while informing us about the details of policies. Thank you. All the very best.

Ratan Pooviah

  |   15 Jan 2016

The team was most helpful in helping me renew my two policies. They were very prompt and quick in identifying the error commited earlier and did an amazing job of putting this in correct perspective for me. We wish them all the best and a wonderful career ahead.

Kaushal Bhatt

  |   11 Jan 2016

The team provided excellent product briefing and explanation of the product to customer. The manner of communication was excellent. I appreciated their service and co-operation provided for international travel and personal accident insurance policies.

Ravi Shankar

  |   01 Jan 2016

I was not able to do a online renewal transaction for my wife. I called the toll free number and customer service team has given valuable support and I have taken 2 accidental policies for me and my wife. Thanks a ton to the team.

A. Duraisami

  |   28 Dec 2015

Approach from the team is very nice and systematic. They advised me correctly on how to go about buying a personal accidental policy for me and my spouse. I am very happy. Thanks to the team.

Ajita Kumar Panigrahy

  |   20 Dec 2015

The team convinced me to take a personal accident insurance plan. They made me aware of the benefits of the plan. They were well trained. Thanks to the management for support. Keep it up team!!

Chandil Kumar R.

  |   15 Dec 2015

Good morning, your team had given a wonderful detailed information about two wheeler product and personal accident product. I was convinced with the information and opted for personal accidental policy. Their knowledge and patience is highly rewarded.

Kamlesh Kumar Mandal

  |   13 Dec 2015

I am very happy and satisfied with your product. I think you should make it compulsory for people to buy a personal accident policy along with a motor insurance policy. It is much needed considering the reckless drivers we have on our roads.

Santi Devi Yadav

  |   10 Dec 2015

I am interested more about ICICI Lombard personal protect plans. Please send more details.

Chintamani Bapat

  |   08 Dec 2015

The team was very helpful. I purchased a policy for three family members. It will be of great help if policy details can be viewed before making a payment. I had to request endorsement for nominee relationship change from spouse to mother in case of my daughter's policy.

Ruveda Suwadhi

  |   06 Dec 2015

The team interacting with me for my personal accident policy was kind and polite. They explained all details and were there with me till I was satisfied.

Aditya Rao

  |   02 Dec 2015

Very nice experience, easy and convenient. I was well guided by your team. The entire buying process on the website was easy and quick.

Prashant Banerjee

  |   01 Dec 2015

I would like to thank your team for their excellent customer service on the phone today, in order to help me renew my personal protect policy. Due to their helpful behaviour and patience in explaining all options for my policy renewal, I was able to renew my policy on the phone. Please use this team's example for all customer related interactions, at all levels in your organisation.

Rajeet Mathu

  |   30 Nov 2015

Hi, Would like to thank the excellent service provided by ICICI Lombard team. It made my activities very simple. They had excellent product knowledge which helped in me closing my policy with utmost ease. Would surely recommend ICICI Lombard to my friends and colleagues.

Satish Kale

  |   30 Nov 2015

The team was very considerate and patient. They were successful in helping me to my satisfaction. Infact I bought a Rs. 10 Lacs policy as against Rs. 5 Lacs earlier. Thanks.

Srihari Patnaik

  |   30 Nov 2015

Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) - Dear Sir/Madam, I am not getting my certificate on the website. My PMSBY account number is 000401508104. Kindly do the needful.

Akash Bhoyar

  |   26 Nov 2015

It was nice talking to your team. Thanks for the service rendered. Hope the same will be continued in future.

Mohit Jain

  |   17 Nov 2015

Good experience with ICICI Lombard team while I was buying a personal accident policy for myself.

Sujay Kumar

  |   06 Nov 2015

Satisfied with the services provided for renewal of my policy.

Ajay Singhania

  |   05 Nov 2015

The ICICI Lombard officer was extremly helpful and very co-operative. Such employees are asset to company, try to retain and groom more staff accordingly.

Ramchandra Navad

  |   05 Nov 2015

I recently renewed Personal Protect Insurance and received the hard copy of the policy. I am trying to attach the details of this policy to my login id on your site but it is showing error as policy not found. Please help.

Albert Laffrey

  |   04 Nov 2015

I purchased a personal protect policy. Received the hard copy a bit late. Kindly improve this aspect of your service.

Nitin Fukey

  |   03 Nov 2015

The web support executive shared good information on policy renewal and buying.

Summet Bare

  |   02 Nov 2015

I have gone through the brochure of personal protect plan, please explain notes and terms in brief of hospitalisation daily allowance and hospitalisation daily expenses

Nilesh Mehta

  |   22 Oct 2015

Thank you team for guiding me and making me understand the importance of a personal accident insurance policy. Keep it up!!


  |   18 Oct 2015

I am satisfied with the way the team guided me to renew my policy. Along with my two wheeler policy, a personal coverage accidental policy was suggested at the end by your executive for my benefit. As per their suggestion, I paid for both policies and they guided me to complete the transaction process. Thank you once again.

Vijayakumar Bollinadi

  |   10 Oct 2015

Interacted with your executive for taking an accident insurance for Rs 25 lakhs online for one year. Booked the policy immediately today and the executive's services were excellent. Thanks a lot.

Viresh Govind Rao

  |   10 Oct 2015

Thanks to your team for assisting me to renew my Personal Protect policy. Really appreciate the work

Sabarish TS

  |   05 Sep 2015

The team clearly explained to me about the option of personal insurance policy which I also opted for in addition to my car insurance. Thank you for the support.

Anand joseph rao

  |   25 Oct 2014

Very good service

Waman kothekar

  |   21 Oct 2014

Online service is good

Mushtaq ahmed mulla

  |   13 Oct 2014


Harald caesar fernandes

  |   03 Oct 2014

Keep up the good work

Uday m chitale

  |   22 Sep 2014

Require reminder call one month before the policy expiry

Prashant u ramekar

  |   16 Sep 2014


Sandeep singh

  |   15 Sep 2014

Good service

Ram mishra

  |   13 Sep 2014

Service is Good

Jayateertha raghavendra rao

  |   11 Sep 2014

Good service

Govind pareek

  |   09 Sep 2014

Good job

Himonish das

  |   05 Sep 2014

Good follow up

Anil rana

  |   04 Sep 2014

Everything is easy

Pankaj gambhir

  |   30 Aug 2014


Sudarshan Gourwar

  |   20 Jun 2014


Patwardhan Nitin Vijay

  |   20 Jun 2014

I Am Happy About The Online Services

Arvind Pandeya

  |   19 Jun 2014


Reshma Bulu Gurung

  |   19 Jun 2014

It Is Good


  |   19 Jun 2014

I'm Impressed With The Entire Experience Online.

Lakshmi Narayana . C

  |   18 Jun 2014


Shajahan M

  |   18 Jun 2014

Excellent Service For Buying Policy And Road Assistance

Krishna Pallavi

  |   18 Jun 2014

Very Good Buying Experience. Never Had To Make A Claim, So Cannot Comment.

S S Ganesh Kumar

  |   18 Jun 2014

Services So Far Have Been Good

Honey Bhagu Kriplani

  |   18 Jun 2014


Shrikant Babasaheb Patil

  |   16 Jun 2014

Good Service