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ICICI Lombard is proud to present the latest, updated version of our Insure app. This version has been improved keeping in mind the feedback that we have received from our esteemed customers.

  • 01 Aug 2018
  • min read

ICICI Lombard is proud to present the latest, updated version of our Insure app. This version has been improved keeping in mind the feedback that we have received from our esteemed customers. All the reviews and comments that are left on our various communication platforms have been taken into consideration while revamping the app.

Most of the negative feedback that we received was around storage space, accessibility, interface and the ease of use. All of these aspects have been addressed in the latest variant. For example, the previous version was considered as putting a heavy burden on user’s precious storage space. We have gone ahead and made the app lighter than ever before, now requiring just 6 MB of space on your phone.

Accessibility and navigation, which were considered as pain points before are bettered, now offering an enhanced interface that is lucid, streamlined and simple with more information packed on a single page. Talking about information, we have made the app even more comprehensive by adding offline policy details, in addition to the online policy details already present. Simplicity is taken up a notch as well. Buying and renewing policies are far easier, thanks to the reduced number of steps required to complete the process.

Be it car, bike, travel, or health insurance – everything can be taken care of from your smartphone. Need to buy or renew a policy? Want to raise a claim? Track status of claim or locate cashless garages or hospitals? All of this, and more, can be done on the go. There are many features in our new and improved Insure app that make it a must-have on your phone. Here are a few of them.

Packed to the Brim

The Insure app not only provides a wealth of information about your policy, but also allows you to perform tasks that would otherwise prove time-consuming and laborious. We have taken great care to ensure that all your online insurance requirements are catered to, in the most engaging and lucid way possible.

There are some truly outstanding features that we have incorporated in the app, and we’ll talk about them later in detail; but for now, let us talk about what else is possible. For most of you, buying or even renewing the policy is a hassle. It’s something that you would not want to spend more time on than required. The app lets you buy and renew a policy online and immediately, without any paperwork!

Before purchasing a policy you would definitely be interested in the quote. There is a facility within the app, which lets you calculate your insurance premium and get instant quotes. Lodge a car insurance or bike insurance claim, purchase add-on covers for your policy and 24x7 roadside assistance are some of the other nifty features.

Rapid Claims Process

Anyone familiar with raising a claim for car or bike insurance knows what a lengthy and time-consuming process it can be. You have to call the insurer’s customer service, fill up the claim form, wait for the surveyor to assess the damage and then take the car to the garage. It all sounds like an ordeal, but, not anymore!

ICICI Lombard’s Insure app comes with the InstaSpect feature, which makes filing a car or bike insurance claim an instantaneous and easy task. The app has live video inspection functionality that is employed for claim assessment. With this, a live video inspection can be scheduled with a claim manager, who will assess the damage and convey the extent of liability. Once the insured agrees to what is offered, the vehicle damage repair process will be initiated. As simple as that.

Mobile Self-Inspection

In line with our vision of enhancing customer satisfaction, we have brought in the mobile self-inspection feature for renewal of your motor insurance policy. Renewal of the insurance cover is critical to availing the benefits of the policy. However, due to hectic schedules, most of our customers simply forget or delay their insurance renewals. What adds to the frustration is the tedious process of renewing the policy.

Insure app provides the user with a smooth and convenient way of renewing their motor insurance policy. All the user has to do is upload a video of the vehicle taken from their phone by following a few simple guidelines through the app. This step takes care of the mandatory inspection required for renewals and also reduces the time taken for the entire process to be completed from 2-3 days to just a few hours. Cool, don’t you think?

Harnessing the Power of Telematics

IL Assist is another unique feature that is present in the Insure app. This feature relies on technology and provides the latest in vehicle tracking and monitoring. It makes use of telematics and provides 24x7 roadside support for your vehicle. Apart from that, it also gives you critical updates on the health of your car, as well as alerts on geo-fence violations and over speeding.

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Thanks to telematics technology, your driving behaviour is also monitored and inputs are given, ultimately helping you become a better driver. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

All of this and more can be found in our Insure App, and we are confident that you’ll find the application useful, convenient and easy-to-use. We’ve worked very hard on the makeover and have smoothened all the rough edges in this new version. Having said that, we are always looking for ways to get better and would love to hear suggestions and feedback from our customers. If you have anything to say, we urge you to drop a mail to us at

Here are some of the comments from our users

I had purchased a travel insurance policy from ICICI Lombard. There were some problems while buying the same. I quickly called up their call centre and they helped me with the next steps. It was a flawless journey. I recommend everyone to buy travel insurance policy from ICICI Lombard.
- Poornima Venugopalan

One stop shop for all my insurance needs. Buying insurance was never this quick. The app has great user experience. The app loads fast, which makes buying insurance policies easy
- Aishwarya Poojary

Insure app has an amazing feature of Mobile Inspection. I was planning to buy a car insurance policy but as I am a working individual, I didn’t have time to personally visit their service centre for my car inspection. I downloaded the insure app and it had an amazing feature of mobile inspection which let me upload the video of my car on the spot and quickly purchase the policy. Great app! Must download!
- Sayali Satam

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