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Car Insurance Information

IRDAI Withdraws Long-Term Package Policy: How Will it Impact New Vehicle Owners?

August 28 2020

Planning to buy a new car or bike soon? Here’s what you need to know about IRDAI’s withdrawal of long-term motor insurance package policies.

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Buying A Second-Hand Bike Or Car? Get These Documents First!

August 10 2020

Complete your paperwork before purchasing a used vehicle. Our document checklist includes transaction & purchase documents, RTO forms, certificates & more.

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5 questions on inter-state and intra-state travel during COVID-19 unlock 3.0

August 06 2020

Here are the latest guidelines under unlock 3.0 for interstate and intrastate travel in India. Check if your state continues to have strict travel restrictions.

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#NotFAQs: The what, why and how of a Vehicle Identification Number

July 10 2020

VIN or chassis number, often used interchangeably, are unique to your car. The 17 character long alphanumerical sequence tells you about the car’s ownership, its manufacture, its engine and much more!

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Monsoon car maintenance guide: Tips to keep car repairing expenses at bay

July 06 2020

Monsoon season is a troubling time for both, cars and car owners, where most of the time your car breaks down. Ensure protection of your car with these car maintenance tips for monsoon!

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What Can You Do to Reduce Pollution from Vehicles?

June 04 2020

CO2 emissions from your car are polluting the air you breathe. Follow these tips to limit emissions and prevent car pollution.

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Coronavirus: All You Need To Know About Disinfecting Your Car

May 11 2020

Here are some tips, hacks and ways to go about disinfecting your car for protecting yourself against coronavirus.

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Learn How to Maintain Your Car's Health During the Lockdown

April 28 2020

Don’t forget to keep your car in good shape while it stands unused during coronavirus lockdown. Follow our tips for idle car maintenance.

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Telematics: Transforming how motor insurance works

February 10 2020

With unprecedented technological advancements and the advent of autonomous cars, the onus is on the car insurance sector to cope up with the pace of transition.

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Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 Mandates Vehicle Insurance

September 21 2019

Why has vehicle insurance become so important after new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 implementation? Know more about the latest motor insurance updates and traffic violation penalties.

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