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6 Amazing Tourist Places in Nigeria That You've Never Heard Of

May 29 2015

A vibrant nation with a growing population and rapid development, Nigeria is Africa's bustling 'giant'. Nigeria tourism is not a full-fledged industry yet, therefore it is the best time to see the top tourist places in Nigeria before they become popular and crowded. Explore this captivating nation through its diverse wildlife, historic sites, prolific coastline, mesmerizing waterfalls and sprawling acres of tropical vegetation. Six of its must-visit marvels are:

Yankari National Park

African bush elephants cooling off in the mud

A must-see for wildlife lovers, the Yankari National Park houses a biologically diverse group of flora and fauna. Forming an integral part of the local culture, the park promotes ecotourism. The park is home to elephants, hippopotamuses and zebras. A number of safaris are available all around the day which circles you along the perimeter of the jungle. If you are a photography buff, schedule your visit your dusk for dramatic colours during the sunsets. Of the several natural warm water springs in this park, Wikki Warm Spring, flowing into the Gaji River is a major tourist attraction.

Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove

African bush elephants cooling off in the mud

Regarded as the abode of Osun, the Yoruba goddess of fertility, this dense forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Osun-Osogbo is a sacred grove located on the banks of the Osun River and is a large area of rainforest in southwest Nigeria. The mesmerizing grove houses several shrines and sanctuaries built in honor of Osun, a Yoruba Goddess, scattered throughout the forest. The forest houses over 200 varieties of rare medicinal plants. Do time your visit to coincide with the famous 12-day long Osun-Osogbo festival, a rich indigenous Yoruba ceremony held in August to establish a mystic bond between the goddess and the people of the town

National Museum

The Head of Jemaa, artifact housed in the National Museum

A captivating place for history lovers, the National Museum houses great collections of Nigerian art. The museum has galleries dedicated to brasses from Benin City, the famous Nok Terracottas, and some traditional symbols of power, like carved ivory and a royal host of crowns. At the museum, you can buy souvenirs of woodcarvings and other handicrafts like batik cloth and traditional handloom textiles.

Obudu Mountain Resort

Be it business or leisure, this resort is the perfect place to relax. December is the perfect time to visit this place as it coincides with the festival. Take a ride in Africa's longest cable car (4 km) to enjoy a breathtaking view of the region on your way to the Obudu mountain resort. The resort offers lovely dining facilities with a relaxing view of the mountains. With its two river-sized swimming pools and humongous golf course this place will provide you with a luxury retreat. If you are not among the faint-hearted walk the 100m swaying bridge suspended in the air.

Nike Centre for Art and Culture

enjoy-the-serenity-and-natural-beauty (1)

Run by the famous Nigerian artist Nike Davies Okundaye, this enormous five-story space is home to traditional as well as contemporary Nigerian art. Visit it to explore the authentic Nigerian art and craft. The centre imparts education about the ancient methods of weaving and dying.

Lekki Market

This bustling market is a haven for avid shoppers. It specializes in crafts including traditional African masks and intricate Nigerian beadwork. Bargaining here for exotic memorabilia is highly recommended. Besides art and crafts, this market also sells fashion accessories, shoes and purses along with customised pillow cases & curtains. Avoid visiting the market during monsoons as it remains flooded and gets very difficult to stroll around.

Buy Travel Insurance Before You Travel

Unfortunate socio-political incidents in the country have marred the tourism in Nigeria. Before planning a visit, make sure that the country is under a stable rule.

Nigeria has much to offer in the form of stunning natural environment and other places of interest. However, due to the hot and humid weather, and lack of potable tap water, you may be exposed to health hazards like cholera and malaria. Opt for a travel insurance plan before you plan your travel. Such plans provide cashless hospitalization and can be a boon to safeguard your finances.

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