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Oman Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

Indian embassy in Oman

Embassy of India, Muscat
Address: Jami'at Al - Dowal Al - Arabiya Street,
Diplomatic Area, Al Khuwair

Working Hours
08.30 a.m – 05.00 p.m (Sunday – Thursday, except closed Holidays)
Tel. Nos.: +968 - 2469 5981

Visa process for Indians

The following documents are required to get a visa to Oman

  • A valid passport for 6 months from the date of travel
  • Visa application forms
  • Hotel confirmation proof
  • Return tickets
  • Travel Insurance

About Oman

Oman is an Arab country situated on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. This place is home to various stunning tranquil landscapes. The highlights of this place are its lush green mountains, beautiful beaches, unique wildlife, endless deserts, the history and intricate designs of the forts. Apart from that, you will find many local bazaars, which are also known as souks here. These souks deal in handicrafts and some of the most famous items of Oman-frankincense.  What makes this country a must-visit place is its helpful and kind-hearted locals.

Top places to visit in Oman

  • Muscat – Considered as a major port in the Gulf of Oman, the city of Muscat serves as an integral trading link between the west and the east. Furthermore, being the capital of the country, Muscat remains an extremely crucial city to the governorate of the country.
  • Sohar – Rumored to be the home of the popular sailers Sinbad and Ahmed bin Majid, Sohar is a perfect combination of modern and cultural society. Full of history and culture, this place has a beautiful urban twist. The city is also home to skyscrapers, huge malls as well as some of the most stunning beaches in Oman. The monuments and souqs here reflect the rich history of the country.
  • Salalah – Popular for its unique climates and Arabian Popular for its unique climates and Arabian Peninsula, Salalah is a stunning city with lush green mountains and scenic landscapes. Various activities like snorkelling and diving can be done on its stunning beaches. Situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea, its cuisine is mouthwatering and savoury, offering some wonderful seafood choices.
  • Wadi Shab - Wadi Shab is well-known for being one of the most fabulous destinations for a day trip with friends and family. Whether you want to swim, hike or just have a small barbeque, Wadi Shab is the ideal location for it all! The beautiful Wadi Shab is an incredibly famous outdoor attraction for locals as well as expats in Oman.

How to reach Oman

Travelling via flight is the most feasible and convenient option if you’re coming from India. Many regular flights are available from major countries to Khasab, Muscat, and Salalah. The three major airports of Oman are located in Muscat, Salalah and Al Khasab. The best ones are the Muscat International Airport and Salalah International Airport, as they offer numerous non-stop and direct flights operating between these airports and all the major countries. The national airline of Oman is Oman Airline. Some of the major airlines of Oman are Ethiopian, Emirates, and Royal Jordanian Airlines.

Best time to visit Oman

The most suitable time to explore Oman is the winter season. The months from October to March are the best as they have pleasantly cool weather. The temperature of this place lingers around 25 degrees Celsius. The weather at this time is not too cold and remains breezy. However, the prices of hotels tend to hike up during this season. People from all around the globe visit this place to witness balmy weather. Salalah experiences monsoon season from June to September. Making it the ideal time to visit the area since the mountains are green and climate is amazingly thrilling.


Oman is an Arab country situated on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. There doesn’t exist any diversity in religion in this country.

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Things to pack

Packing the essentials products like clothes and footwears usually depends on what the weather conditions are like in Oman. Here is a list of some of the travel essentials one must never forget to pack:

  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrella
  • First Aid Kit
  • Important documents such as travel insurance policy

Top delicacies of Oman

  • Majboos: Also referred to as Makboos and Kabsa, Majboos is a traditional rice dish which was originated in Saudi Arabia. It’s popular in the Arab World, particularly in the Gulf countries such as Oman. The dish includes rice, usually vegetables, basmati, chicken or meat and a mix of amazing spices. It is served with either green salad or yoghurt, traditional bread along with tomato sauce.
  • Omani bread: There exist different types of Omani bread. From being thick with a circular shape to being crispy and thin, the breads come in a huge variety. Most Omanis prepare their own bread at home. In restaurants, these bread are even served alongside meals.
  • Meshkak: Also referred to as kebab, Meshkak is a deliciously marinated beef, chicken or mutton that is grilled on sticks. Usually marinated with different spices and curries, Meshkak is served with Omani bread. This is a special Omani dish which is prepared throughout the country, especially at the time of festivals.

Shopping list essentials

  • Muttrah souq: This spot is the most popular tourist shopping place in the whole country. Located in Muscat, this place is designed a lot like a traditional Arab market, except it has a timber roofing. Also packed with little vibrant stalls and shops, dealing in everything from Bedu jewellery to frankincense to myrrh, this place will not disappoint any tourist.
  • City center Muscat: City Center Muscat is a grand mall, with over 147 retail stores offering an extensive collection of home décor, cosmetics, jewellery shops, clothing brands, and electronic stores, to choose from. City Center Muscat has something to offer for the whole family. It also has a good collection of restaurants and cafes and a movie hall if you wish to do something other than shopping. Lastly, there is an entertainment area for kids, offering all kinds of games and adventures, so they don't get bored.
  • Oman avenues mall: Being the largest mall in Oman, the Oman Avenues Mall has high-end fashion brands and some really good fine dining options. The architecture of the mall is unique and stunning, offering tourists a beautiful and eventful shopping experience.

Top Indian restaurants in Oman

  • Mumtaz mahal
    Location: Qurum | P.O Box: 1142, Muttrah, Muscat 114, Oman
    Contact: +968 24 605907.
  • Al Zafaran restaurant
    Location: Beachfront of Al Zafaran | 322 Falaj El Qabayil, Sohar, Sohar 311, Oman
    Contact: +968 26 640000.
  • Cascade Indian
    Location: 23rd July Street, Salalah 211, Oman
    Contact: +968 23 288233

Healthcare centres in Oman

  • Apollo hospital Muscat
    Location: Muscat 131, Oman
    Contact: +968 24 787766
  • Aster Al Raffah hospital
    Location: Al Ghubra Roundabout, Muscat
    Contact: +968 26 940800
  • MOH - SQ Salalah hospital
    Location: Al Mustashfa St, Salalah, Oman
    Contact: +968 9040 8529


The official currency of Oman is Omani Rial.

Basics of local communication

The official language of Oman is Arabic. However, the locals easily understand English. But, it is always better to keep a few local phrases handy for a great trip.

English Arabic
Good morning Sabah alkhyr
My name is… Aismi hu...
Where is…? 'Ayn hwa...?
Yes Nem fielaan
No La
Please Raja'
Sorry Asif
How Much is This for? Kam hu hadha?

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