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Things To Know About Charging Electric Two Wheeler

If you’re planning to buy an electric bike in the near future, read this article for tips on charging bike battery

  • 17 Nov 2021
  • 3 min read

India, being in the list of most polluted countries in the world from quite some time now, is in dire need of adopting alternative fuel for mobility to curb air pollution. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are one such option which are eco-friendly and produce zero emission. With the Government planning to boost infrastructure for electric mobility, demand for EVs in India is getting higher by the day.

However, electric cars that are available in the country are still too expensive and mostly belong to the elites. But, the availability of electric bikes has solved the muddle for the common man. Almost all reputed two-wheeler manufacturers in India have started offering electric bikes and scoters at pocket-friendly prices. If you purchase a bike insurance then it will secure your e-bike against the natural and man-made adversities, including fire, theft, riot, vandalism, storm, flood, and earthquake.

Instead of conventional fuels such as petrol and diesel, electric bikes derive power from a battery, which needs to be charged again and again. To ensure long life and efficient performance of an e-bike’s battery, it’s important to follow some tips while charging it.

So, if you’ve recently purchased an electric bike or planning to purchase one soon, continue reading this article to know some useful tips about charging bike battery.

1. Charge your new bike’s battery for several hours before you start using it

When you buy a new electric bike, it comes with a fresh lithium-ion battery that may or not be charged. Hence, it’s essential to charge your bike’s battery for at least 6 to 8 hours before you start using it. The long initial charge of your bike’s battery ensures that the current flows smoothly through all its cells, enabling the battery to perform efficiently in future.

Moreover, fully charging the battery before first use helps in kickstarting the “calibration” process. It enables you to know the power and capacity of your bike’s battery and determine how it’s going to behave in the future.

2. Charge your bike’s battery before it dies completely

Most electric bikes in India use lithium batteries. These batteries usually have a good life, but to keep them in proper condition, you should charge them regularly. You should make sure that you plug in your bike battery charger before the battery of your electric bike dies completely. The best thing you can do is start charging your bike battery as soon as its level dips below 30%. As electric bikes are more efficient than traditional ones, why not give it an efficient protection! Hence, we at ICICI Lombard would recommend getting yourself our motor insurance to protect your bike from any damages!

As per battery experts, you should maintain your bike’s battery level between 30 to 60 percent. In between, you can also go for full charge if you have enough time. Regular charging of your bike’s battery also helps in improving its performance by keeping all cells activated and functional.

3. Fully charge your bike’s battery once in a week but don’t overcharge

As suggested in the above point, you should fully charge your e-bike’s battery occasionally, i.e. once in every one or two weeks. This will help in balancing the cells and improve the overall shelf-life of the battery. It works like an exercise for human body, which improves our strength by preventing our muscles from getting weak.

At the same time, overcharging is not good for the health of your bike’s battery. It’s because lithium batteries degrade while they are being charged and hence, the longer they stay connected to a high voltage charger, the longer the degradation will occur.

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4. Avoid charging your bike’s battery at extreme temperatures

The battery of your bike is sensitive to extreme temperatures just like your body. To ensure a long life of your electric bike’s battery, avoid extreme temperatures while you’re charging or using it. Take extra care and precautions when you’re charging it.

It’s important to ensure that the temperature is not freezing or boiling while charging your bike’s battery. If you think it’s too hot or cold outside, you can keep your electric bike in a parked garage or inside your house.

5. Do not store an empty battery

There can be times, such as lockdowns or days when temperatures are too hot or cold, when you will not require to use your electric bike for several days. During such times, you will have to store your bike’s battery or keep your bike still with its battery stored. As per the experts, you should never store the battery of your e-bike in a completely empty condition.

Instead, you should charge it to at least 60% before storing it. This will help in keeping the battery in proper shape when it’s not in use. Also, storing an empty battery may cause its cells to die and you may need to jump-start your battery when you want to use your e-bike again.

6. Use proper charger and take good care of it

It’s important to use proper bike battery charger for charging your e-bike’s battery. Try not to use local-made chargers. Instead, use the one provided by the bike manufacturer only. Also, you should take proper care of your bike’s battery charger just like the battery itself.

Do not switch on the mains before plugging the charger into the battery. Similarly, switch off the mains before unplugging the charger from the battery. Also, never leave your bike’s battery charger permanently connected with the mains.

To sum it up

E-bike helps you build a sustainable mode of commuting, without harming the environment. However, it’s important to follow the above-mentioned tips while charging your e-bike’s battery to ensure its long life and powerful performance.

You can purchase a comprehensive bike insurance policy from us to secure your e-bike against the natural and man-made adversities, including fire, theft, riot, vandalism, storm, flood, and earthquake. Click here to know more.

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