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Insurance Article

Is Insurance Cover Applicable When A Friend Crashes Your Car?

March 09 2018
Car Insurance Claim When Friend Crashes Car

It is important to understand your car insurance policy and how it works when another driver crashes your car

One fine morning Mr. Bose called his close friend, Devyani and tells her that his car has gone for maintenance service, but he has some important errands line up for the day. Devyani happily obliged him when he asked to lend her car for the day. Hours later, he called her again to inform that he has met with an accident.

You can find yourself in Devyani’s shoes at some point in your life. You might be wondering if your car insurance cover is still applicable when your friend crashes your car. At such a juncture, several questions can make you anxious.

  • Can I claim the insurance on my damaged car?
  • Is my friend covered under the insurance plan?
  • Who will pay for the compensation amount against the damages?

Do Car Insurance Policy Cover Other Drivers?

You might be scratching your head on the above question. The good news is that mostly other drivers are covered under car insurance. ‘Permissive Drive’ rules are applicable in such instances. The driver should be driving your car with your consent along with a valid driving license.

According to Indian motor tariff, anyone can drive your car under the permitted laws. Hence, don’t worry before lending your car to your friends or family members. You can make a claim with your motor insurance company even when your friend crashes the car.

Who Will Pay The Compensation Amount?

If your friend borrows your car and he/she meets with an accident damaging it, normally, your insurer will pay the compensation amount under ‘collision coverage’, and you will have to pay the deductible. If your friend is also injured while driving, your insurance may pay for the driver under ‘liability coverage’ unless he/she is excluded by the policy.

However, if the accident was caused by the negligence of any other driver on the road and you can prove it, the third-party insurer of that driver will pay the compensation to you and your insurance will remain unaffected.

Thus, there is no harm in lending your vehicle to your friends or family members as your car insurance will cover the damages under the collision coverage. However, always make sure the person has a valid driving license and he/she is driving under the permissible laws.

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