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Best Places to Enjoy the Nightlife in Baku

Embark on a journey through the vibrant nightlife of Baku, Azerbaijan's dynamic capital, as we unveil the top destinations to enjoy evenings filled with excitement.

  • 25 Oct 2023
  • 3 min read

While Baku’s everyday life is stunning, the city’s nightlife draws you in the most. Although the city lifestyle tends to be more conservative, touring this wonderful city at night may provide many pleasant surprises.

Baku begins to become a majestic and gorgeous-looking city once the sun sets, with much more to see during these hours.

From shopping to eating delicious cuisine in traditional restaurants to spending the night in pubs, Baku Nightlife has something for everyone.


Top places to enjoy Baku nightlife

In Azerbaijan’s main city, you’ll never be short of a pleasant place to spend your evening and night hours. Let’s look at some of the most exciting venues and activities to spend a memorable night in Baku.

  1. Aroma Café
  2. Finnegan’s
  3. Capitol Night Club
  4. Camel Pub and Cafe
  5. Beer Office Cafe Pub


1.     Aroma Café

Aroma Café serves classic and innovative cuisine from around the world. The café is open until midnight, making it an excellent choice for a late-night meal. It is ideal for travellers, owing to the English-speaking and delightful staff.

The restaurant’s interior decor is stunning, with beautiful armchairs and comfortable couches. You may also use the free Wi-Fi. Moaziz, a local restaurant, allows savouring good meals while listening to folk and pop music.


2.     Finnegan’s

Baku has an abundance of high-quality bars. Fountain Square is particularly well-served by some of the city’s most fantastic bars. Finnegan’s is the most popular of these bars and serves delicious beverages to customers of all ages.

The neighbouring Phoenix Bar has a lovely interior and attracts a large crowd during the evening and night hours. These pubs not only provide your favourite beverages, but they also provide all of these services at a fair price.

When seeing the city’s stunning landscape at night, ISR Plaza is your best choice. Consider enjoying your favourite drink while admiring the city at night.


3.     Capitol Night Club

If you want to enjoy a Western flavour, Capitol Night Club should be at the top of your list. This club not only offers local music but also plays equally good international music. It boasts a diverse crowd all night, a rare sight in the city club scene. The show is at its peak around 1 a.m.

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4.     Camel Pub and Cafe

The pub is in the well-known Nasimi Baku neighbourhood of 191 Bashir Safaroglu Street.

Their inexpensive yet good drinks are the key reasons why many people flock to this establishment. It can be challenging to get a seat at times, so be prepared for some waiting.

The pub’s architecture is distinctive; it resembles a large cylindrical container. Aside from giving some inexpensive drinks, they also routinely provide drink promotions of shots.

The hours are pretty flexible because they are open and filled throughout the day and remain operational until late at night.


5.     Beer Office Cafe Pub

Beer Office Cafe Pub, located in Nasimi Baku, 1005, a well-known city area, provides the finishing touch to a fantastic night.

Their drink menu is rather impressive and lavish. They not only have an extensive assortment of alcoholic beverages but also of non-alcoholic concoctions.

The pub’s atmosphere is suitable for a few hours of relaxation and chat with new acquaintances. It is generally crowded on weekends, so come here between Monday and Thursday if you don’t like crowds.

Another distinguishing quality of this institution is its vibrant atmosphere and competitively priced beverages. The place remains open till late in the evening.



The Museum Centre, Azerbaijan State Carpet Museum, Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, and Azerbaijan Museum of Geology are among Baku’s most prominent museums. Baku Boulevard, which runs along the Caspian Sea, is the best place to take in the city’s breath-taking night vistas. This neighbourhood is home to several eateries, shopping complexes, and tea shops. Nightlife enthusiasts will not be disappointed if they visit this city. Also, while you are at it, remember to get travel insurance to have a safe trip.

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