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Healthy Alternatives to Your Favourite Junk Food

March 09 2018
Healthy Alternatives to Your Favourite Junk Food

You can get rid of junk food and satisfy your taste buds with healthy alternatives rich in proteins and vitamins

Sticking to a healthy diet can be difficult especially with the aromatic and mouth-watering sight of junk food at every corner. Pizzas, burgers, candies and ice-creams never cease to tempt us, but in reality, these unhealthy foods, with no nutritional value can damage our body and mind to an irreparable extent.

However, getting rid of such cravings can be a difficult task. The best way to avoid the intake of junk food is to replace them with healthier alternatives. While completely avoiding junk food can seem difficult, you can satisfy your cravings by having these healthy substitutes of your favourite junk food.

Try Roasted Sweet Potatoes Instead of French Fries

Instead of fried potatoes wedges or ‘French Fries’, try ‘Roasted Sweet Potatoes’ which are excellent anti-oxidants. Just brush them in olive oil or coconut oil to give that crunchy, crispy texture and add a pinch of salt and pepper to satisfy your taste buds.

Use Kale Chips in Place of Potato Chips

A typical bag of potato chips contains much fat and calories, never a great addition to your healthy diet. Instead of these ultra-fatty potato chips, you can use fresh kale and other vegetables to prepare healthier kale or vegetable chips.

Chew Frozen Dry Fruits Instead of Candies

Apart from providing sweetness and little satisfaction, a candy does no good to your body. Eating candies can increase the risk of diabetes and obesity. Try frozen dried fruits like apricot, raisins, dates etc. instead, which can satisfy your cravings for sweetness with natural sugars.

Replace Ice-Cream with Yogurt

Ice-cream tastes amazing and it looks smooth and creamy. But it is full of calories and fats. Switch to frozen organic yogurt instead of your favourite ice-creams. You can make a delicious banana or mango pudding with frozen yogurt which is rich in calcium and it also improves the digestive system.

Drink Lime Water and Fresh Fruit Juice Instead of Soft Drinks

Soft drinks and soda do no good to your body, apart from increasing the risk of obesity and diabetes. The best bet to replace a glass of soda or a can of soft drink and still retain that kick in summers is freshly prepared glass of chilled lime water and fresh fruit juice. They are rich in vitamins and citrus acid which improves the digestive system.

While, sometimes you may be left with no choice but to eat fast food, you can add a lot of vegetables in it to retain the healthy quotient. One of the best way to stay protected against the harmful maladies of junk food is to arm yourself with a health insurance plan that provides you financial security against medical expenses and ensures the best treatment.

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