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Avail cashless hospitalisation worldwide

No matter where you are, stay assured of quality healthcare. Avail travel insurance plans that offer cashless hospitalisation facilities across the globe, so you can be at peace when you travel.

7 reasons to buy ICICI Lombard Single Trip Travel Insurance

  • member

    Experience more coverage without travel worries


    Secure your travel with an insurance plan that offers you a sum insured of up to $ 500,000

  • member

    Get pre-approved cover when you travel to Schengen countries


    We offer approved travel insurance plans that are tailor-made to suit Schengen visa requirements

  • member

    If you face a medical emergency abroad, get immediate help with our cashless facility


    Your travel insurance plan lets you avail cashless hospitalisation facilities worldwide

  • member

    Explore Asia with an affordable cover


    Our $ 25,000 travel insurance plan secures you against lost documents, travel delays, extensions and accidents

  • member

    If you lose luggage, we will compensate the loss


    We offer coverage for total loss of checked-in baggage including handbag

  • member

    Take care of your loved ones, even when you are miles away


    Get value added services like medical concierge, automotive and lifestyle assistance

  • member

    Access high-quality medical care when you need it


    Benefit from our tie-up with United Health International (UHI), one of the largest and most diverse healthcare companies in the United States

Tips for Buying a Travel Insurance Plan

Tips for buying Travel Insurance Plan

Read Article
Loss of baggage and passport

International Travel Insurance Loss of Baggage & Passport

ftrip img

Going On A Foreign Trip? Are You Protected?

Take a look at top travel motives, destinations, travel insurance coverage and claims.

See More
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Understand your Single Trip travel insurance policy coverage

Your policy covers:

  • Total loss of checked-in baggage including handbag
  • Personal accident
Sr No Benefits Coverage Amount 3 months - 70 years
Platinum Plan Gold Plan
1 Medical Cover (includes medical evacuation cost) ** US$ 50,000,
US$ 100,000,
US$ 250,000,
US$ 500,000
2 Repatriation of Remains (included in medical Sum Insured) US$ 7,500
3 Daily Allowance In Case of Hospitalisation (franchise of 2 days) Up to US$ 50 per day for maximum of 5 days -
4 Dental Treatment## US$ 300
5 Total Loss of Checked-in Baggage US$ 500
6 Delay of Checked-in Baggage*** US$ 100
7 Loss of Passport### US$ 300
8 Personal Liability^ US$ 1,00,000
9 Personal Accident US$ 15,000
10 Hijack Distress Allowance $$ US$ 125 per day for max. 7 days
11 Emergency Cash Advance US$ 1,000
12 Trip Cancellation and Interruption US$ 500
13 Missed Flight Connection+ US$ 500
14 Trip Delays*** US$ 500
15 Political Risk and Catastrophe Evacuation US$ 7,500
16 Accidental Death (Common Carrier) US$ 5,000
17 Fire Cover for Building `20,00,000 -
18 Fire Cover for Home Content `10,00,000 -
19 Burglary Cover for Home Content `1,00,000 -
20 Bounced Booking - Hotel / Airline++ US$ 2,000 -
21 Compassionate Visit US$ 7,500 -
22 Emergency Hotel Extension++ US$ 5,000 -
23 Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects## US$ 2,000 -
24 Return of Minor Child(ren) Travel cost at actual not exceeding US$ 7,500 -
Value Added Services -

** Deductible of US$ 100 (Total amount applicable for Medical Expenses along with the applicable extension under Medical Expenses)

## Deductible of US$ 100

*** Delay of more than 6 Hours

### Deductible of US$ 50

^ 5 % of the actual

$$ Hijack for more than 12 hours

+ Delay of more than 3 Hours

++ Deductible of US$ 250


No sublimits plans are available for Schengen countries

Sublimit A: For policies with medical expenses sum insured over US$ 100,000, the limit of liability of the company will be restricted to US$ 100,000 per sickness, disease or accident sustained or contracted within the period of insurance whilst on the trip abroad, that may lead to one or more medical expenses and/or hospitalisation expenses. (This is not applicable for Platinum Plan).

Sublimit B
: Applicable for all plans except for Schengen countries, for persons aged 51 years and above.

