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An Overview of the Regional Transport Office of Ambala

Discover Ambala's RTO: registration, forms, and ownership transfer. Compliance and insurance are vital for safe driving in Ambala's transport landscape.

  • 05 Mar 2024
  • 4 min read

Individuals who own or operate a vehicle in India are likely acquainted with the Regional Transport Office (RTO), a governmental entity responsible for nationwide overseeing and organising transportation matters. Each state and union territory has its own RTO, ensuring effective governance of transport operations on a federal level.

The RTO Ambala, as a government organisation, is established to oversee all transport-related functions in India. These offices are in every state and union territory, with RTO responsible for enforcing the regulations outlined in the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

Now, let’s explore the intricate details of the vehicle registration process in Ambala.

RTO Office in Ambala

RTO Ambala, operating under RTO Haryana, employs codes HR01, HR37 and HR54. It is responsible for issuing Registration Certificates (RCs), driving licences and various other documents for vehicles purchased within the Ambala region.

RTO City 

RTO Address

RTO Code

RTO Pincode

RTO Phone-No

RLA, Ambala

SDM, Ambala 1st Floor , Mini Sectt., Ambala City




RLA, Ambala

RTA, Ambala 1st Busstand Ambalacantt




RLA, Barara

SDM Office, Barara Distt. Ambala




What Are the Different Types of RTO Forms?

Different forms are obtainable digitally through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for various RTO purposes: 

Form 20: Request for motor vehicle entry

Form 21: Get a sales certificate

Form 23: Secure a registration certificate

Form 24: Finish the registration of a motor vehicle

Form 29: Report the transfer of ownership of the motor vehicle

Form 38 A: Submit an inspection report

Form 50: Generate a bill of lading

Form 51: Obtain a certificate of insurance

Form 54: File an information report of an accident

Vehicle Registration Process in Ambala

To register your vehicle, follow these steps:

  • Visit your state or city’s RTO office and present the required documents with proper form-filling.
  • Give a demand draft for the payment of road tax.
  • Hand in the registration form and documents following the RTO officers’ instructions.
  • Pay the related processing fees.
  • Commonly, the registration process takes two to three days, with potential changes.
  • After the processing and verification, the RTO will assign a vehicle number.

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Transfer of Ownership of a Registered Vehicle in Ambala

Adhere to the following steps to facilitate a seamless transfer of ownership for a registered vehicle:

  • Complete the related RTO forms, precisely Form 29 and 30.
  • Get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the state where the vehicle was first registered. If the vehicle was funded, secure an NOC from the financer.
  • Obtain a Pollution under Control (PUC) certificate.
  • Check ownership of the vehicle insurance certificate.
  • Make the necessary payments for fees and road taxes.
  • Finalise the vehicle registration process.
  • Claim the sale and purchase of the vehicle.
  • Please provide documents verifying your age and address and passport-sized photographs.

To accelerate the transfer process, verify all your papers and proceedings are well-organised. 

Is It Compulsory to Register Your Vehicle with the RTO?

Certainly, while driving, carrying the vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) in either electronic or printed format is imperative. Failure to do so may result in the traffic police seizing your vehicle. As stipulated by the Motor Vehicles Act, a fine starts at INR 5,000 for the initial offence and escalates to INR 10,000 for subsequent violations.

Four Wheeler Insurance in Ambala 

This overview of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Ambala emphasises its pivotal role in regulating and facilitating vehicular activities. As Ambala’s transportation hub, the RTO underscores the importance of compliance, licensing and documentation. Amidst these considerations, the need for comprehensive and compliant car insurance emerges as a cornerstone for responsible vehicle ownership. Safeguarding against uncertainties, car insurance is an indispensable component, ensuring a secure and compliant driving experience in Ambala’s dynamic regional transport landscape.

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