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What Are Run Flat Tyres?

Unravel the mystery of run-flat tyres, their meaning, identification methods, and when to replace them. Explore top brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, and Goodyear.

  • 30 Jan 2024
  • 2 min read

Do you know anything about run-flat tyres? Are you aware of the process to identify them? Do you know if your car has these installed? There is a lot of technical jargon around tyres, which can confuse laypeople who lack knowledge about automobiles and their functioning. Running flat tyres is one example of this. Nobody in the industry defines them, even if you have heard of them being discussed or seen them mentioned online.

So, what are run-flat tyres? Let’s read on to understand this jargon and how and when to replace your run-flat tyres after identifying them.

Run Flat Tyres Meaning

  • Contrary to regular tyres, run-flat tyres enable you to stay on the road in case of a puncture and prevent potentially hazardous accidents.
  • Run-flat tyres allow you to continue travelling at 80 kilometres per hour despite a puncture. Their strengthened, self-supporting sidewalls are the elements that keep your car stable and roadworthy even at speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour. So, even when tyre air pressure drops, run-flat tyres enable you to drive on till you come across a tyre care facility.
  • Most modern vehicles have original equipment (OE) run-flat tyres to enhance their safety features.

The sidewall marks indicate the type of tyres intended to run flat. Every major tyre manufacturer that has developed and enhanced run-flat technology has a unique code designating their brand of run-flat tyre.

Here is a list of a few run-flat tyre manufacturers and their brands:


  • Zinc Zero Pressure by Michelin
  • Bridgestone Run-flat RFT tyres
  • Continental Self-Sustained Run Flat SSR
  • Dunlop DSST Independent of Others tyres
  • EMT Extended Mobility Tyre from Goodyear

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Hence, we now know what are run-flat tyres and that, compared to regular tyres, they are costlier. Nevertheless, considering the extra leverage they provide you to reach a location where you can replace your tyres safely, the additional cost is a wise investment. One way to mitigate this extra financial burden is to purchase automobile insurance beforehand.

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