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6 Safety Tips to Change Your Bike’s Engine Oil

Bike’s engine oil needs to be changed regularly to maintain its performance and fuel efficiency. We have listed few tips that can help you do this task with ease.

  • 19 Nov 2021
  • 3 min read

There are a few things in life that can provide you more thrill than riding a motorcycle. Be it running swiftly on highways or whizzing through the peak hour traffic, a motorcycle is undoubtedly the most convenient and affordable mode of commuting. However, just like any other machine, a bike or motorcycle also requires maintenance and a bike insurance policy as it not only covers your bike but also protects you in an emergency.

One of the most important components of bike’s maintenance is changing its engine oil on a regular basis. Without the regular changing of bike’s engine oil, the engine can get overheated, friction between its moving parts can increase, and its overall performance can suffer. Also, the fuel efficiency of the bike can decrease.

According to the experts, bike oil change should be done at least once in every six months or after every 2,000 kilometres. As a responsible bike owner, you should make sure to maintain this frequency for changing your bike’s engine oil. Read on to learn some quick tips that can help you perform this simple bike maintenance task with ease.

1. Gather your tools before beginning the process

As with any other process, the first step towards your bike’s oil change is to gather all the tools you may need. These include a can of fresh engine oil, new oil filter, a drain pan, measuring beaker, funnel, and some basic tools for opening and tightening nut bolts such as a screwdriver and adjustable socket wrench.

Apart from this, you must also keep your bike’s service manual book handy. It will help you know the exact process of oil change, specific type and quantity of oil required for your bike, as well as the information about the frequency at which you should change your bike’s engine oil.

2. Maintain proper frequency for changing your bike’s engine oil

You should maintain proper frequency to change your bike’s engine oil. Usually, mechanics advise to change your bike’s engine oil every six months or after every 2,000 kilometres. However, for more exact information on the correct frequency for your bike’s oil change, you should refer to its service manual book.

While taking a longer time to change your bike’s oil may cause a decline in its engine’s performance and fuel efficiency, doing it earlier may result in nothing but wastage of money.

3. Use the best engine oil only

It’s very important to use the best engine oil for your bike. Some mechanics may advise you to go for a cheaper engine oil to save some money. However, that’s not the best practice to follow. It can result in your bike’s performance getting affected. You can go through the service manual booklet to know about the best suited engine oil for your bike.

Also, you should purchase the engine oil only from manufacturers or trusted dealers. Chances are that others may dupe you by providing a duplicate or adulterated engine oil which can be very harmful for your bike.

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4. Keep your bike on double stand while changing engine oil

Before beginning the process of your bike’s oil change, it’s crucial to park it on a level ground using the double stand or centre-stand. This will make it easier for you to reach the oil filter and also ensure your motorbike’s stability. Also, the used oil stored in your bike may not drain out properly if it’s standing at an angle on a kickstand.

In case your bike only has a kickstand, it makes sense to get a paddock stand installed in it. It will help you in performing bike maintenance activities such as changing its engine oil.

5. Change the oil filter as well

When you change your bike’s engine oil, you should also consider changing its oil filter. The role of an oil filter is to protect your bike’s engine from potential damage by removing contaminants such as dirt, oxidized oil, and metallic particles that can accumulate in the motor oil. Just like the engine oil, the oil filter of your bike gets clogged or damaged after a particular time.

Hence, it’s prudent to change your bike’s oil filter at regular intervals. The best way to do it is to change your bike’s oil filter every time you change its engine oil.

6. Pour the engine oil in the required quantity only

It’s important to pour the engine oil in your bike in the required quantity only. While pouring a lesser quantity may affect the engine’s performance, pouring more than what’s required will only lead to spillage and wastage of money.

Hence, before pouring the fresh engine oil in your bike, you can measure out the specific amount of bike oil needed with the help of a beaker. To know the right quantity of oil required by your bike, you can refer to its service manual booklet.

To conclude

Now that you know how to change oil in a bike, you should feel easy the next time you perform this bike maintenance activity. Not changing your bike’s engine oil at regular intervals may cause a dip in its performance and can even lead to a road accident.

You must do everything that you can to stay safe on the road. Buy a motor insurance to keep your bike financially secured against any mishap such as theft or collision.

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