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Road Signs - Still an Enigma

October 01 2015

This aspect is further highlighted by the fact that the awareness of what road signs mean is as low as 52% ( among Indians in the national capital

Traffic signs are differentiated into the following categories:

Mandatory Signs : Make steering of traffic easier
Examples: stop, speed limit and no parking signs

Cautionary Signs : Symbolize road conditions
Examples: steep ascent and narrow road ahead signs

Informatory Signs : Guide for various landmarks, distances and alternate routes
Examples: petrol pump and hospital signs

Top 10 Lesser-known Road Signs
Along with drivers, it is crucial that every pedestrian knows the meanings of road signs too. Here are the top 10 lesser-known road signs with their pictorial representations:

1. Give Way

This sign instructs the driver to slow down and let other vehicles or pedestrians pass. It is usually present at the junction of a traffic signal to help traffic move smoothly.

2. No Stopping or Parking

This sign indicates 'no stopping or parking vehicles' even temporarily and 'no standing'.

3. Round About

This sign specifies that the road has a forthcoming circular intersection. The driver is expected to take a turn around it only when there is a safe gap in the traffic and no risk of a crash, and then proceed to the desired street.

4. Dangerous Dip

This sign represents a sharp dip in the road advising traffic to slow down

5. Barrier Ahead

This sign signifies a gate-controlled entry ahead such as a toll and hence advises drivers to slow down

6. Slippery Road

This sign indicates that the road ahead is slippery, which is especially helpful during monsoons or snowfall.

7. No Through Road and No Through Side Road

These signs indicate the layout of the road. The 'No Through Road' sign informs us that the road has no exit, while the 'No Through Side Road' sign signifies that the main lane has no side road to escape the traffic

8. Crossroad Ahead

This sign is usually present at the start of a road and indicates a crossover of lanes where a large volume of traffic is likely to cause congestion.

9. Concealed Driveway Ahead

This sign helps drivers take precautionary measures for a driveway ahead that may be obscured in some way.

10. Dual Roadway Begins/Ends Ahead

The Dual Roadway Begins sign is displayed when a single road bifurcates into a dual road, while the Dual Roadway Ends sign is displayed when dual roads come together to form a single road.

Although these are just some of the lesser-known road signs, it is imperative that drivers are aware of every sign. In addition to these, there are distinctive signs for two wheelers and four wheelers such as signs to wear helmets and seatbelts respectively. There is also special software being developed to detect traffic signs and indicate likewise to drivers. Though it is limited to high-end cars in Europe for now, soon every human behind the wheel might experience it.

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