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Is It Possible to Have a Combined Motor Insurance Policy for All Your Vehicles?

Multi-Car Insurance is available outside India. Learn how they cover more 2 or more cars in the same policy while offering some attractive benefits.

  • 18 Jan 2018
  • min read

If you are one of those people who have more than one car at home, or have multiple cars registered on the same address, then you would understand the problems that crops up where insurance is concerned. Having multiple cars mean keeping tab of their premium payment dates, renewal dates and going through a lot of paperwork. But, there are car insurance plans available in international markets that provide comprehensive coverage for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 cars.

These insurance policies are known as multi-car insurance, and though they are not yet available in India, we take a look at some of the pros and cons that they come with.


  • Discounts: This is among the biggest benefits of purchasing a multi-car insurance policy. The insurance company is willing to give better deals if there are more cars being insured under the same policy. A great bargain can be had as most insurers are open to discounted rates in view of the long-term association with customers. Further, it is always beneficial to offer discounts and sign up the whole family, rather than have a single policyholder’s car insured with them.
  • Different Drivers: In this policy there is a main driver, and there are named drivers - people who drive the car other than the main driver. It doesn’t matter from the insurance aspect as long as any one of these drivers is in the driver’s seat. The only criterion is that the car should be registered at the same address.
  • Paperwork Simplified: With multi-car insurance, it is easier to manage the insurance policies for multiple cars, as they all come under one policy. You only have to remember one renewal date, and make one premium payment for all your cars. The result is less hassle and less paperwork.

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  • One Renewal Date: A single premium due date is good for remembering when to pay, but with a multi-car insurance policy this can be a bit daunting too. The reason is that premium payments for these policies are significantly larger and can be taxing, especially if you are used to spreading out payments evenly over different policies.
  • Driver Coverage: If the driver of the car is classified as high risk, then the premium for the plan will be hiked. Therefore, it is important to take the driving habits and history of all the named drivers, as well as the main driver, into consideration before choosing this plan. Any information withheld can lead to complications or denial of payout altogether.

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