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Insurance Article

Tips for Easy Online Claim Process

November 15 2015

However, can the same be said about the claim process? The answer is yes. Top insurance providers ensure that their claim settlement process is also made transparent and user-friendly. Read the following tips to streamline your online claim process.

Tip 1 - Check your insurance provider's network list
  • Different companies have lists of affiliated hospitals and garages on their website that are authorized to handle cashless payments and other insurance related services. This option plays an important role regarding smooth claim settlement.
Tip 2 - When to ask for claim
  • Along with knowing what is covered, it is also important to understand what is not covered by your policy. For example, it is vital to read 'own damage policy' and other rules and regulations of your motor insurance under which you are claiming. Accidents due to drunken driving, negligence, destruction of own property, are few instances for which claims cannot be made.
  • 'No Claim Bonus' could be an added advantage in absence of major losses. Hence, assessing the actual nature of the mishap and weighing its impact on your policy is important.
Tip 3 - Timeliness
  • Often for health insurance, pre-authorization is required 48 hours before a pre-planned medical treatment. It is mandatory to contact your insurance company within 24 hours in case of emergency admission to hospital. This timeliness enables cashless transactions.
  • In case of car accidents, immediate registration of FIR is required to benefit from your insurance cover. A late fee could be charged if you fail to do so
Tip 4-Documents are pivotal
  • Keeping the essential documents handy facilitates faster processing. In case of car accident or health issues, pharmacist bills, hospital bills, copies of FIR, bills from garages crucial role. The hardcopies of policies, health card, KYC documents should be kept handy.
  • The filling of claim form requires proper scrutiny. Read carefully before signing it and understand all the clauses present in it. If doubtful over any section, contact the customer care executive to get further explanation.
  • After submitting the claim, company sends an official to assess your damages. Hence, safeguard all the important documents to make your case stronger. You can also contest against a claim if you are not satisfied with the claim amount
Tip 5 - Use technology
  • Top insurance providers have come up with mobile applications to help you smoothen the claim process.
  • The status of your claims and other relevant information can be conveyed through SMS and email.
  • Prefer NEFT option rather than cheques for reimbursement, as it is faster and suitable.

Follow these tips to ensure the entire claim settlement process is completed in a hassle-free manner.

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