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Tips to Keep Your Car Safe During Holi Celebrations

We bring you some useful tips that can help you keep your vehicle safe and protected from getting damaged or stained during Holi celebrations

  • 17 Nov 2021
  • min read

Holi, the festival of colours, is here and you must be excited about the joy and ecstasy it offers. This festival calls for splendid celebrations with vibrant colours, water balloons, and water guns. However, while we humans revel in Holi celebrations, our precious cars often become victims to the madness and mischief all around.

It is common for cars to get painted with blue, black, and red stains all around their bodies. Removing these Holi colours from cars can get really painful and burdensome. It gets even more stressful when the interiors of a car, including seat’s upholstery, dashboard, and floor mats get dirty and spoiled. Not only this, water ingress can even cause damage to your car’s engine and other mechanical parts.

In this article, we will discuss how to remove Holi colours from your car. We will also discuss how you can ensure your car’s paint stays protected during Holi celebrations. So, here are a few simple tips to keep your car safe and protected during Holi.

1. Park your car in a closed space and cover it

It might seem obvious, but you should make sure your car is not parked in an open space during the time of Holi. Anyone can throw the splashes of colours on your beloved vehicle and stain it badly. Hence, it’s prudent to park your car in a closed parking space and keep it covered using a car cover.

Make sure to cover your car completely, i.e. from its roof till the wheels. This will keep your car protected from colours, dirt and water during Holi celebrations. While buying your car’s cover, you should ensure that it’s of optimum quality and water proof.

2. Apply car wax or Teflon polish on your car’s body

Before you take your car out for a drive during this time, don’t forget to apply a coating of car wax or Teflon polish on its body. This will ensure your car’s paint protection even if it gets some colour stains. And not just that, applying Teflon coating on your car’s body will also protect your car from rusting and damages caused due to sunlight.

You can either buy car wax polish from a nearby auto shop and apply it yourself or you can take your car to a mechanic or service centre to get it coated with Teflon. Remember that applying wax polish is a cheaper option as compared to Teflon coating, but the latter is more superficial in quality.

3. Protect your car’s interiors with cling wraps or plastic covers

Remember that it’s not only the exteriors of your car that needs protection. It is equally important to protect the interiors of your car from getting stained or damaged. In fact, it is a difficult and stressful job to clean your car’s upholstery if it gets soiled. In case it gets damaged, fixing it can turn out to be a costly affair.

What you can do is use cling wraps or plastic covers to cover your car’s interiors, including its seats, dashboard, steering wheel, doorknobs, gear knob, headrests, and backrests. You can also use old clothes, bedsheets, towels, or curtains to cover the interiors of your car.

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4. Keep your car’s windows closed at all times

Keeping your car’s windows closed during these times is another important step to protect its interiors. This will prevent colour powder or water colours from entering inside your car and spoiling its interiors. The upholstery of your car’s seat can easily absorb coloured water and get stained.

This will also keep your car’s interiors protected from dust stains. Moreover, by keeping your car’s windows closed while sitting inside, you can shut the outside noise and temperature, and enjoy a cool and relaxed atmosphere inside the car.

5. Change your clothes before getting into your car after the celebrations

After the celebrations are over and you’re done playing Holi with your mates, you will need to get back home. However, remember to change your coloured or wet clothes before getting inside your car. Do not get into the car wearing dirty or drenched clothes as they can soil your car’s interiors.

Therefore, do not forget to carry a clean set of clothes with you when you set out to play Holi with your friends and/or family members. If you need to take some guests with you, ask them to carry a clean set of clothes as well so that they can change after the celebrations get over.

6. Use a cab if possible

The best possible way to shield your car from Holi colours is not to use it at all during this time. If you do not take your car out, the possibility of it getting stained or damaged will nullify. If you need to go out, you can take a taxi or hire a cab by simply booking it via your smartphone.

If you have a large group to play Holi, you can even hire a bus or a 15-seater Traveller to commute. This will also provide a chance to enjoy the trip with your entire group.

To conclude

These simple tips should come in handy to ensure proper protection of your car during Holi celebrations. Also, you must make sure to pick a comprehensive car insurance policy for your car so that you don’t have to pay out of your pocket in case your car gets damaged during the celebrations. Buy ICICI Lombard’s motor insurance policy today.

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