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How to Sustain On a No Sugar Diet Plan for Amazing Health Benefits

From pasta sauce and low-fat yoghurt to protein bars and cereal, it is hard to escape the high sugar content in your everyday meals.

  • 09 Oct 2018
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Master a no sugar diet plan for better skin and metabolism

From pasta sauce and low-fat yoghurt to protein bars and cereal, it is hard to escape the high sugar content in your everyday meals. Not only does it lead to cardiovascular diseases but also affects your daily energy levels. With many sensing the harmful effects of sugar in our foods, no sugar diets have gained popularity.

People are slowly catching on that the real insurance against health troubles is consumption of foods with natural sugar rather than artificial sugar. Listed below are some tips on how you can keep sugar at bay.

Go Slow

While going all-in for a no sugar diet may work for some people, it might not work for you. Instead slowly eliminate sugary foods from your daily diet. This will allow you to reach your no-sugar diet goal without creating a craving for sugar.

Read Content Labels

Often products will advertise ‘low-fat’ items which seem like a good fit, but they can be loaded with artificial sugar. Therefore, we suggest reading the product labels before buying to find out the actual contents, so as to adhere to a no sugar diet.

Steer Clear of Simple Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are easy to break down in your body, releasing sugar directly into the bloodstream that cause a spike. This can create a ‘craving’ in your body for sugar. This is why, experts suggest keeping foods with simple carbs or artificial sugar out of your no sugar diet plan.

Sweetened Drinks

Replace your daily can of diet coke with herbal tea, coconut water or a glass of water. This will reduce the intake of sugar into your system and leave you feeling fresh and full of vigour.

Meal Prep

Hunger strikes at odd times makes us more susceptible to selecting unhealthy options at lunch. Therefore, the best defence against artificial sugar in foods is by preparing your meals in advance. Save big bucks on your no sugar diet by planning what you eat in advance.

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Benefits of No Sugar

While kicking sugar is a tough habit to break, once you do succeed, you have the following benefits to look forward to:

  • Increased levels of energy

    Numerous studies have found eating healthier meals, which include whole foods, supplies you with a steady stream of energy as compared to the ‘sugar spike’. Multiple studies have shown that artificial sugars can make us sluggish and sleepy. A no sugar diet will also reduce your chances of having increased cravings.

  • Reduce Weight

It’s no secret that artificial sugar has been regarded as the major culprit behind weight gain. Food items such as soft drinks, juices and tea decrease the activity of orexin cells. Since these cells are responsible for our metabolism, coming on a no sugar diet helps boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.

With multiple advantages on its side, you now understand the benefits to jumping on the no sugar bandwagon. While these tips can help secure your health, health insurance plans can help provide a sense of comfort to you and your loved ones. It covers medical costs in case of any medical problems and also, offers allied perks which include health check-ups and tax benefits.

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