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5 Things to do if Your Car Insurance Expires

Amidst your busy schedules, renewing your motor insurance policy can easily slip your mind. Now-a-days, most insurance companies offer reminder facilities for policy renewal.

  • 05 Oct 2015
  • min read

Amidst your busy schedules, renewing your motor insurance policy can easily slip your mind. Now-a-days, most insurance companies offer reminder facilities for policy renewal. However, if you still missed the date, it is important to contact your insurance provider as soon as you realize the slip. If the policy has just expired, you may be able to reinstate it without any penalty. Ensure you don't take your car out until you get a fresh policy.

The following steps will guide you through the insurance revival process:

Step 1: Get organized

If you failed to renew your motor insurance policy on time, get in touch with your insurance company and fix an appointment for the vehicle to be surveyed. Once the survey is satisfactorily completed you can go ahead and purchase the insurance policy.

Collect your previous policy documents and all claim-related papers. The insurer requires these papers to look into your claims' history and accordingly you will be entitled for a No-claim Bonus (NCB) on your new policy.

Step 2: Keep your vehicle documents handy

Equip yourself with your vehicle details. These include the city where your vehicle is registered or the RTO's address, first registration date, manufacturer's name and model details.

Step 3: Logon to the insurer's website

Avoid tedious paperwork and simply logon to the insurer's website with the documents and details ready at hand. Click on the online renewal option and fill in the details in the appropriate fields. You can renew your car insurance as well as two-wheeler insurance online, by following quick and simple steps.

Step 4: Fill and crosscheck details online

Make sure to fill in correctly the policy number, vehicle registration dates and other details. Before submitting these details, crosscheck them against the documents in hand to avoid miscommunication. On submission of the renewal form, you will receive a quote from the insurer.

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If you wish to renew a lapsed policy with another insurer, you can do so online. Many leading insurers enable such renewals based on your previous policy details.

Step 5: Buy online and avail policy document in hand

You can make a convenient purchase online through multiple channels such as credit / debit card and online banking facility. By buying online, you can receive the policy documents instantly via email and eliminate the tiresome paperwork altogether.

Set reminders on the car insurance provider's website at the click of a button and ensure timely renewal updates for the future, without hassles. For instance, by submitting your policy details on ICICI Lombard's website you will receive reminders on your registered email address.

The mobile app is also convenient allowing you to renew your policy while you are on the go. You can click a photo of your lapsed policy and upload it onto this application. Besides renewal, you can also make pending premium payments at the simple click of a button using this mobile app.

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