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Insurance Article

5 Reasons why you should avail Travel Insurance

June 20 2015
Why Travel Insurance

The checklist for the trip is drafted quickly. Soon the day arrives when you hit the road to experience the well-planned, well-thought-of trip.

However, it may not always be so. Life is uncertain. What would happen if you lose your baggage or passport; worse still, you face a medical emergency abroad. Are you prepared for an eventuality like this?

Travel insurance can shield you during such occurrences. In case things do not go as planned, wisely choosing a travel insurance plan could provide you with monetary compensation and insure you against a financial loss.

Here are some reasons for investing in a travel insurance plan:

1. Loss of Passport and Baggage
Amidst confusions and frustrations arising from lost passport/baggage, a travel insurance plan would give you a breather. The expenses incurred for issuance of duplicate passport, compensation for emergency items in case of delay in receiving baggage and compensation on loss of baggage too would be taken care by the plan.

2. Trip Delays and Missed Flight Connections
You can claim compensation in case of trip delays or missing flight connections. You may also avail of an emergency cash advance.

3. Medical Emergency
In case you fall sick on your trip, your insurance plan would cover in-patient/out-patient treatment, diagnostic tests, ambulance charges, evacuation charges and travel cost to hospital. Most importantly, the plan could give you the facility of cashless hospitalization

4. Pre-Existing Illness
Travel insurance is crucial for a stress-free trip, especially when you have a pre-existing illness. The insurance company will honor your claim arising due to a pre-existing illness, in case of any life-threatening events or acute pain.

5. Man-Made and Natural Calamities
Travel insurance protects you financially against man-made calamities and natural calamities.

Travel Insurance Components

Below are some of the perks of availing travel insurance:

1. Open Eligibility
As the age bar has been relaxed, senior citizens are also eligible to apply for a travel insurance plan. You can get an insurance cover until 85 years of age without any medical checkup.

2. Immigration Visa
Even if you are travelling on an immigration visa, you may opt for a plan to suit your need.

3. Tailor-Made Plans
As per your needs, you may opt for a tailor-made plan that provides you with a reimbursement clause for the unused policy duration. You may also choose a pay-per-day basis premium, while shortening your travel itinerary abroad.

4. Extensive Network
A strong network of the insurance company would provide you access to maximum number of hospitals and physicians. You could opt for a cashless settlement or for a reimbursement without any hassle.

5. Online Processing and Renewal Flexibility
You may purchase an insurance plan online without medical checkup. Opt for a plan that gives you a web login and an option of printing the policy. You can also renew your policy in case you decide to extend your travel stay abroad.

6. Help at Hand
You can contact toll-free numbers for resolving your queries promptly.

7. Refund Facility
In case the situation so demands, you can avail of the pro-rata basis refund facility to cancel the policy taken online.

The above reasons pave the way for the belief that travel insurance is a must-have while you are away from home. ICICI Lombard offers comprehensive and customized travel insurance plans. Click here to know more about the travel insurance plans offered by ICICI Lombard.

Godspeed and bon voyage!


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