To know more about EMI options, click here.

Refer to the Policy Wordings document to understand exactly what all your policy covers, so you can benefit from it better.

Your policy does not cover:

  • Any claim due to or arising out of pre-existing medical condition/ailment whether declared or undeclared is not covered under the policy
  • Addiction to alcohol, drugs
  • Mental disorder, anxiety, depression
  • Venereal diseases
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, HIV
  • Radiation, nuclear weapons induced
  • Sporting activities
  • Expenses arising out of loss of valuables, money, securities and tickets
  • Naturopathy treatment, ayurvedic / homeopathic therapies
  • Treatment relating to removal of physical flaws - cosmetic or plastic surgery
  • Costs incurred relating to rest or recuperation at a spa or health resort

It’s always a good idea to be aware of what is excluded from your policy; so make sure you read the Policy Wordings.

Read More

Travel Insurance
International Travel Insurance
Misc 129

Explore our simple, hassle-free claims process

In case of an unforeseen medical or non-medical emergency while travelling, be assured of complete assistance from us. We will do whatever is required to get you safe, comfortable and back on your feet as soon as possible.

All you need to do is reach out. Use any of the following ways to get in touch, and leave the rest to us.

In USA and Canada: +1 844 871 1200 (Toll Free)

From the rest of the world: + 91 124 4498778 (Call back facility)

In India: 1800 102 5721 (Toll Free & Accessible in India only)

Fax: +91 124 4006674

Email: icicilombard@falck.com

Get answers to common queries about Single Trip travel insurance


Does this policy cover pre-existing diseases?

Any claim due to or arising out of pre-existing medical condition/ailment whether declared or undeclared is not covered under the policy.

Is there cover for pre-medical conditions like diabetes?

Any claim due to or arising out of pre-existing medical condition/ailment whether declared or undeclared is not covered under the policy.

Why do I need Travel Insurance?

Unfortunate events such as baggage loss, passport loss, a medical emergency or an accident can affect your travels, whether for business or leisure. International Travel Insurance protects you from such perils by ensuring that you are not left stranded in any kind of emergency.

What sum insured should I opt for while traveling to Schengen countries?

You should choose a plan with a minimum sum insured of USD 50,000.

Are there any sub-limits applicable for Schengen countries?

No, there are no sub-limits applicable for Schengen countries.

In case medical treatment is required, is there any need for pre-approval before hospitalization?

You will need to contact our ASP and they will arrange for cashless claims for the medical treatment.
quest img

Where can I find out more about the policy coverage?

Please refer to the policy wordings for complete coverage details.
quest img

Can more than one policy be issued for the same trip?

Each individual is to be insured by not more than one policy during their journey.
quest img

Are business travellers eligible to purchase a Travel Insurance policy?

Yes. Our travel insurance is designed for both leisure and business travellers. Business travellers who go abroad frequently can avail of multi-trip plans.
quest img

When does the cover begin and end?

You are covered from the start date of your trip or the policy start date. These will be confirmed on your policy schedule once the policy is purchased.
quest img

What are the modes of payment?

Now you can choose between 5 payment options to pay your premium online:
  • Credit Card – Make secure premium payments with your VISA, Master and AMEX card.
  • Net banking - Transfer premium amounts online through ICICI Bank and 9 other select Banks
  • Bill Pay – Use your ICICI Bank Internet Banking account to pay your insurance premium
  • Debit Card – Just enter your Citibank Debit Card details to pay your insurance premium directly
  • Cash Card - Use your Done Card to make payment online
  • Choose the product you plan to buy and log in to Buy Online
  • Fill in the transaction details
  • Choose from the 3, 6, 12 or 24 months options according to your convenience
  • Access your policy immediately online
quest img

What if I fail to produce the required documents?

There are some documents that are definitely needed, without which a claim will not be paid. We will try and assist you to find surrogate means to get the required proof.
quest img

Within how many days should the claim for insurance benefit be submitted?

Claims should be submitted in 30 days, i.e., within a month after the completion of treatment. In the event of death, they can be submitted after the repatriation of the person's remains/burial.
quest img

Will my charges be paid directly to the service provider or do I need to pay the bill first and then claim it from ICICI Lombard later?

