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Monsoon Tyre Care Tips For Your Bike

The monsoon season is not only difficult for you on the roads but also for your bike, especially the tyres.

  • 14 Aug 2017
  • min read

Essential tips for taking care of your bike’s tyre in this monsoon

The monsoon season is not only difficult for you on the roads but also for your bike, especially the tyres. After all, they are subjected to conditions that are not conducive to riding. While you can have motorcycle insurance to cover up for any accident, it is better to take precautionary measures to avoid any mishap. Here are four essential monsoon tyre care tips for your bike.

Make Sure Tyres Have the Right Pressure

During monsoon, most riders tend to lower the tyre pressure. This is done to increase contact patch between tyre and the roads. However, it is not the right practice. This puts unnecessary stress on the tyre sidewall and makes it vulnerable to punctures.

It also increases friction leading to the generation of more heat. This has an impact on the tyre's life. At the same time, increasing air pressure will lead to the reduction in contact patch that can lead to the loss of grip. It will also reduce your bike's stopping distance in an emergency.

You must always:

  • Check tyre pressure once every couple of weeks
  • Use an accurate pressure gauge to measure pressure
  • Maintain pressure according to the recommendation of the manufacturer mentioned in the owner's manual. Insurance for bikes depends on whether you have followed all the instructions properly or not

Try to Keep the Tyres Clean

With so much mud and dirt around during rains, it is very difficult to keep the tyres clean. However, with a little care and attention you can achieve great results. You can apply a little wax on the sidewalls of the tyre to keep it shiny. Wax keeps away most of the mud from the tyres.

You can use this simple and effective method to keep the tyres in top shape during the entire monsoon season. You can also use a tyre polishing foam. A little attention will go a long way in ensuring the longevity of the tyres.

Purchase Tyre from a Reputed Manufacturer

Ask any two wheeler insurance agent and he/she will always recommend you to buy your tyre from a reputed manufacturer. Established players, unlike local manufacturers, come up with products that are at par with international standards, thus ensuring optimum performance.

These manufacturers have strict quality control guidelines to ensure that their products meet the required parameters. Hence, if you wish to switch to new tyres, make sure your next purchase is from a renowned manufacturer.

Also read:

Drive Properly

In most situations, you can prevent tyre damage of your bike if you drive carefully. Pothole-ridden roads are common during rains. You can lessen some burden on the tyres if you avoid such roads. However, if there is no option, slow your speed and avoid the edges. Another important piece of advice is not to drive through a pothole with water as you never know how deep it might be. If you do so, always take a moment to stop and see if any significant damage has been done.

You must always have motorcycle insurance to protect your prized possession in case of any misadventure. Bike insurance renewal after expiry is also a crucial aspect that you must not ignore. So, keep in mind these tips and sail through the monsoon season like a pro.

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