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Does Car Insurance Cover Damage to Tyres?

In India, standard car insurance policies typically do not cover tyre wear and tear. However, some comprehensive policies or add-ons may offer coverage for tyre damage from accidents or road hazards.

  • 07 Mar 2024
  • 2 min read

Car insurance is a must-have policy for protecting your vehicle. But in the event of damages sustained, there is often confusion: Does car insurance cover tyre damages? It's important to understand what your policy includes when it comes to tyres as it can vary depending on the type of policy and the specific circumstances. 

So, let us find out the answer to queries including: “Is tyre damage covered under insurance?” and “Is car tyre covered in insurance?

Does Car Insurance Include Tyre Damage?

In India, standard car insurance policies typically do not cover the wear and tear of tyres. The policies mainly focus on damages caused by accidents, theft, fire, natural disasters, or other perils specifically mentioned in the policy.

Comprehensive Insurance Policies or Add-on Coverages: Some comprehensive insurance policies or add-on covers may offer coverage for tyre damage in situations such as accidents or punctures from road hazards. To know the extent of coverage for tyre damage and any exclusions or conditions that may apply, you must review your insurance policy properly or consult your insurance provider.


Optional Tyre and Rim Coverage: It's worth noting that standard policies usually don't cover the replacement or repair of car tyres unless the damage occurs under a covered incident. Some insurance companies may offer an option for coverage that specifically protects against damage to tyres and rims caused by covered incidents.


Manufacturer’s Warranty: Regarding wear and tear, auto insurance typically doesn't cover any resulting damages. Manufacturers' warranties, though, might provide coverage for defects, wear, road hazards, and other types of damages. 

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Policyholders must understand the terms and conditions of their four-wheeler insurance online policies. By reviewing the policy document and discussing coverage options with their insurance provider, they can gain clarity on whether tyre-related issues are covered and under what circumstances.

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