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Beat The Heat With These Car Maintenance Tips For Summer

Ensure your car’s safety and a fruitful drive with these car maintenance tips to protect it against scorching summer heat

  • 05 Mar 2018
  • 3 min read

With a few precautionary measures, you can increase the efficiency of your car and avoid any breakdown this summer

The summer season is coming and car enthusiasts and holiday goers alike are looking for ways to beat the heat. A long drive in your car is preferred by many as it gives you a sense of freedom and helps you escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

However, extreme heat and dusty roads can be tough on your car and it poses some challenge to smooth functioning of the car as well. So, before hitting the roads this summer, take some precautions so that your car is safe and it does not break down in the middle of this sultry season.


Change Engine Fluids And Oil Filters

The engine fluids keeps your engine lubricated, which reduces friction and heat build-up under the hood. It can often get overheated during the summer season resulting in breakdowns. The engine oil, coolant fluids and oil filter need to regularly replaced to keep the car engine healthy and efficient.


Check And Monitor Tyre Pressure

It’s imperative to keep your car tyres properly inflated with optimum tyre pressure. Under-inflated tyres can be a recipe for disaster as it can create more friction with the road and generate heat in addition to the soaring temperature.


Get a Radiator Check-Up

Get your car radiator checked and make sure it is adequately filled with coolant in right concentration. The radiator helps in maintaining the engine temperature and any leakage or damage to it may result in overheating of the car.

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Test Your Battery

Hot weather can strain the battery of your car. Excessive loss of battery fluids during summer may result in oxidation of battery components. Do test your battery regularly to avoid battery failure that may leave you stranded by the roadside.


Optimize Your Car AC

The air conditioning system of your car is put to stern test during summer. Make sure the car air conditioning is working perfectly with proficient cooling. If it doesn’t seem to do the job, check for the leakage or refrigerant level. Use ‘recirculate’ function to keep it more efficient in humid conditions.


Apart from the aforementioned tips for the safety and maintenance of your car during this summer season, try to find a place under the shade to park your car, which can save it from being baked under the scorching sun. It’s also prudent to secure your car with a car insurance policy against damages and breakdowns to ensure a comfortable and stress-free drive.

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