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Maximise Your Car Mileage with These 7 Tips

Maximising your car’s mileage has economic, environmental and personal benefits and is easy to do with these 7 tips.

  • 18 Jun 2018
  • min read

Driving a car in a highly-populated city teeming with traffic is not easy. But it does more than just waste time and cause inconvenience, it also affects your car’s mileage and efficiency, which in turn raises your fuel bills. Here are a few simple and effective tips to maximise your car’s mileage.

Keep Your Tyres Inflated

Not only do properly inflated tyres reduce fuel consumption, they also increase the efficiency by 5 percent. You should get your car tyres inflated regularly and once in fifteen days is an ideal interval. However, overinflated tyres are just as bad as under-inflated ones, and thus you should stick to the manufacturer recommended levels.

Maintain the Speed Limit

Maintaining a steady speed limit between 45–55km/h is recommended not only for your safety, but also for saving on fuel consumption. By maintaining a steady speed limit and going easy on the throttle, you will see a rise in the fuel efficiency of your car by around 20 percent.

Lose the Weight

The amount of things you store in your car has a direct effect on its mileage and fuel efficiency. So get rid of the child safety seat you don’t need anymore, that worn out spare tyre and all the junk you’ve stored in the trunk. Drive around baggage-free at least while within city limits.

Roll Up the Windows

At high speeds you should roll up your windows. Even partially open windows at high speeds can impact fuel efficiency by increasing the drag and resulting in rapid fuel consumption. Opposed to popular belief, rolling up your windows and switching on the air conditioner at higher speeds will help you save fuel.

Plan a Smart Route

Before you start your trip, take 2 minutes to check the maps and plan your route. This will not only be beneficial for your mileage but will also save you from the chaos of traffic and congestion; your left foot will thank you too.

Turn the Engine Off

When you keep your engine on while your car is static, you are just burning fuel. Whenever you have to stay in one place for over 3 minutes, whether it’s at a signal or waiting for someone, turn off your engine. However, if you think the wait is going to be short, don’t turn the engine off as starting it back on will only consume more fuel.

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Park in the Shade

When you don’t park in the shade, it does more damage to your car than you realise. It heats your car, yes, but it also causes the fuel to evaporate. Always find a cooler place to park your car with appropriate shade.

Using these simple tips, you’ll be able to significantly improve your car’s mileage. Also, don’t forget to insure your car with a car insurance policy as it will enable you to enjoy your car for years to come, with an assured peace of mind.

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