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What Is CPA Cover In Car Insurance?

The CPA cover in car insurance is mandatory for comprehensive policies as well as for new vehicles purchased after September 1, 2018.

  • 04 Apr 2023
  • 1 min read

CPA (Compulsory Personal Accident) coverage in India is mandatory for all motor insurance policies, including third-party and comprehensive insurance. This ensures that you drive following the rules and regulations. This coverage provides insurance against death or disability resulting from an accident, with personal accident coverage. The policy payout percentage varies based on the type of injury sustained. Personal accident coverage can protect individuals from costly medical bills and vehicle repairs.

If you purchase a comprehensive car insurance policy, your vehicle gets protection from various risk factors, including third-party liability. The CPA cover in car insurance is mandatory for comprehensive policies as well as for new vehicles purchased after September 1, 2018. It is important to note that you must pay the premium for CPA for the first three years. The comprehensive insurance policy provides protection from theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Add-on covers can be purchased as needed. You can customise your policy to meet your individual needs.

All insurance companies are required to offer CPA to all policyholders. Both third-party and comprehensive policyholders must have at least Rs 15 lakh of coverage. You can pay a higher premium to enhance your scope of coverage. Many insurance companies provide various options to meet your specific needs.  

Benefits of a Compulsory Personal Accident Policy Cover

  • The process of purchasing personal accident insurance is straightforward, with minimal documentation and no medical tests required.
  • Accident insurance is essential in preparing for unexpected situations resulting in disability.
  • Accident coverage compensates the policyholder's family, enabling them to maintain their lifestyle and pay off liabilities after the insured person's demise. Knowing that your family will be financially secure even in your absence provides peace of mind.
  • Personal accident policies offer worldwide coverage with no geographical limitations to compensation. Claim processes are simple, and ambulance expenses are usually covered.


Before purchasing a car insurance policy, reviewing and understanding its terms and conditions, inclusions, and exclusions is crucial. Policyholders can ensure appropriate coverage to protect themselves and their families by doing so.

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