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Tips for driving in Seychelles

Seychelles, a country in South Africa, is house to numerous beaches, beautiful rain forests & much more. Read on to know about the tips for driving in Seychelles!

  • 05 Jan 2022
  • min read

Seychelles is a small archipelago made up of 115 islands in the Indian ocean. This archipelago has numerous scenic beaches which attract thousands of tourists from around the world all year round.

Seychelles being an island nation does not have a network of local public transport. Tourists have to rely on boats, buses or air to move from one island to another. However the best way to explore the beaches and beauty of Seychelles is by hiring a car and driving around.

Why driving is the best way to move around in Seychelles

  1. Beaches of Seychelles are scattered and a little far from each other so driving is the best way to explore the islands in depth. There are buses available but they only ply on main roads, so a walk to the beach from anywhere becomes a long walk.
  2. Since Seychelles is an Island nation, there are not major source of public transport. You can find buses in the major cities like Mahe and Praslin. Apart from that there are private boats and small aircrafts which you can hire to move around from one island to another
  3. An international driving permit isn’t needed. All you need is a driving license issued by your own country and you can hire and drive a car in Seychelles.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before hiring a car in Seychelles:

Driving Permit

For driving in Seychelles, you do not need an international driving permit. A valid driving license issued by your own country`s government is enough to allow you to hire and drive a car in Seychelles too. However an important thing to keep in mind is the driving age. Seychelles minimum age to drive is 21 compared to India where the age is 18 so in case you have a license issued before your 21 years of age, you won`t be allowed to rent a car.

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Keep Left

Similar to India, Seychelles also follows left hand driving with vehicles having right hand steering so ensure you keep to the left side while driving. The roads of Seychelles are narrow and one-laned so make sure you give first preference to vehicles on right.

Keep Speed limit in mind

The speed limit of Seychelles is 40 km/h in cities and areas with heavy pedestrian traffic while its 60 km/h on open roads and highways. Locals driving in Seychelles are rough and aggressive, they over take suddenly and do not respect traffic laws so it is important you stay vigilant while driving.

Avoiding Driving at night

The roads of Seychelles are narrow with steep hairpin curves and steep mountainous slopes. A lot of roads even lack street lights which makes it difficult to drive post sunset. The cars available in Seychelles are also not equipped with GPS navigation which is why it is not advisable to drive in Seychelles at night.

Follow these tips and drive safely in Seychelles. Before you plan your holiday, make sure you purchase an overseas travel insurance online  along with your Seychelles visa. A Seychelles travel insurance will protect you against any accident or loss of passport or luggage that may happen on your trip.

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