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Assistive Technology for Accident Prevention in Two Wheelers

The two-wheeler industry is the biggest segment of the Indian auto industry. It has more than 80% market share and is continuously growing at a rapid pace, posting double-digit growth last year.

  • 16 Feb 2017
  • min read

Technology can be used to prevent road fatalities in the burgeoning two-wheeler population

The two-wheeler industry is the biggest segment of the Indian auto industry. It has more than 80% market share and is continuously growing at a rapid pace, posting double-digit growth last year. This is a mixed bag for the two wheeler segment in the country. It is good because the upswing is a relief to the two-wheeler industry, which last saw this kind of growth way back in 2012 and bad because 25% of total road crash deaths happen on two wheelers.

These startling statistics can be greatly reduced with the help of assistive technology, which has already made its way into cars but is yet to make a mark in the motorcycle and scooter landscape. Here is how this technology can be utilised in the two-wheeler segment.

Driver Distraction

It is one of the foremost reasons for serious road accidents. Studies show that incoming messages and calls are one of the primary reasons for driver distraction. Even taking your eyes off the road for a short duration can result in a tragedy, and the adoption of hands-free telephony is not a solution. That is because when you are talking, the focus is more on the conversation rather than the road.

Moreover, many riders only remove their phones to check who is calling and then decide what to do next. Solution to this can be the implementation of Bluetooth hardware to the telematics device, which communicates with the rider’s phone and reads out the number to a Bluetooth headset-enabled helmet. This assistive technology will inform the rider about the urgency of the call and then he can take the necessary action accordingly. As the telematics device can be equipped with motion sensors, it can also disallow the call to be picked up before the bike is stopped.

Another aspect of driver distraction is the person riding with him – the pillion. Due to high levels of noise pollution, it is normal for the rider to turn his head to speak to the pillion rider. In doing so, he takes his eyes off the road for a few seconds, which can prove fatal. Here also, Bluetooth-enabled helmets can prove useful, as they will establish a link of communication between both, without any distraction.

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Fatigue is a factor that gives rise to error in judgement, leading to harmful consequences. A way to stop this from happening can be by listening to your favourite music, which can be streamed to a Bluetooth enabled helmet. This will ensure that you are attentive and not drifting off to sleep. While this may not be ideal for city commutes, it can be helpful in long-distance travel, which is synonymous with fatigue.


In an accident, emergency response becomes extremely crucial, especially within the first ten minutes. Therefore, a safety telematics device can be a lifesaver in emergencies, when equipped with proper technical accessories such as cellular modem, accelerometers, and GPS. In the event of an accident, it can be used to send notifications to the victim’s emergency contacts increasing the chances of accessing immediate help and survival.

A comprehensive two wheeler insurance with safety devices is a must have on Indian roads to protect you from accidents and serious injuries. It will not only cover damages to the third party but also cover for your own financial losses.

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