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5 burning questions about all things bike

Motorbike lovers unite! And history buffs. And auto nerds. And headline hawks. Scroll below for answers to some of your more pertinent questions regarding motorbikes! From

  • 23 Jun 2020
  • min read

Motorbike lovers unite! And history buffs. And auto nerds. And headline hawks. Scroll below for answers to some of your more pertinent questions regarding motorbikes! From lockdown effects to online two wheeler insurance – we’ve got your answers!

Which motorcycle helmet to buy?

Which helmet you buy depends on how frequently you use your bike and your budget. While picking out gear for yourself, your mantra should be: safety over swagger. Purchasing everything on your list, all at once, can be tricky not to mention expensive. To ensure that your protective riding gear is complete you can divide your purchases according to the nature/frequency of your rides. If your rides mostly comprise daily commutes, the first thing you should tick off on your list is a helmet that doesn’t compromise on safety but isn’t OTT either. To say, that you require a good helmet is an understatement. Invest in one that’s built of lightweight material, fits snugly, is equipped with soft cheek pads and helps to reduce wind resistance. A pair of gloves, one with good cushioning is also a good addition to your gear. If you’re an avid biker who likes to go on biking tours or even frequent long drives, you’re going to need a few more things than just gloves and helmet. Invest in good rider boots, jacket, waterproof gloves and helmet that’s equipped with Bluetooth.

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Will motorcycle prices drop after lockdown?

We saw this question coming a mile away! We can’t outright answer in the affirmative only because there are several factors to consider here. First is the regulation around BS6. It’s now compulsory for manufacturers to make and sell BS6 compliant vehicles which also carry a heavier price tag. But back in April, the government had given the auto-industry a ten day reprieve, post the first phase of lockdown, during which they could sell their BS4 outfitted inventory. Most manufacturers jumped at this opportunity and offered BS4 bikes at really attractive prices. Is this likely to happen once more? Difficult to say at this point of time. Keep in mind that auto manufacturing suffered heavy losses during the lockdown.

Second, most people reliant on public transport will be less likely to go back to it once office spaces open up. They will look for more personal modes of transport like a car or bike. But with the economy in doldrums at the moment, everyone’s spending power is greatly constrained. This could mean that auto manufacturers, wanting to make the most of consumer sentiment, lower their prices. But if easy financing for purchases is available this might not happen. The best thing to do at the moment is watch, wait, and if you really do want to buy a two wheeler, keep the health of your finances in mind.

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How do motorcycle gears work?

This questions made us sound the nerd alert! So we did a little digging, some reading, and picked the brains of bike enthusiasts we know. Here’s what we found – Engine is at the heart of it all (ok, this we knew!). Power generated by the engine is distributed to various bike parts via a bike transmission. Gears, clutch and a drive system are engaged to distribute this power.

Gears help a driver start, brake and cruises at various speeds. Bikes usually have four to six gears and some may even have two. Gears work or are engaged by shifting a lever, which in turn moves shifting forks inside the transmission. When a rider wants to switch to a different gear, him/her uses the clutch to disconnect the transmission to the crankshaft and reestablishes the connection when they pick a different gear. Clutch consists of a series of loaded plates that connect the transmission to the crankshaft when pressed together.

When was the motorcycle invented?

This one’s for true blue bike enthusiasts and introvert history buffs. To answer your question- it’s widely believed that the first motorcycle to run on petrol and use internal combustion, was the Daimler Reitwagen. It was designed and built by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach (yes, we’re seeing Mercedes here too!) in the year 1885. In 1894, the first series production of the motorbike by the name of Hilderbrand &Wolfmuller happened, also in Germany.

What motorcycle should I buy?

This question has as many answers as there are willing buyers. At the end of it all, the buck stops with bucks, that is, the amount you’re willing to spend on buying a bike. Work backwards from there. How frequently will you be using it? How much EMI is to be paid? Are taxes involved? How much will you have to shell out on fuel? What will your bike insurance premium come up to? The last part is something we can help you with. If you’ve decided to go ahead with buying a bike, you’ll also need to insure it right away and have a driving license to go with it. Online two wheeler insurance is the easiest way to insure your bike. A personal accident cover and third party policy are compulsory by law. On the other hand, buying a comprehensive policy means you are covered for third party damages as well as any other accidental damages.

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