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An Overview of the Regional Transport Office of Vijayawada

Explore RTO Vijayawada's services like vehicle registration & license renewals. Discover how they simplify life on the road with online services & more.

  • 28 Feb 2024
  • 4 min read

Cruising through Vijayawada in your gleaming new car or on your faithful scooter, a thought crosses your mind – "Is my vehicle registration current?" or "Have I renewed my driving license?" No worries! The Regional Transport Office is there to help you. They are the superheroes for all things vehicular – from securing that crucial license to officially making that car yours. And guess what? Their online services bring the RTO right into your pocket. It is like holding a roadmap for all your vehicle-related quests. Let's dive into how the RTO Vijayawada simplifies our life on the road. Ready to ride along?

RTO Office in Vijayawada


Corresponding Information

RTO Codes

AP16, AP17, AP18


Vijayawada Road, Punammathota, Labbipet, Andhra Pradesh


Vehicle Registration, Driving Licenses, Permits, Tax Collection, Road Safety

Working Hours

10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Weekdays)

Contact Numbers

0866-29700547, 0866-2480022/2480347

Email IDs,, 

What are the Different Types of RTO Forms?

The Road Transport and Highways Ministry's website has several RTO forms. Each provides unique functions.

  • Form 20: Request for registration of a vehicle
  • Form 21: Functions as a sales certificate
  • Form 23: This is your vehicle's registration certificate
  • Form 24: For the registration of your vehicle
  • Form 29: Required when transferring ownership of your vehicle
  • Form 38 A: A report of inspection
  • Form 50: Known as the bill of lading
  • Form 51: Certifies your vehicle's insurance

Vehicle Registration Process in Vijayawada

Registering your car will feel like a breeze if you follow these steps.

  • Visit the RTO: Head to your local RTO office with the necessary documents and completed forms.
  • Road tax: Prepare and submit a demand draft for the required road tax.
  • Submit the documents: Hand in your registration form and other documents as instructed by the RTO staff.
  • Pay the processing fee: Pay the relevant fees for processing your application.
  • Duration: The process generally takes 2-3 days, though it may extend in certain situations.
  • Final step: Once verification is complete, the RTO will issue the registration number for your vehicle.

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Transfer of Ownership of a Registered Vehicle in Vijayawada

To transfer ownership of a registered vehicle, you must complete RTO Forms 29 and 30. If the car was financed, you must get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the lender or the state where the vehicle was initially registered. Then, get a Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate to ensure your car complies with environmental regulations. A current auto insurance certificate is the required documentation for any road trips.

You also need to pay any relevant fees and road taxes. Double-check that your name appears on the vehicle registration when you are through. Confirmation of the sale and purchase of your vehicle is required to complete the transfer. Remember to include all necessary personal documents, including proof of age and residency, a current picture ID, and passport-sized photographs, when you submit your application. Follow these steps precisely to expedite the transfer process.

Is it Compulsory to Register Your Vehicle With the RTO?

It is mandated by law to have a current Registration Certificate on hand – either a physical or digital copy should be at your disposal. Officials from the RTO office in Vijayawada may seize your vehicle if you do not have the RC on hand when traffic officials want it for inspection. As per the Motor Vehicles Act, a first infringement carries a fine of INR 5,000, and subsequent offences a fine of INR 10,000. Verifying the legal ownership of your vehicle requires the registration document. It could lead to significant financial and legal issues if this document is not present. There is no way for a responsible driver or car owner to operate without the RC, so you should never be caught without one.

Four-Wheeler Insurance In Vijayawada

All four-wheelers in Vijayawada must have car insurance. It safeguards you from theft, accidents, and natural catastrophes. You are legally obliged to have third-party liability insurance that covers the costs of fixing other people's property in case of accidents. Comprehensive auto insurance will protect your vehicle under any adverse event so you can rest easily. It ensures your peace of mind and safety on the roads of Vijayawada. Though required by law, having insurance also makes driving a more responsible and accountable choice.

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