For hospitalisation, Please call on +1 844 871 1200 (From USA/Canada), on +91 124 4498778( From Rest of the World) , which you would have to call up for the cashless claim, and for a physician visit, you will be getting reimbursement on his bills
quest img

What is the process if we need to claim later?

The forms are available on the website, and you will also receive the forms along with the policy, you can submit them with the relevant documents.
quest img

How long does it take to receive the policy papers once I purchase the policy online?

The hard copy of the policy will reach you within 7 working days. However, you can buy the policy online within 15 minutes and print the policy instantly. This works as a legally valid document, even at the time of claims, as all you need to have is your passport details and policy number.
quest img

What are the charges for policy cancellation?

The fee for policy cancellation is ` 300.
quest img

Will I get a refund if I cancel my policy?

The policy bought online will be cancelled and the amount will be refunded on a pro-rata basis provided no claims have been made subject to minimum 30 days left for the policy to expire.

Reviews and Ratings

352 reviews

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  1. R.K. Verma | Oct 12, 2017
    The advisor was an excellent person with deep knowledge of the subject. Helped and resolved all my issues. I am glad talking with her. Wish great success in her life.
  2. Ajit Amoria | Oct 12, 2017
    What started as a simple query on your website, turned into an actual policy purchase because of the expertise shown by your policy advisor. He helped me understand all policy details and also guided me through the online purchase process to complete the transaction. Thanks and best wishes for your future.
  3. Anuja Bhide | Oct 11, 2017
    It gives me great pleasure interacting with the policy advisor. He was friendly and had all the information ready without having to refer to his notes again and again by putting me on hold. I was delighted with the service. Wishing him all the best.
  4. Ashish Gaurav | Oct 10, 2017
    This is a note of appreciation for the policy advisor who assisted me with complete and detailed information for a Travel Insurance for France...he was good in knowledge, very polite and supportive ..we had around 40 minutes conversation and his assistance was much appreciated...To be very honest I am writing this review in person and not under any influence, because of his kind nature I have taken the policy from ICICI Lombard. Cheers Buddy keep the good work..God Bless.
  5. Poonam Mathur | Oct 10, 2017
    I took overseas medical insurance from ICICI Lombard for my mom and dad. The policy was advised and processed by a policy advisor and I am very satisfied and glad with her help and effort for giving me a good policy and the full procedure was carried out very professionally, politely and efficiently.
  6. Krishnaa Prakash | Oct 09, 2017
    I am more than happy to let you know that I was very impressed with the way your advisor talked and assisted me through the whole thing. He was very patient and sounded really pleasant too. He answered every query I had about the insurance and assisted me in every way possible.
  7. Swati Cowshish | Oct 09, 2017
    Spoke with a very pleasant and friendly policy advisor regarding travel insurance. He explained all the details and also helped me understand the online application process. Bought policy online while on the call itself. Thanks for your help.
  8. Nisha Cahudhary | Oct 08, 2017
    Really had a friendly experience with customer service advisor. He has been very patient and helpful and the whole online purchase process went so smooth and quickly. Thank you so much.
  9. H. Satish | Oct 07, 2017
    I would like to express my experience in interacting with a policy advisor. She is quite knowledgeable, has good manners, patient, courteous. It was a pleasure to interact with her. Thank you ICICI Lombard for setting such great examples of service and support.
  10. Devraj Singh Tomer | Oct 06, 2017
    Policy advisor had strong knowledge of various features and aspects of the policy. He explained properly and online assistance was good that helped me getting the required policy with ease.
  11. Nabajyoti Borah | Oct 05, 2017
    I faced a couple of issues during purchase of online travel policy so called up the support team. Got connected with probably one of your best people who not only explained me why I was facing the issues but also guided me through the entire process. Thanks and keep it up.
  12. Karthik Kannan | Oct 04, 2017
    The advisor had good communication skills and clear understanding of products and prompt customer handling. A big thanks to him for helping me purchase my travel insurance policy.
  13. Uttam Mohan Sirur | Oct 03, 2017
    I found your telephone helpline employee extremely helpful and polite during the process of booking my travel insurance. My best wishes to him.
  14. Amar Gomase | Oct 02, 2017
    Very nice service provided by your employee. He provided all the information I needed to make up my mind about buying the policy. I really appreciate his service. Thanks and all the best.
  15. Prapulla Chandra | Oct 02, 2017
    This feedback is especially for the customer service advisor who was been continuously working on my travel policy extension and following up with me religiously. Her knowledge about various aspects of the policy is just amazing. Thanks for the help and keep up the good work.
  16. Anil Menon | Oct 01, 2017
