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Seychelles Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

Indian Embassy in Seychelles

High Comission of India
Address: Le Chantier, PO Box 488, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
Contact Number: +248 4 610 301

Visa Process for Indian visitors to Seychelles

Seychelles is a visa-free country and there are no visa requirements for anyone wishing to travel to this country. However, one should not

  • be a prohibited immigrant
  • hold a valid permit which entitles that holder to reside in Seychelles
  • hold a valid return or onward ticket for duration of the visit
  • should have confirmed accommodation
  • should have sufficient funds for duration of the stay (minimum of US0 or equivalent per day)

An archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa, the Seychelles is home to pristine white beaches, and turquoise waters set up against a backdrop of lush, rolling hills. The beaches, though, aren’t among the only tourist places in Seychelles. This paradisiacal place also houses luxury resorts, opportunities for ecotourism and wildlife spotting, and a host of other aquatic delights, including water sports.

Beaches: The many serene beaches constitute some of the most famous places in Seychelles.
From Anse Source d'Argent, the best-known beach in the Seychelles, to Anse Lazio with its picturesque, postcard scenery, and from the pristine Grand Anse to the stunning granite scenery of Anse Marron, there is no dearth of spectacular locations and tourist places in Seychelles.

Islands: Most islands in Seychelles are nature reserves and even the more popular islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue have large swathes of protected land. While Mahe, the largest island, has rich rainforests, the sublime Praslin has calm, turquoise seas, and La Dique is characterized by its picture-postcard beaches.

Resorts: The swish hotels, posh restaurants, infinity pools, royal spas on white-sand beaches, and gorgeous sunsets, make Seychelles a glamorous getaway for many travellers, especially couples. With dreamlike setting and a chance at living the high life at one of these luxurious resorts, it is easy to understand why many opt to spend their holiday in Seychelles to get away from the world.

Wildlife, Ecotourism and Aquatic Sports: 'The Galàpagos of the Indian Ocean' are ideal for spotting sea turtles nesting, or watching giant Aldabra tortoises roam freely. Diving and snorkelling are the most popular things to do in Seychelles, among coral reefs, a variety of environments, warm and clear water, and whale sharks.

The Bustling Capital City of Victoria: In addition to the many markets of this city, the Little Ben, a replica of London’s Big Ben, and the botanical gardens are some of the famous places to visit in Seychelles.

How to reach Seychelles from India

The national carrier of Seychelles, Air Seychelles, operates non-stop scheduled flights from various parts of the world, including Mumbai, Johannesburg, Mauritius and Beijing, and flies into Mahe International Airport. Other prominent airlines also operate flights from their respective hubs across UAE and Europe.

Best time to visit

While Seychelles is accessible for most time of the year, it is best to visit the archipelago during the summer and spring seasons.

April and May: Seychelles experiences warm and mild weather this time if the year. Rainfall is slightly less prevalent. Hotel rates at this time are lower as the tourist season kicks-off only later. This is also a good time to witness the National Fishing Tournament.

June to September: This is the main tourist season as the winds usher in a cool, dry weather. Expect to pay high-season prices for hotels if not booked in advance. The Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival in August is one event that gathers most interest among travellers, particularly wildlife enthusiasts, flocking to this region.

October and November: These two months invite rainfall to Seychelles, along with less crowd, cheap airfare and hotel prices.

December to March: Humidity increases and rainfall becomes even more prevalent. However, this being the season for winter holidays makes airfare and hotels relatively expensive.

What to pack?

The weather in Seychelles is relatively warm throughout the year, so it’s best to pack for Seychelles, warm-weather clothes.

  • If you’re planning to stay at a luxury resort, pack dressier attires, including collared shirts and trousers for men, and dresses for women
  • The tropical climate promises sudden downpours at times, so pack an umbrella or raincoat to be safe
  • Carry a mix of cash and credit cards, as most hotels and restaurants prefer to be paid in anything other than the Seychelles rupee

The beaches, though, aren’t among the only tourist places in Seychelles.

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Top delicacies

The cuisine in Seychelles blends Asian, European, African flavours and palettes to come up with a distinctly unique taste. Being surrounded by the sea, the local is cuisine based to a large extent on seafood, coconut milk, combined with spices like ginger and garlic. Here are some of the dishes and beverages one must try-

Octopus and Smoked Fish Salads: Boiled octopus or smoked fish with capsicum, tomatoes, and onions is one of the most popular dishes on the menu.

Octopus Curry in Coconut Milk: This dish of boiled and diced octopus cooked in coconut milk and curry powder with a whole lot of spices, is included in most celebrations on the island.

Shark Chutney: This dish has a distinctive taste. Boiled shark is mashed and mixed with local lime juice, onions, pepper and other spices.

Banana in Coconut Milk: This must-taste dessert is a large ripe plantain cooked with coconut milk and sugar.

Rousettes: These ‘fruit bats’ are served in many restaurants with different styles of preparation. It can be a little challenging to eat because of its tiny bones.

Calou: Palm wine is an alcoholic beverage that is made from coconut sap. It is also used in the preparation of many dishes in Seychelles.

Carotte Bananas: This is an exotic local dish made by wrapping bananas in banana leaves with honey and vanilla, which is then allowed to dry and is sweet and delicious.

Top Indian Restaurants in Seychelles

The Maharajas

  • Address: Commerical House 01 Eden Island, Seychelles
  • Contact No.: +248 4 346 869

Le Relax Beach House Restaurant

  • Address: Anse Reunion, Opp. Roman Catholic Church, La Digue Island 248, Seychelles
  • Contact No.: +248 234 433

Indian Ocean

  • Address: Praslin, Praslin Island, Seychelles
  • Contact No.: +248 4 283 838

Shopping list essentials

Shopping in Seychelles can be fun. After you are done exploring the beauty of this city, indulge in some shopping for a fruitful trip. Top things to bring back from any trip here include Coco De Mer, Yi-King Essential Oils, Kreolor Jewellery & Craft, Takamaka Rum, George Camille Artworks and Seybrew. Do keep in mind to cover your travel with travel insurance to smooth your travel despite of any mishap. The insurer will take care of your medical bills during your trip.

Healthcare centres

Medical care in the Seychelles is limited. While there are a few hospital facilities in Mahé, the other islands have relatively smaller medical facilities. It is recommended to carry a first-aid travel kit, besides any prescribed medication, along with medicines to counteract allergies and mosquito bites.


While the currency of the country is Seychello is rupee, Euro is the most widely-accepted foreign currency. Prices are also listed in US Dollar but is not as favoured as the Euro.

Basics of local communication

Creole, a simplified form of French is spoken by a huge majority of the population, although English and French are also widely spoken as second languages. Learning a few phrases in French will help you survive well in Seychelles.

English French
Hello Bonjour (Bohn-ZHOOR)
What is your name? Comment vous appellez vous? (kaw-mahng vooz AP-lay VOO?)
Thank you Merci (merr-SEE)
Goodbye Au revoir (oh ruh-VWAHR)
Do you speak English? Parlez-vous anglais? (par-lay VOO sahng-LEH?)
Help! Au secours! (oh suh-KOOR)
I need a doctor J'ai besoin d'un médecin. (zhay buh-ZWAHN dun may-TSAN)

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