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Nightlife In The Philippines: Places To Go

Explore the enchanting nightlife of the Philippines with our curated list of top places to go! From Manila to Boracay, discover the hottest clubs and beach parties that define the after-dark scene. Immerse yourself in the beats of renowned DJs, and dance the night away in these vibrant Filipino destinations. Plan your unforgettable nights out with our guide to the best nightlife spots in the Philippines!

  • 10 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read


The Southeast Asian archipelagic country of the Philippines, comprising nearly 8,000 islands, is on every wide-eyed globe trotter’s bucket list. And rightly so, for its captivating beaches are the best places to relax and unwind before leaping on to a world of adventure. Besides boasting fascinating nightlife, the Philippines cradles some of the world’s most active volcanos. Your vacation will be incomplete if you miss partying in some of the islands’ scintillating nightclubs, including those in Manila and Boracay.

So, here are curated five clubs for you to enjoy your nightlife in the Philippines!

Places to go in the Philippines

  • The Distillery Fort Bonifacio
  • Club Paraw
  • Valkyrie Nightclub
  • Epic
  • Strumm’s 


  1. The Distillery Fort Bonifacio

Location: 10th Avenue, Corner 38th St, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila

  • Get inundated by the variety of wine and beer sourced from all over the world
  • Soak in the warm ambience of the place, listening to some of the best DJs unleash their popular music
  • Share drinks and anecdotes with the fun-loving and friendly crowd you always find here


  1. Club Paraw

Location: XW8C+W7H, Boracay Highway, Central, Malay, Aklan

  • Ideal if you love hardcore beach partying while enjoying some of the most alluring sunset views
  • Dine on some authentic Filipino cuisine, including seafood, besides tasting some of the finest spirits
  • Enjoy the Happy Hours that begin just as the sun sets, dancing to the beats of the DJ


  1. Valkyrie Nightclub

Location: Uptown, 9th Ave, Taguig, Metro Manila

  • Party in high-end style in this biggest Manila nightclub comprising two floors of party halls
  • Dance to the beats of popular Hollywood party anthems on the huge dance floor while enjoying drinks and beverages from across the world
  • Now called XYLO at the Palace, this nightclub is one of Manila’s hottest, and it offers six private skyboxes


  1. Epic

Location: Beachfront, D'Mall of Boracay Boracay Island, Malay, 5608 Aklan

  • Truly an epic joint to enjoy a wholesome beachside dinner while grooving to Filipino beats 
  • Book this place for your New Year celebrations; you’ll be guaranteed some “epic” experiences of nightlife in the Philippines
  • Enjoy your Saturdays with tunes by bands such as Acidburn, ADN, Bigboy, and Eric Capili, while savouring the nightclub’s special menu—Epic Beach Cuisine


  1. Strumm’s

Location: Jupiter Street, Makati, Metro Manila

  • Now called Pardon My French, Strumm’s is an incredible joint to listen to top strummers and instrumentalists playing some of the best song collections from the 80s and 90s
  • Relish the unique French-Asian cuisine that includes Shrimp Cocktail in Sweet Chili Sauce and The Ceasar Salad, among many more
  • Enjoy a different musical genre each night: Easy Listening on Sundays, (Mondays off), Pop Jazz on Tuesdays, Party Retro on Wednesdays, ‘80s Dance on Thursdays, Latin on Fridays, and the Artist Series on Saturdays 


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When you prepare your Philippines itinerary, don’t forget to add these exciting spots to your list. It’s time to come and kickstart your Philippines’ revelry with an ice-cold pint of delicious beer!

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