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Why Do I Need Travel Insurance For Europe?

Uncover the necessity of travel insurance for your European adventures, discovering the invaluable protection it offers and why it's a travel essential.

  • 20 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Europe is an amazing tourist destination, and one that is on many people’s travel list. If you’re one of them, you may be wondering, “Is travel insurance necessary for Europe?  In this article, we will provide a detailed answer to your query.


Reasons to buy travel insurance for Europe

If you've ever wondered “Why do I need travel insurance in Europe”, we’ve listed some  reasons below:

  • Travel insurance is mandatory for Europe visa. Without sufficient insurance coverage, your visa won't be processed.
  • Falling ill is one thing, but facing a medical crisis while on a flight or in a foreign country is an entirely different situation. Seeking medical treatment in another country can result in many financial expenses. Moreover, the costs can rise further if medical evacuation is required. With an overseas travel insurance policy offering medical and hospitalisation coverage, you will be able to get help easily, if needed.
  • Flight changes or cancellations for various reasons like medical emergencies, bad weather, or strikes can disrupt even the most perfect travel plans. With travel insurance, you could avoid paying flight cancellation fees or other associated charges. With travel insurance, these expenses are effectively taken care of.
  • Belongings getting lost or stolen while travelling is pretty common. Whether it's luggage lost due to an airline's mishandling or the theft of crucial items like credit cards or passports, the right travel insurance policy covers these incidents.
  • While you might be able to handle certain costs during individual travels, family trips naturally require more support. The good news is that family travel insurance options cover the entire family, including two adults up to 60 years old and dependent children up to 21 years old.
  • A travel insurance plan can also be helpful if you're held responsible for injuries or property damage suffered by someone else during your trip. Instead of being solely affected by an accident, you might find yourself at fault or confronted with situations where your child damages someone else's property. Travel insurance anticipates and covers such unforeseen scenarios.
  • Certain travel insurance policies extend their coverage to your residence while you're abroad. Protection against expenses arising from burglary or fire usually falls within the scope of these plans. Some policies might even provide options for automotive assistance, medical concierge services, lifestyle support, and other value-added perks.

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We hope this article has answered your question “Why do I need travel insurance for Europe?” It’s important to be armed with the right travel insurance policy, to embark on your Europe journey with peace of mind, knowing that unexpected situations won't catch you off-guard. The policy can also reimburse you for extended stays at your travel destination due to health issues until you're fit to travel again. In essence, travel insurance is a necessity not only for enthusiastic travellers looking to safeguard their journeys but also for occasional travellers.

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