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Is CTP Included in Comprehensive Insurance?

CTP Insurance covers costs related to a third party's injuries after an accident. Learn CTP is included or not in comprehensive insurance.

  • 10 Apr 2023
  • 3 min read

The Indian law mandates that all car owners in India have a third-party insurance policy. This reduces the policyholder’s financial responsibility for any harm a third party suffers due to the insured car. A surveyor will examine the damages and verify the repair costs before the insurance company pays the claim.

A comprehensive car insurance policy is a package that covers both parties involved in an accident. It provides comprehensive coverage for damages to the insured car and third-party liabilities and policyholders. While it is not mandatory, a comprehensive policy compensates for third-party liabilities from accidents caused by the policyholder.

Difference Between CTP and Comprehensive Cover

Comprehensive insurance comes at a higher price but provides complete coverage. Its salient features are listed below:

  • complete coverage for both parties involved in an accident
  • offers additional add-ons
  • No Claim Bonus if a policyholder doesn't make a claim in a policy year

Third-party car insurance is a basic policy that covers the following:

  • offers protection to a third-party car or person who met with an accident involving you
  • personal accident coverage for your injuries, but it doesn't cover the damages to your car
  • premium rate is low and pre-determined by the IRDAI, making it a cheaper option
  • suitable for those driving an old vehicle or people who drive their car less often
  • doesn't offer any customisation options or add-ons

Although the premium is comparatively higher than a third-party insurance policy, a comprehensive car insurance plan provides a wider scope of coverage.

Is Compulsory Third-Party Cover Included in Comprehensive Insurance?

A comprehensive motor insurance policy integrates third-party coverage.

  • Comprehensive car insurance combines both third-party and own damage or first-party insurance
  • Actively provides complete protection for third-party liabilities and offers coverage for damages to the insured car from various causes like accidents, falling objects, fire, and vandalism
  • Covers damages to third-party property and accidental physical injuries
  • Covers damages to the insured car from natural disasters, such as cyclones, floods, earthquakes, and man-made disasters like thefts
  • Provides add-on covers like engine protection, medical expenses, accessories cover, and zero depreciation cover to increase the scope of coverage
  • You don’t have to purchase third-party insurance as a separate policy

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