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What Is ABS and Why You Should Have It In Your Bike

It is easy to lose control of your bike during emergency braking. ABS can prevent wheels from locking and give the rider better control.

  • 29 Jan 2019
  • min read

Be it for the ease of navigating through city traffic, the adrenaline rush, saving some money, or helping you in finding your Zen - there can be 101 reasons, but the truth is you love your two-wheeler.

However, there are perils associated and no matter how good a rider you are, things can still go horribly wrong! Even the most avid bike lover would agree that riding a bike is far from being child’s play!

For instance, compared to stopping a car, stopping a bike is a different ball game altogether. There are separate brake controls in the front and rear wheel in most two-wheelers and either one can lock during hard braking.

Such incidents can reduce the bike’s stability and substantially increase the likelihood of a fall. However, there is a simple fix available for the problem.

Fixing a simple looking technology can make your rides far safer! Yes, we are talking about the humble anti-lock braking system (ABS). Getting ABS on your favourite two-wheeler can reduce the chances of a fatal crash by 31%. Here is how.

How does ABS work?

During an emergency braking situation, the wheels can lock resulting in the skidding or falling over of the motorcycle. ABS functions in an anticipatory role. It has electronic sensors to detect locking before it actually occurs. So, when the biker actually applies brakes, ABS can kick in and apply the right amount of brake pressure.

This results in maximising the performance of the braking system. Thus, the bike can slow down without having to lose traction. An anti-lock braking system can reduce stopping distance and prevent skidding. Here, we list the advantages of ABS:

  1. Reduction in stopping distance

  2. Using ABS in the right way can reduce the stopping distance. From a starting speed of 80 km/hr, a bike without ABS would continue running for 30 meters after application of brakes. However, the same bike would have stopped 3 meters shorter, if fitted with ABS.

    This becomes possible owing to the fact that with ABS, the tyres are constantly getting traction. Thus, there is more effective scrubbing off of speed in ABS fitted motorcycles.

    However, without ABS, the wheels can lock and lose traction as hard braking is applied. This results in skidding of the motorcycle as the tyres are trying to grip the surface.

    As a biker, you know that even a meter can make all the difference between a safe ride and a collision, or between life and death. Make a wise, life-altering decision. Choose ABS and ride stress-free.

  3. Better control

  4. A biker knows the importance of control in having a steady ride. ABS helps you have better control over your ride in emergency braking situations.

    Fitted with ABS, there are greater chances for the bike to stop in a straight line and shed speed in a controllable manner. Thus, it helps you retain your control over the ride and reduces the chances of skidding.

    However, two-wheelers not fitted with ABS are likely to lose traction in emergency braking conditions and leave the rider without much control over steering. In tough weather conditions, this might result in a tumble or a crash.

  5. Prevent Stoppie

  6. Whether you are a professional stuntman or not, you would obviously not like your bike performing stoppie without your will. Yet, this is what can happen when your two-wheeler is not fitted with ABS.

    Even when the weather is bad and the roads are slippery, your two-wheeler can offer far more traction when fitted with ABS. Additionally, when fitted with ABS, braking is more linear. In comparison, when your bike is not fitted with ABS, braking is much more abrupt and can result in a stoppie, skidding or tumble.

    In an ABS-fitted bike, the hydraulic system controls the braking pressure and thus the rider feels mild pulsation on the brake lever. Thus, if you are pushing the braking system, the ABS in combination with the hydraulics gives you the warning signals.

    Thus, as you can well appreciate, ABS is useful irrespective of whether you are riding for the first time or are a veteran. The technology is beneficial and can save your life in most on-road situations.

    While choosing a new motorcycle, choose one with ABS. ABS helps you stay safe and be on the road. Also get yourself a comprehensive two wheeler insurance. Bike insurance cushions you from the financial impact following an accident with your two-wheeler.

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