    I booked travel insurance for my parents through the customer service center and got in touch with a policy advisor. He was amazing, provided me with all the necessary information and also got back to me when I couldn't get hold of him the second time we talked. I would like to thank him for all his help and wish him the best in his career.
  17. Sanjay Arora | Sep 30, 2017
    The customer support executive was of great help putting this policy. He gave all the necessary information even after buying the same. I give him 10/10
  18. Athar Alam | Sep 29, 2017
    I got my travel insurance online in very convenient way with the help of policy advisor. It’s always pleasure to take insurance through ICICI Lombard. I will recommend all my relatives and friends to go through you only.
  19. Cijo Joy | Sep 28, 2017
    The advisor was extremely helpful. She went extra mile of staying back even after her shift and helping me with the travel insurance. Very much appreciate that. Good customer service and was very happy with the service provided by her. Will surely recommend the product to others as well. Please pass this information to her and her team. Good job folks and keep it up. Thanks
  20. Shirish Limaye | Sep 27, 2017
    The helpline executive was extremely friendly, polite, and explained all the policy details very well. I appreciate her patience and help. Thank you.
  21. Naveen N. | Sep 26, 2017
    The advisor provided an excellent service in getting my travel insurance. Thanks a ton to him for great service. Hope to see same level of support and expertise in the future too. Best wishes to you and ICICI Lombard.
  22. Nusrat Sayeed | Sep 26, 2017
    The advisor was good and a skilled person as well as had communication skill. Which enabled her to explain the policy such that customer would understand better. Thanks for helping me buy the policy online using the website.
  23. Dhanasekaran | Sep 25, 2017
    Hello! Hope this reviews finds you well. Support and call handling is extremely well. She has the "knowing" really required what to talk and what not to talk. Really catchy with the requirements. Needless to say she is a valuable asset to the company. I wish the representative all the best and to be successful for all endeavor. Cheers!
  24. Naveen Biradar | Sep 25, 2017
    My interaction with the advisor was great. She provided me with all the benefits of the plan. And helped me to select the platinum plan for the international travel. Thank you.
  25. Rahul Chandra | Sep 25, 2017
    The booking of my travel insurance was done smoothly and clarity regarding policy was there with the policy advisor. Thanks for booking policy for us.
  26. M. Jayachandran | Sep 24, 2017
    A very helpful guy from your customer service team helped me in closing the purchase of travel insurance policy. Thanks and best wishes for his future and to ICICI Lombard as well.
  27. Sharad Muktidoot | Sep 23, 2017
    We got our UK/Schengen and US travel insurance policies. We were handled by your agent in polite and efficient manner.
  28. Sharad Muktidoot | Sep 23, 2017
    We got our UK/Schengen and US travel policies online from the website. We were handled by the ICICI Lombard policy advisor in polite and efficient manner.
  29. Yatindra Kumar Gupta | Sep 22, 2017
    The advisor helped me through for getting our Travel Insurance over a phone call. He was very helpful and fully guided me and satisfied me with all my queries with lot of patience. We put our appreciation on record.
  30. Hima | Sep 21, 2017
    Your customer agent was very helpful and warm. Want to thank her for helping me to purchase my first travel insurance policy! Overall it was a good experience.
  31. Jeetu Dadlani | Sep 21, 2017
    Was facing some issue with my online policy purchase. Got in touch with your advisor and she helped through the entire process in a very short amount of time. Must say I am very impressed and this has to be one of the best customer service experience I have ever had.
  32. Susheelendra Upadhya | Sep 21, 2017
    I received great service from the advisor. There were lots of issues with the plans & payment (IT Issues) which she resolved quickly and helped me get travel insurance online for my wife. Thank you for your service and keep up your good work. Hope ICICI Lombard will recognise their advisor for being so good at work.
  33. Suresh L.N. | Sep 20, 2017
    The support given by your advisor was excellent. She was courteous, informative and cleared all my doubts in one go and without any hassles I could get my travel policy online in a few minutes of interaction. I place on record my sincere appreciation for the service rendered by ICICI Lombard.
  34. Amanjot Singh Sekhon | Sep 19, 2017
    The customer service advisor was a wonderful guy, explained all the travel insurance policy details perfectly. I was not confused at any part of the conversation. Thank you team ICICI Lombard.
  35. Suresh L.N. | Sep 19, 2017
    The support given by the customer service executive was excellent. She was courteous, informative and cleared all my doubts in one go and without any hassles I could get my policy online in a few minutes of interaction. I place on record my sincere appreciation for the service rendered by her.
  36. Prachi Sharma | Sep 18, 2017
    Your team has been extremely helpful while I was struggling. Your agent guided me through 2 policies for my mother and husband. I am very happy with his support. Thanks
  37. Prachi Sharma | Sep 18, 2017
