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5 Essential Tips for Traveling with Grandparents

July 04 2016
Travel Insurance Element

In our busy schedules, we sometimes tend to be too absorbed with our routines to spend time with our elders and grandparents. The best way to take a break from the routine and spend time with your grandparents is taking a holiday with them.

Travelling with grandparents can be great fun. You not only get to spend quality time together, but also learn life-lessons from them. However, you need to be careful about a few things to make the journey comfortable for you as well as your grandparents.

Here are a few simple tips to have an enjoyable and comfortable vacation with your grandparents.

  • Plan Your Accommodations

    Book hotel accommodation in advance to avoid any last minute hassles. Book the accommodation keeping your grandparent’s convenience in mind. Many hotels provide special room service, medical assistance and wheelchair facilities for the elderly.

  • Make Airline Travel Enjoyable

    Airports can be extremely overwhelming for grandparents with the check-in formalities, and possible in-flight discomfort. Follow these simple tips at the airport:

    • Take essential medicines in hand baggage, as they might need it during the flight.
    • Request airlines to allot seats reserved for disabled travelers if your grandparents suffer from serious medical conditions or disabilities.
    • Help them with fastening of seatbelts during take-off and landing.
    • Guide them during airport formalities like security checks and securing their boarding passes.
  • Choose your Activities Well

    Plan activities that can be enjoyed by your grandparents. If your grandfather is a history buff, schedule a trip to a museum together.

    Avoid activities that need excessive physical effort. You may love a trip to a theme park with its thrilling rides, but your grandparents might not enjoy it as much.

  • Take Care of their Special needs

    Senior citizens might get fatigued while travelling long distances. Arrange for assistance like wheelchairs and electric vehicles that are available at airports to cater to their needs. If they suffer from any specific medical conditions, make sure to carry their medicines. Keep emergency first-aids and common medicines (for headaches, stomach upsets, etc.) handy. Carry adequate potable water while traveling.

  • Save Yourself from Financial Shocks

    Despite all efforts, there is a significant risk of senior citizens falling sick while traveling. Be prepared for any such incident and buy travel insurance. Travel insurance covers medical costs related to treatment at home and abroad.

    Availing travel insurance for your grandparents is now made easy. Just click here to find out how insurance is available without a medical test up to the age of 85 years.

    A trip with your grandparents can be an experience of a lifetime! Make some new memories travelling with the people who made your childhood memorable.

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