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Cashless International Travel Insurance

This article highlights the importance of travel insurance, its coverage, and the advantages of cashless settlement.

  • 26 Jun 2023
  • min read

Cashless international travel insurance is a convenient and efficient method of claim settlement. The insurance company directly pays for the costs incurred in the event of an insurable loss, eliminating the need for upfront payment and reimbursement.

This article highlights the importance of travel insurance, its coverage, and the advantages of cashless settlement. It also explains the step-by-step procedure for cashless treatment during overseas travel, ensuring individuals receive the necessary support and medical care when needed.

Cashless Abroad Travel Insurance

Cashless international travel insurance is generally a comprehensive policy offering coverage for various financial and medical emergencies one may face while travelling overseas. It generally provides a wide range of benefits, such as compensation for the loss of checked-in baggage or its delay, reimbursement for the loss of essential documents like your Passport, and coverage for personal accidents and unexpected financial emergencies.

Insurers offer unique facilities like personal liability and accident coverage and financial assistance in case of distress related to hijacking.

There are several reasons why purchasing travel insurance before travelling abroad is essential.

Firstly, there is a possibility of falling ill or getting injured during the trip due to factors such as jet lag, climate change, unfamiliar cuisines, or accidents.

Secondly, there may be instances where you might have to cancel or change your travel plans due to unforeseen circumstances like personal illness, family emergencies, or natural disasters.


Thirdly, travel plans can sometimes fall apart for various reasons, like flight cancellations, delays, or other unexpected events.


Moreover, travel insurance covers baggage loss, delay, or theft, ensuring you receive reimbursement for essential items and assistance in recovering misplaced bags.

Overseas Travel Insurance Cashless Treatment Procedure

By following this process, individuals can access necessary support and medical treatment during their time of need.

- The cashless international travel insurance claim process begins with an insured individual’s admission to the hospital for accident, injury or sickness.

- The insured’s family member informs the insurance provider. When notifying the insurance provider, the insured should provide the policy certificate number, location, and treatment details.

- The insurance provider contacts the hospital to gather case information, including pre-existing medical conditions.

- The insurance provider verifies coverage and sum insured limits with the insurance company.

- After necessary checks and approvals, the insurer provides the hospital with a Guarantee of Payment (GOP).

- The hospital initiates the required treatment with the GOP.

- After treatment completion, the hospital claims reimbursement for expenses incurred against the GOP from the insurer.


  • Routine illnesses may be referred to a nearby General Practitioner (GP). In case of language challenges, one can contact a doctor who can communicate in the preferred language of the insured person or his/her family members.
  • Severe conditions requiring specialised treatment may lead to a referral to the nearest multi-speciality hospital.
  • The insurance provider informs the medical facility in advance of the insured’s arrival for better-quality treatment.

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