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Basic Car Insurance Maintenance Checklist

Regular car check is vital to enhance your car’s longevity and ensure you get the maximum from your vehicle.

  • 07 Nov 2022
  • min read

Regular car maintenance is essential to keep it in top condition. While you need to replace some parts from time to time, regular checks can help extend the life of your car and cut down visits to repair shops. In the process, they also help you save money and ensure you drive optimum performance from your vehicle.

Also, checking the fitness of a car isn’t as time-consuming as you think. Regular fitness checks encompass a range of things, and this article covers all of them. What are these? Let’s find out.

Level of Engine Oil

Engine oil has a vital role to play in your car’s performance. It is essential for the smooth running of the engine, curbs fuel emissions, and enhances the engine's overall performance. The engine oil also helps cool the engine circuit and protects it from corrosion. The additives in engine oil slow the process of corrosion, thereby enhancing the engine's lifespan.

Hence, you must always ensure that the engine oil is maintained at optimum levels. Use a dipstick or an electronic gauge to check the level of oil. Make sure to get the level right before driving. Also, check its texture. It should be translucent and smooth. If you find it too dark, you should change it immediately.

Inspection of Tires

There’s nothing more irritating than finding your tires deflated before driving. Also, tire blowouts while driving can be dangerous and put your life at risk. Hence, you must always inspect them to check for leaks and punctures. Equally vital is to ensure that tires have optimum pressure. Proper tire pressure prevents accelerated wear and tear, which could lead to premature tire replacement.

On the other hand, excessive heat is generated if you drive with under-inflated tires, which could push tires to the point of failure. Hence, always inspect the tires at least once a week or fortnight. Equally essential is to make sure the spare tire is in good condition. Regularly check it for optimum pressure and get leaks and punctures fixed.

Check Other Fluids

Along with engine oil, other fluids in your car play a vital role in its performance. Your car’s performance can suffer drastically if any of these fluids leak. These include:

  • Coolant
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid

Therefore, you must closely watch on them and ensure they don’t leak. Each of these fluids has a distinct color through which you can identify them in case of leakage. If you spot a leakage, take your car to the mechanic without delay. Also, just like engine oil, make sure the levels of these fluids are maintained at optimum levels.

Inspect Your Car’s Battery

The battery is the heart of your car. For ultimate car performance, the battery must be in top shape. Hence, you must regularly inspect it to ensure it’s in proper condition. If you find these signs, they are a warning signal of a failing battery:

  • Dim headlights: If your headlights are dim or weaker than usual, it’s time to sit up and take a note. It means that the battery is not able to power the electrical components.
  • Slow crank: If your engine cranks at a slower pace than usual, it’s a warning sign. It suggests that the battery might be nearing its end.
  • Backfiring: It is one warning sign that you can’t afford to miss. A failing battery will cause sparks, leading to fuel accumulating in cylinders. When you ignite this fuel, your car backfires.

If temperatures get too high in your area of residence, car batteries don’t last long. Hence, you must take special care of your car’s battery and examine it for corrosion signs. If your car doesn’t start as effortlessly as it used to, clean the battery's contact points.

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Proper Alignment of Wheels

Proper wheel alignment is vital for your safety. Chances of accidents and damages are reduced to a great extent when wheels are properly aligned. When your car hits a pothole, the alignment might get skewed. Even otherwise, you must regularly check the alignment of your wheels. Proper alignment means that the wheels are parallel to one another and are perpendicular to the road.

When you drive your car with improper alignment, it also reduces the lifespan of tires. At the same time, you will end up spending money on replacing tires. That’s not all. Misaligned wheels will stress the car’s suspension system, and your car will burn more fuel. Symptoms of improper wheel alignment include:

  • Vibration of the steering wheel
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Squealing of tires

As soon as you experience these symptoms, check the wheel’s alignment and get it fixed immediately.

Inspect Air and Cabin Filters Along with Spark Plug

Air and cabin filters must be in top shape for proper car maintenance. Air filters shield debris and dust particles from getting into the engine and damaging it. To check your car’s air filter, put it in front of the light. If the light cannot pass through the filter, you need to change it.

To check your car’s cabin filter, turn on your car’s AC. If you get some odd smell, it signals the changing of filters. Equally essential is to check your car’s spark plug. If you find them rusty or dark, change them immediately. Note that your car wouldn’t start without spark plugs, and a dirty plug will impact the efficiency of your car.

Car Insurance: An Essential Lookout

To ensure optimum car fitness, it’s equally essential to ensure that your car has proper car insurance. ICICI Lombard’s Private Car Package Policy provides you with a financial cushion if your car suffers natural or man-made damage.

It also covers third-party liabilities and provides a personal accident cover of Rs. 15 lakhs. With nine add-ons to choose from, you get cashless repairs in 9700 network garages. Also, you get a no-claims bonus of up to 50% with instant claim settlement.

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