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Travel insurance

When you purchase travel insurance online, the insurer protects you financially from all the unpredicted losses that you may incur while on an international trip. It covers incidents such as loss of baggage and passport, delayed or missed flights, medical emergency, etc.

What is single trip travel insurance?

Single trip travel insurance secures your entire single trip to another country. The benefits of this policy are valid until you complete your trip and return home. Even if you are visiting multiple destinations in one trip, the travel insurance will cover the same.

Features of ICICI Lombard's travel insurance


Medical cover

One of the most appealing features of ICICI Lombard travel insurance is that it covers emergency medical evacuation, hospitalisation, COVID-19-related treatment charges and personal accident.


Emergency cash advance

Losing your wallet on your overseas trip can be a nightmare. When you buy travel insurance online from ICICI Lombard, we have you covered with emergency cash assistance in case all your cash is stolen.


Missed flight connection

Have you missed your connecting flight due to circumstances beyond your control? If yes, ICICI Lombard’s international travel insurance will compensate for the loss.

4 reasons to buy ICICI Lombard travel insurance

Cashless medical facility

No need to worry about hefty medical expenses if you fall sick on your trip. Our travel insurance provides you with a cashless medical facility on foreign soil.

No medical test

We offer instant travel insurance without the need to undergo a medical check-up. Failing to get a travel insurance policy because of a delayed medical report is a thing of past with us.

Lost baggage cover

It is common to lose to your baggage at the airport. Hence, our international travel insurance policy comes with a baggage loss cover that compensates you for such a loss up.

Missed flight connection

When you buy travel insurance online from ICICI Lombard, we will reimburse the flight ticket if you miss your connecting flight because your previous flight is delayed by more than 3 hours.

What’s covered under ICICI Lombard's travel insurance plan?

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions
  • Overseas hospitalisation

    If you sustain an injury or contract a disease or an illness on your trip, our travel insurance policy will reimburse your hospitalisation expenses up to the sum insured specified in your policy.

  • Dental treatment

    Our travel insurance policy will cover the costs of dental treatment for your natural teeth that arise as a result of an injury or illness while on the trip.

  • Loss of checked-in baggage

    Under our travel insurance, we will compensate you if your checked-in baggage is lost while in custody of the airline carrier during your trip.

  • Delayed baggage

    In case your checked-in baggage is for more than 6 hours, our travel insurance policy will pay for the incidental expenses incurred by you.

  • Loss of passport

    If you lose your passport, then our travel insurance policy will pay for the costs of getting the emergency certificate required to continue your return journey.

  • Partial or permanent disablement or death

    While on a trip, if the insured suffers an injury, partial or permanent disability, or death as a result of a tragic incident, we will compensate them under our travel insurance.

  • Personal liability

    While on a trip, if a third party sustains property damage or suffers injury as a result of an accident involving you, we will compensate them under our travel insurance policy.

  • Emergency hotel extension

    If you have to extend your trip due to an emergency, our travel insurance policy will reimburse your extended lodging and boarding expenses.

  • Our travel insurance coverage will not apply if you sustain an injury in adventure sports or by engaging in illegal activities.

  • Our international travel insurance does not cover venereal diseases, stress and other similar illnesses.

  • Our travel insurance does not cover any pre-existing illnesses.

  • Our travel insurance policy will cover claims due to the loss of valuables.

Why should you buy travel insurance online?

  • When you are confused about various travel plans available with us, you can go online and compare them to pick the best travel policy for you.
  • If you forget to get your trip covered with a single trip insurance cover buying it online is real quick and easy thing to do before starting your trip.
  • Buying travel insurance policy online means getting a contactless policy issued to your mailbox without you needing to visit us.

Eligibility criteria for travel insurance plans

After a hectic work schedule, you might want to take a leap from work and go on a vacation, either alone or with your family. To ensure that you are protected against any unfortunate events that may occur while on a vacation abroad, you must purchase travel insurance. However, before making a purchase decision, it is important to review the insurer's eligibility criteria. Check the policy's minimum and maximum entry age, as well as the number of family members you can include in your travel insurance.

How to buy a travel insurance policy online?

Do you wish to secure your trip online before going out on a vacation abroad? If yes, here is how you can get an instant cover with ICICI Lombard.


Share your basic information and your contact details here and get an instant quote.


Pick the best travel insurance that suits your needs.


Pay online using our secure payment gateway.


Get instant single trip travel insurance.

Countries that need an international travel insurance policy

  • Around 34 countries have made it mandatory for travellers to buy travel insurance online before visiting them.
  • If you are planning to explore the US, you must first buy travel insurance online before booking your flight tickets.
  • If you are planning to visit the Schengen countries, bear in mind that to visit the 27* Schengen countries in Europe you must first purchase the travel insurance online.
  • Some of the other countries that have made it essential to purchase travel insurance online include Qatar, Cuba, the UAE, Ecuador, Russia, Turkey and Antarctica.

Claim procedure for single trip travel insurance policy

When you purchase travel insurance from us, you must first inform us at the time of making a claim. Following your intimation, we will ask you to submit a few supporting documents related to your claim. On the successful verification of your papers, we will settle the claim to your account.


Frequently asked questions about single trip travel insurance

  • General
  • COVID-19

Does single trip insurance cover multiple destinations?

Single trip travel insurance covers a single international trip. However, once you leave your country and visit multiple destinations in the same geographical bucket like US/Canada, Schengen, rest of the world and Asia during one trip, we will count your journey as a single trip

Will my single trip travel insurance cover trip cancellation?

Yes, your single trip travel insurance covers trip cancellation if it is due to medical emergency in your family that requires hospitalisation.

Does single trip travel insurance cover COVID-19 quarantine?

No, travel insurance does not cover the quarantine expenses. Single trip travel insurance only pays for medical bills related to COVID-19 treatment.

What is the maximum trip length with a single trip policy?

The maximum trip length under a single trip policy is of 180 days. However, in case of an emergency or any uncontrollable situation, you may request an extension from your insurer.

Can I get travel insurance cover if my trip has already started?

No, once you have started your trip, you cannot purchase a single trip travel insurance. The single trip insurance purchase and commencement date should be before the date you start your trip.

Is it possible for me to claim COVID-19 related hospitalisation expenses while on my trip abroad?

Yes, if you are hospitalised due to COVID-19 while on a trip abroad, you can claim both in-patient and out-patient hospitalisation expenses.

If I cancel my trip due to COVID-19, will I be compensated for the loss incurred as a result of trip cancellation?

Yes, under single trip travel insurance, if you cancel the trip because you or your immediate family member contract COVID-19 and were hospitalised for its treatment for a minimum of 3 days, we will reimburse you for any losses incurred as a result of such cancellation.

I have both health and single trip travel insurance; will the COVID-19 claim will be applicable in both cases?

The health insurance policy pays for your COVID-19 related treatment if the hospitalisation is in India. However, if you are on a trip abroad and contract coronavirus disease, your travel insurance policy will pay for your hospitalisation.
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