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Driving Licence Test Guide: Procedure, Dos & Don'ts, LMV Test

Driving on their own is a dream that all teenagers share. The freedom and the sense of independence that comes from it are unmatched. Before one can experience the same, one needs to earn a driving licence by acing the driving licence test. The test involves both a practical and a written component. The written component consisting of multiple-choice questions lets one get a learner's licence, and then a practical test conducted at least a month after the issue of the learner's licence, lets the individual receive the permanent driving licence.

What is a driving licence?

A driving licence acts as an authorization provided by the government of India permitting one to drive a vehicle of a given category on public roads in India. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 mandates that no one without such a licence be allowed to drive on Indian roads. It is important to remember that the driving licence for one category does not entitle you to drive vehicles of another category. For example, a driving licence for a private light motor vehicle (car) cannot be used to drive a bike.

As stated earlier, there are two kinds of driving licences issued in India: a learner’s licence and a permanent licence. The first is a temporary document with a validity of six months. A permanent licence can only be obtained after a month has elapsed from the issue of the learner’s licence.

Before the permanent licence is issued, you will have to prove your driving skills in a driver’s licence test conducted by the Regional Transportation Office. You can book a time slot for this test through a form online or by visiting an RTO with the required documents. When you log in to the website, you will be able to see the open slots. Pick one that suits your schedule and visit the RTO at the designated time for the test.

The test is conducted by an inspector at the RTO. The candidate is required to drive through a driving track designed by the RTO. Not only your driving skills but your ability to follow the road rules and signs will also be tested.

Procedure for driving licence test

  • Use the form CMV 4 to apply for a driving licence test. You can get it either from the inquiry counter at an RTO or download it from the RTO website. You will have to also submit three passport size photographs along with the form.
  • You will need the following to establish your eligibility for the test:
    • A valid learner’s licence
    • All the documents related to the vehicle which you propose to drive for the test. This includes:
      • Registration Certificate
      • Certificate of Insurance
      • Tax Card
      • Pollution under Control (PUC) Certificate
      • In case of a transport vehicle, the Fitness Certificate and any other related documents.
      • In case you are appearing for the test for a licence for a transport vehicle, you will also need to submit form CMV 5 issued by your driving training school
  • Pay the relevant fees:
Type of license-related issues New fees (In ₹)
Learner’s licence


Learner’s licence renewal


International driver’s licence


Driving Licence Fees


Driver’s licence test


Driver’s licence renewal


Renewal and issue of licence for driving schools


Issue of renewed driver’s licence


Appeal fee against RTO


Issue of duplicate license for driving schools


  • You can also choose to make these payments online:
    • Choose ‘Application Fee’ under the ‘EPAYMENT’ top menu.
    • Enter your date of birth and application number.
    • Next, click on the ‘Click Here to Calculate Fee’ button.
    • Verify the details provided about your application and corresponding fees.
    • Choose the appropriate Gateway/Bank from the dropdown menu.
    • Enter the generated code for verification.
    • Click on ‘Pay Now’ and make the payment.
  • Appear for the test at the designated time. If you pass the test, the driving licence will be issued within a couple of days.

COV codes for different types of vehicles

Vehicles Class of Vehicle Six Character Abbreviate Code COV Code Category of License
Light Motor Vehicle (Motor Car, Jeep, etc)

Light Motor Vehicle (Car)




Taxi, Maxi Cab, etc

LMV Transport PSV (Taxi Cab)




Auto Rickshaw-Non Transport

LMV 3Wheeler Non-Transport




Auto Rickshaw-Transport

LMV 3Wheeler Cab(Auto Rickshaw)




Three Wheelers Goods Vehicle(Delivery Vans)

LMV 3Wheeler Transport Goods




Driving test for heavy vehicles


  • Age: The age requirement for a commercial driving licence depends on the state you reside in and can vary from a minimum age of 18 years to 22 years.
  • Mental health: One must be of sound mental health to get the driver's licence for commercial vehicles.
  • Education: The applicant must have completed formal education at least up to 8th standard.
  • Training: The applicant must undergo training at a government authorized motor school and obtain form CMV 5 from the school.

Documents required

  • Driver Refreshing Training Certificate or form CMV 5
  • Proof of address, which could be one among:
    • Passport
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Pan Card
    • Ration Card
    • Utility bills in the name of the applicant
  • Proof of age, which could be one among:
    • Birth Certificate
    • Class 10th Passing certificate
    • Pan Card
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Passport
  • Forms for license application:
    • Form 2
    • Form 1A
    • Form 5
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Applicable fee

Training: The applicant must undergo training at a government authorized motor school and obtain form CMV 5 from the school.

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LMV Test Sequence

You will be tested on the following skills during your driving licence test for LMVs:

  • Ability to parallel park
  • Ability to drive forward on an 8-shaped track
  • Ability to drive up a gradient without any backward movement
  • Ability to drive backward on an S-shaped track.

Test sequence for two-wheeler driving licence

The candidate must be able to navigate through an 8-shaped track without placing her foot down till the track is complete.

What if one fails the driving test?

If a candidate fails the driving test, all the documents are returned back to the candidate. One can reappear for the test after seven days. The applicable fees will have to be repaid.

Things to keep in mind when appearing for the test

  • Make sure to bring your learner’s licence and other relevant documents when appearing for the test
  • Do get the Test Slot Booking slip if you booked the appointment online
  • Remember that you do not need an agent to help you through the test
  • Make sure you are familiar with road signs and signals before you take the test
  • Avoid stalling the vehicle during the driving test as an inspector may consider this as a sign that you do not yet have the requisite driving skills.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do appear at least an hour before the slotted time for the driving licence test
  • Do reach the venue with the respective class of vehicle for which you have applied for the licence
  • Do wear a seat belt when driving a car/ four-wheeler for the test
  • Do wear a helmet when driving a two-wheeler for the test
  • Do not take the test if you are not confident about your driving skills.

How long does it take to get a driving licence?

The process of getting a driving licence starts with applying for a learner's licence.

  • Before a learner’s licence is issued, you will have to appear for a learner test at the RTO
  • This RTO exam consists of multiple-choice questions quizzing you about traffic rules, signs and signals. You can find sample questions on the RTO website
  • On successful completion of the learner licence test, you can immediately collect the learner’s licence
  • You will have to wait for a month before taking your driving test for a permanent driving licence.

The details of this test have been provided above; on passing this test you are provided the driving licence on the spot. After passing your test make sure you buy your two wheeler insurance online as Bike insurance covers you from the damages to your scooter.

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