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Two-Wheeler Insurance - A Must for Indian Roads

An accident might leave the rider with a permanent disability affecting his/her earning capacity.

  • 13 Jul 2015
  • min read

Startling Reality

Take some time out to look at these statistics, collected from a recent survey report:

1. An accident a minute

One serious road accident in India occurs every minute. It means while you are reading this article, an unfortunate mishap would have occurred somewhere in India!

2. 16 lives per hour

16 lives are lost due to accidents on Indian roads every hour. Quick mathematics will tell you it works out to 1,40,160 deaths a year, which is more than the overall population of countries like Bermuda and Cayman Islands.

3. 1 out of 4 times

Two wheelers account for 25% of total road accident deaths in India. Yes, two wheelers are risk-prone, and one needs to take adequate precaution while driving them. Needless to say, abide by traffic rules, drive carefully and follow lane discipline to reduce the likelihood of causing an accident.

However, lack of driving prowess may not be the sole reason of a mishap. You could be inconvenienced due to another rider’s mistake, as well. You could wear a helmet to protect yourself from a head injury. But, a few risks still remain. Let’s take a look at them.

Risks Faced By Two Wheeler Riders

1. Loss of earning capacity

An accident might leave the rider with a permanent disability affecting his/her earning capacity. Or in case of fatal mishaps, besides the trauma of losing a dear one, families might have to shoulder the burden of loss of one earning member. These risks also apply to pillion riders.

2. Two wheeler damage

In all likelihood your bike or 2-wheeler could be damaged if it is involved in an accident. You will have to incur repairing charges. In a few cases, a severe impact could lead to irreparable damage, entailing a significant monetary expenditure.

3. Medical Costs

Two wheeler riders are also exposed to the risk of rising cost of healthcare, an unavoidable expense in case of accidental injuries. While we cannot eliminate the risk of physical harm we can invest in a simple solution that protects us against the financial repercussions of a road accident. Why worry? Instead be prepared to tackle the situation with ease.

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The Solution - Two Wheeler Insurance Plan

Primarily of two types, this cover includes the Third Party Cover (mandatory for all bike owners as per law) and Own Damage Cover. While the Third Party Cover compensates third parties, the Own Damage Cover reimburses owner-riders in case of bike damage or loss due to accidents.

Risks arising due to natural (e.g, fire, landslide or cyclone) and man-made (e.g., riots, theft or burglary) calamities are also covered under the Own Damage plan.

Two wheeler insurance policy also cover Personal Accident Plans to provide lump sum compensation in the event of death or permanent total disablement due to accidents. Accidental hospitalization expenses of the rider as well as pillion passengers can be opted for under the plan.

Two Wheeler Insurance Myths

Some people are of the opinion that compensation for damage to their own vehicle is covered under the Third Party Cover. The fact, however, is that a third party cover reimburses only the aggrieved third party, not the two wheeler owner for any damages incurred.

To curtail out-of-pocket repair costs, insure your vehicle with a comprehensive insurance plan.

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