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Hop and Shop: 5 Global Shopping Destinations

September 21 2015

While technology is bringing the world closer and delivering products to your doorstep, making an effort to shop and explore a city builds a far more thrilling experience.

With a gamut of options to choose from, here are some of the best picks of global destinations perfect for a bespoke shopping experience:

1. New York, New York!

From designer shops to classic European boutiques and vintage jewelry houses to high street department stores, shopping in New York is not for the weak-hearted. It is also home to the flagship Apple store with a glass cube entrance, where you can be a part of the daily expert seminars. From experienced to amateur shoppers, this city has something for everyone.

The Apple Store in New York displays the brand's phones, tablets and more
The Apple Store in New York displays the brand's phones, tablets and more

2. Tokyo - Electronic Haven

Get yourself royally treated at any department store in Tokyo and experience the warmth and cheer of the city folks. With a luxurious shopping experience and great food, it is a treat to your eyes and your appetite. You will find the cheapest original cameras, genuine gadgets, robots, bizarre collectibles and Japan's most celebrated craft beer for a complete shopping experience.

Experience a world of electronics in Tokyo
Experience aworld of electronics in Tokyo

3. Dubai - Where the world comes to shop!

The malls of Dubai speak volumes of the city's famed hospitality towards visitors from around the world. From electronics to gold jewelry, fashion clothing to delectable cuisines of the Middle East, the city is abounding in variety and in tune with the trends around the world.

The grandiose Dubai Mall
The grandiose Dubai Mall

4. Milan - Stay Stylish!

Want to stay effortlessly stylish? Visit Milan any time of the year and be surrounded by the latest in fashion that the world will take months to catch up with. To the fashion conscious, Milan is indeed one of the best-kept secrets of the capricious world of fashion.

Experience a luxurious shopping experience in Milan
Experience a luxurious shopping experience in Milan

5. Kuala Lumpur - A Local Escapade

Unleash the adventurer in you and visit Kuala Lumpur to experience rock climbing in Asia's largest indoor facility. Along with experiencing high quality shopping, the year-round sales and affordable prices attract an impressive number of visitors from around the world.

A symphony of sight, smell and taste, shopping at these global destinations is the ultimate adventure where you dig into the local food, experience soul-searching moments and liberate your bonded mindsets. However, don't forget to include travel insurance in your itineraries for a hassle-free experience. So get those bags packed already and jet off in style!

From massive malls to backstreet stalls, Kuala Lumpur has it all
From massive malls to backstreet stalls, Kuala Lumpur has it all

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