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What are Follow Me Home Headlamps?

Follow-me-home headlamps, a safety feature in modern cars, keep headlights on after ignition is off. Discover their significance in enhancing visibility and safety, especially for women drivers.

  • 25 Jan 2024
  • 2 min read

Global automakers always create cutting-edge technology to improve driving dynamics and increase driver safety. These days, cars have many fantastic features installed to enhance the driving experience. An automobile's headlights are among its best features. While various headlight configurations have been used in automobiles, let us learn in this article what are follow me home headlamps and how they have become so popular.

Follow Me Home Headlamps Meaning

 When you turn off your car's ignition or use a key to unlock your vehicle, your car's headlights stay on thanks to the follow-me-home feature. The follow-me-home headlights were turned on for ten to fifteen seconds to give you the extra light you needed to see your way.

Cars now come equipped with these headlamps due to safety regulations. These headlamps, often known as "guide me headlamps," are now required for two- and four-wheelers.

This incredible ability saves the day in many instances, such as averting accidents in parking lots caused by mud, potholes, etc. However, you can activate this useful option based on your automobile's manufacturer, as every car is built differently.

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Follow-me headlights, as are the headlamps, are one of the most significant safety elements of contemporary automobiles. It guarantees one's safety even after stepping outside the vehicle. Nowadays, almost all automobiles come equipped with this option. However, if you intend to purchase a car, make sure the dealer knows if the feature is available. Women drivers benefit most from it since it makes it easier to get off and get home securely.

Remember to insure the vehicle with a car insurance plan if you want a car with follow-me-home headlights. This will help you mitigate the financial burden of any mishap in or with the vehicle. 

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