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How Does Zumba Dance Help In Weight Loss

Have you been curious to know more about Zumba which has gained a lot of popularity among fitness enthusiasts? And if you want to lose weight fast, you may have been checking out and trying to decide which latest diet plan to follow to get in shape quickly. To shed excess kilos, apart from watching your calorie intake you also need to get moving and be consistent with exercise in order to burn more calories than you consume.

Latin dance-inspired Zumba is a peppy, high-energy aerobic exercise that can be an effective part of your weight loss plan and so much fun too! Today we tell you more about how Zumba can help you dance your way to a leaner, fitter, and more toned you.

How Does It Work?

A Zumba session is usually an hour to an hour and a half of a fitness dance class. It typically begins with a short warm-up session, followed straight by energetic fusion dancing, set to lively dance music such as salsa, hip-hop, and Bollywood numbers.Since Zumba involves vigorous dance moves, it burns calories rapidly and helps in weight loss.

Zumba And Weight Loss

Zumba is a great full-body workout that increases strength and cardiovascular fitness, aids in weight loss, and tones the body along with other benefits. If you are joining a Zumba class for the sole purpose of weight loss, do keep in mind the following points:

  • The pace of dancing can vary from medium to high intensity, which will have a bearing on the number of calories you burn after each session.
  • Studies show that it is possible to burn around 300 – 900 calories during a 60 minute mid to high-intensity Zumba workout.
  • To burn more calories and fat, you may consider going in for a high-intensity interval training Zumba session.
  • Apart from the intensity of your session, other factors such as your current physical fitness level, weight, age, and genetics come into play while calculating the number of calories you can burn by doing Zumba.
  • You should set a weight loss goal beforehand so that, you can monitor your progress after each session. Preferably consult your gym or fitness instructor for this.
  • Take it slow in the beginning with the duration, intensity and frequency of your Zumba dance routine. Allow your body to get used to the pressure and strain of the new fitness workout.

Due to the exertion involved in high energy dancing Zumba can even help you get rid of belly fat and reduce inches around your waist.

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  • Due to the exertion involved in high-energy dancing, Zumba can even help you get rid of belly fat and reduce inches around your waist.

  • You are more likely to meet your weight loss goal with Zumba, over other methods of exercise because, it is so enjoyable. That means you won’t be skipping classes and are likely to stick with your workout routine to get the desired results.
  • Because Zumba is such an energy-consuming fitness workout, you need to maintain a balance by following a healthy and nutritious diet packed with enough proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Ensure you drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and replenish the fluids you lose while sweating it out during a 60 – 90 minute Zumba session.
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing that will allow you easy freedom of movement and choose the right footwear such as gel-padded shoes to give your feet the support they need to absorb shock effectively during the heavy-duty dance routine.

Signing up for Zumba dance sessions can definitely help you meet your weight loss goals, which will improve your overall physical fitness and performance levels. However, you also need to have a financial plan in place, to meet the unforeseen health requirements of you and your family. Buying a good health insurance policy can safeguard you during a medical emergency, that can strike without warning. A health insurance cover can take care of pre and post hospitalisation expenses and treatment costs of critical illness.

It is advisable to go for a comprehensive health insurance policy, as it provides wider and better coverage, with benefits such as cashless hospitalisation cover at network hospitals, 24x7 call assistance, and lifetime renewal. You should compare health insurance plans from different insurers, then choose the health insurance plan that best meets you and your family’s requirements.

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