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Know Why Electric Car Insurance is Expensive

Although electric cars help you reduce your fuel expenses and car maintenance costs, they are expensive to insure. Read to know the reasons behind this.

  • 28 Apr 2022
  • min read

The Indian automobile industry has witnessed some tectonic changes during the last few years. Some of these changes are increasing penetration of electric vehicles, innovative connectivity features in cars, digitalisation of

The most noteworthy change among these is the increasing adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, EV manufacturers sold 5,32,485 units in India during the last two financial years. With the Government pushing for complete electric mobility and rising fuel prices, these figures will expand by 26% between 2021 and 2023.

So, if you are planning to buy a new car soon, you should start looking at the futuristic EV options. Almost all top automobile brands in India have started offering electric cars to their customers. You can select from a range of impressive options from some world-renowned car manufacturers.

What about car insurance?

As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, all vehicles in India must be insured with a motor insurance policy; electric cars are not exempted from this rule. It means that you have to compulsorily buy car insurance for your electric vehicle to drive it on Indian roads. However, electric car insurance policies aren’t the same as regular car insurance plans.

Since electric cars are battery-powered and consist of a different engine, coverage offered by an electric car insurance policy is more customised. Also, the cost of car insurance for electric cars is higher as compared to the usual petrol and diesel cars.

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Why is electric car insurance expensive?

As mentioned, premiums for electric car insurance policies are higher than conventional car insurance plans. Below are the reasons behind the high costs associated with electric car insurance:

● Electric cars are expensive to buy

Electric cars are expensive to purchase compared to regular cars, and even the cheapest electric cars in India cost more than Rs. 10 lakhs. Due to the high value of electric cars, their Insured Declared Value (IDV) increases, resulting in increased car insurance premiums


Although the up-front cost of buying an electric car is higher, it makes sense to invest in it as it will enable you to save on fuel costs and maintenance charges over the years.

● Electric car parts are expensive

The primary reason for electric cars being expensive is that their various components are costly. The most expensive of them is the car’s battery, which accounts for more than 60% of its value. Replacing or repairing these parts can be a costly affair, which is one of the reasons behind the high pricing of electric car insurance.

Car manufacturers are striving hard to reduce the cost of these parts. If they can reduce the costs of electric car parts, their insurance premium may also decline.

● Batteries have to be replaced

Electric cars draw their power from high-capacity batteries, and these batteries come with an expiry date, which means that they have to be replaced after a certain period. As mentioned, these batteries are very costly, and replacing them may run into a few lakhs of rupees. Since comprehensive electric car insurance policies cover these costs, their premiums are on the higher side.

However, if you want to reduce your electric car insurance cost, you can opt out of the battery replacement cover. But remember that you will run the risk of paying from your pocket in case your battery requires replacement in the future.

● High labour costs

Electric cars require a high level of maintenance because of their costly and complex parts. Not all mechanics can service or repair an electric vehicle; it requires specific knowledge and skills. Currently, the number of mechanics skilled in repairing electric cars is lower in India than the traditional car mechanics.

All these factors result in high labour costs for the replacement or repair of electric car parts, and this is another reason why electric car insurance plans are expensive.

● Supply chain and infrastructure-related problems

Not too many people currently own electric cars in India, due to which there are several supply-chain and infrastructure-related problems. Companies are constrained in terms of getting raw materials required for the manufacturing of EVs. These factors contribute to the high pricing of electric cars, and subsequently, their insurance plans also become expensive.

However, as more people start buying electric cars in India, EV manufacturers will invest in improving their infrastructure and supply chain. Hence, the cost of car insurance for electric cars is expected to decline in the future.

The Final Word

Although the cost of buying electric car insurance is on the higher side, there are many advantages to purchasing an electric car. Some of them include low maintenance charges, freedom from fuel price hikes, and reduced pollution levels.

Moreover, you can get EV car insurance discounts by buying an online policy and installing anti-theft devices in your car. ICICI Lombard provides comprehensive car insurance for electric cars at competitive rates.

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