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Does Travel Insurance Cover Visa Delays?

Explore whether travel insurance provides coverage for visa delays, helping you understand the considerations to ensure a worry-free journey.

  • 26 Jul 2023
  • 2 min read

Visa delays can put a stop to your travel. The delay in visa can occur due to various reasons. It may cause you to cancel your trip. When planning to travel to another country, we recommend getting travel insurance. Most people often get confused while choosing an insurance plan for travel. However, if you are confused about whether it covers visa delays, we can tell you what to do about it. We can help you find the right policy for your next trip here.

A travel insurance workaround to the visa problem

If you are wondering, does travel insurance cover visa delay? Let us tell you that you can get inclusion with your policy for additional coverage. The inclusion called “cancel for any reason” coverage can save your day. While travel insurance typically does not provide coverage for visa denials or refusals, this coverage allows travellers to cancel their trip and receive a refund even if they are unable to obtain a visa.

You must also note that this type of coverage requires travellers to cancel their trip before departure, usually at least two days before the scheduled departure date. The specific rules and conditions may vary depending on the insurance plan, so you should carefully read and understand the policy details.

By purchasing travel insurance soon after making the initial trip purchase, travellers may be able to obtain “cancel for any reason” coverage at no additional cost. This coverage provides flexibility and peace of mind, allowing travellers to recoup their expenses if they cannot travel due to visa-related issues.


You should carefully review the policy documents to ensure what is covered and what is not. Visa problems can result in the cancellation of your trip. Now you know that travel insurance cannot directly assist with visa problems. You will need a “cancel for any reason” coverage that serves as a valuable workaround. It provides reimbursement in case travellers cannot enter their desired destination due to visa-related complications.

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