    The support executive was extremely helpful. While I was struggling, he guided me through travel insurance policies for my mother and husband. I am very happy with his support. His customer centricity is to be rewarded.
  38. Spriha Jain | Sep 17, 2017
    The policy advisor was very helpful to say the least. He explained all the policy features, exclusions and was patient on the call while I took time to understand a few things and filled up the forms for booking the policy online! Thanks and keep it up.
  39. R. Bharath Kumar | Sep 17, 2017
    The advisor was very helpful in buying an overseas travel insurance policy for my wife. In fact, yesterday with her help I tried to buy the policy but due to certain technical issues it was not possible. She assured me that she will get back this morning and certainly she kept her promise. This morning with step by step help from her I could buy an online policy very easily. My best wishes to her.
  40. R. Bharath Kumar | Sep 16, 2017
    Your agent was very helpful in buying an overseas travel insurance policy for my wife. In fact, yesterday with her help I tried to buy the policy but due to certain technical issues it was not possible. She assured me that she will get back this morning and certainly she kept her promise. This morning with step by step help from her I could buy an online policy very easily. My best wishes to her. Thank you and God bless.
  41. Sneha Gawde | Sep 16, 2017
    I was looking for medical insurance for my mother as she's planning to visit me here in Japan. I was going through the details of ICICI Lombard where they asked me to fill in my email address and phone number. To my surprise I received a call from one of your policy advisors. It was a very prompt call and not expected, as a first-timer I had a lot of queries and questions, regarding how this insurance works and benefits etc. The advisor called and explained me everything in detail. He was very professional and seemed helpful while answering my queries. After I decided to make an insurance through ICICI Lombard he kept his patience and assisted me to go through the process online with me. While I was making the payment online, my payment was not getting accepted, he assisted me by doing the needful. He also relieved me by telling me that my card details will be only used for ICICI Lombard and the information shared are safe according to your company policy. He did not ask me any CVV number or pin number, which was a relief. He gave me a detailed explanation about the insurance and convinced me that ICICI Lombard is the best choice I can make through his explanation and never by force. Entire conversation with him was very pleasant and pleasing. Never for a second I thought that I am talking to an agent, it felt like I am talking to a friend or a person I know. I would like to say that he is definitely an asset to your company. I would like to thank him sincerely for his assistance.
  42. Saurabh Kale | Sep 16, 2017
    Received excellent information about various features and benefits of the multi trip travel insurance policy from your customer service advisor. Really helpful. Great work. Kudos!!
  43. Richard Machado | Sep 15, 2017
    I spoke to helpline executive and he helped me to get a travel insurance. It was a wonderful experience and all doubts have been cleared by him. Was very helpful and had lots of patience to answer my questions. Thank you
  44. Shanmugasundaram Vetrivel | Sep 15, 2017
    I was helped by your policy advisor for a travel insurance quote and buying it online. He was excellent in his service and to point and quickly helped to close the transaction in one session. Thanks, ICICI Lombard and keep up the service!
  45. Amod Gogate | Sep 14, 2017
    The advisor provided me good guidance on getting my international travel policy. With patience he understood my problem and helped me do the corrections in my online proposal through my account. His training has been very good and I wish him all the best in his career..
  46. Suhas Bhiwandkar | Sep 14, 2017
    Service & Support provided by the customer service advisor to execute our travel insurance policy was excellent. She was very helpful to provide detail. All the best for her future.
  47. Apurva Katti | Sep 13, 2017
    The website has made it really easy to get all the policy details at few clicks and complete the process online without having to go through any calls or visiting the branch. Just bought my travel insurance policy and would surely be coming back for more.
  48. Drpathak Sharad Balkrishna | Sep 13, 2017
    The executive helped me a lot to book a travel insurance policy. Being a senior citizen I needed all the help I could get to complete the online purchase. It is a good thing to get help from him. God bless him. Thanking You.
  49. Veera S Chenoy | Sep 12, 2017
    I tried to book my travel insurance online and could not succeed since I had given my cell no I got a phone call from your executive, who was most helpful and very patent with all our queries and because of her interest we booked our travel insurance policy with your company. I wish more companies would employ persons of that caliber I congratulate ICICI Lombard for the excellent service.
  50. Dikshika Joshi | Sep 12, 2017
    The advisor helped me a lot while purchasing travel insurance policy. He assisted me while the payment error occurred and has gone to an extent of sending me the policy without any delay. I am thankful to him.
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    “All the experience was quite good. Staff were cordial. Warm regards. ”

