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United Kingdom (UK) Student Travel Insurance Details

  • 06 Jun 2014
  • 2 min read



These days, many students travel to the UK for higher studies. A degree from a UK university promises a bright future. You also get a firsthand experience of different cultures which provides a novel experience.

However your perfectly planned study tour can go out of schedule because of a medical emergency like an accident. At the same time, in case you lose your passport or luggage you may have enough to handle already. Therefore, to tackle medical emergencies when you study abroad, medical insurance is necessary.

Students going to the UK should secure health insurance from India as it is affordably advantageous. A health policy is mandatory in foreign universities and it is also costlier abroad.

Thus when you leave to study abroad, health insurance should be bought online as it is very cost effective. You can fill an online application and submit your personal information with details of your course and university. You can choose a suitable policy after going through various quotes.

Medical expenses are very expensive abroad. You may not be able to arrange for a large sum of money in case you are hospitalised. In case of emergency, student insurance always comes in handy.

A good health policy provides cover for hospitalization expenses, personal accident, personal liability, dental treatment, doctors’ fees, nursing charges and surgical expenses, loss of baggage and passport and also bail bond.

Students can buy online health insurance from India and access it abroad anytime. You can also avail the insurance guide on the website to help you choose a suitable policy for your specific requirements. The climate in UK is quite unpredictable and you can fall ill and need medical attention.

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Buying Student health insurance is a smart decision – when the benefit it offers is considered. You can opt to pay your premium in instalments in case you cannot pay it at once. You can also find a complete premium payment table, claim procedure, price chart and different policies with benefits on the websites. You can go through all the policies at your leisure before planning to buy a comprehensive health insurance.

In case you need to extend your policy online you can easily do it while studying abroad. You can opt for a two year policy directly. You can also avail travelling tips from the websites so that you may save on your travelling expenses abroad.

Thus getting insured with medical insurance is the smartest way of planning your study tour and securing a peaceful study period in the UK.

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