    Rajendra Kumar - CEO Surya Global Hospita l- Kakinada – Andhra Pradesh


    “ICICI LOMBARD has very encouraging insurance plan of overseas travel for our senior citizens. ”

    Hira Lal Kaul - Architect D.D. Architects - Jammu


    “Whenever on foreign tour, I ensure that I insure with ICICI Lombard. Customer friendly online hassle free policy and transparent premium. Fo... ”

    Dilip Desai – Retired Individual - Mumbai


    “The experience with ICICI Lombard has been excellent. One can trust ICICI Lombard in an emergency for their courtesy and prompt actions. I a... ”

    Mani Raju - Mumbai


    “Interaction with Customer Relationship Team was very useful. All people whom I have contacted were cordial and patient to hear my doubts. I ... ”

    D. Chandramohan Retired Scientist - CSIR - National Institute of Oceanography, Goa Chennai


    “Took travel insurance for travelling to USA. My wife got Shingles there. The total amount was reimbursed to me. The Falack team was nice to ... ”

    Anil Kumar Lal – New Delhi


    “Had travel insurance. Fortunately all went well. There was no claim hence I do not know he service quality. ”

    Hiro Wadhwani - Retired - Gurgaon


    “Whenever I travel to abroad I use take up ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance because I found their service is good. ”

    Subrata Pal – Retired - Kolkata


    “Wonderful experience with Overseas Travel Insurance ”

    G K Agarwal - Corporate Adviser Cimmco Limited Bharatpur


    “Your team was very cooperative and supporting to me and my wife Arti Shailesh Bhavsar while we bought an international travel policy ”

    Shailesh Bhavsar - Sales Advisor Cenlub System Pune


    “Thank you for providing fantastic travel insurance coverage for my long trip to Europe last time. Keep up the good work. ”

    Sayak Boral - Ahmedabad


    “I got to know about ICICI Lombard from my brother. I logged on to the website to buy a travel insurance policy for my trip to Japan. The ent... ”

    Shilpa Dansinghani – Reservation and Ticketing Agent All Nippon Airways Mumbai


    “We had gone to the US to visit our unwell son. Due to the extreme climatic conditions, I fell sick. We were really worried about high medica... ”

    Vallabh Bordawekar - Advocate - Mumbai


    “When I had gone to see my son and family in the US, I developed diarrhoea on the first day itself. I was bed ridden and had to be rushed to ... ”

    P. Reddy - IT Professional - Hyderabad


    “On my way to Bahamas via London for an award ceremony, I was robbed in London and lost all valuables and important documents. Imagine my sit... ”

    Rajiv Singh - Marketing Executive - Mumbai

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