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How to Maintain Tyre Pressure of Your Bike?

Explore the comprehensive guide on maintaining the correct tyre pressure for your bike. From checking the PSI and inspecting for damage to performing routine pressure checks, this guide provides step-by-step instructions for optimal two-wheeler tyre care.

  • 19 Nov 2023
  • 3 min read

Steps to maintain pressure of your tyre


1. Check the PSI of the tyre

To ensure your Tyre's safety and performance, check for correct positioning and punctures from sharp objects like glass or nails. Proper Tyre pressure is vital to prevent blowouts, and inspect for bulges or cracks that can lead to air pressure loss. Gently moving the Tyre back and forth helps assess its condition, ensuring safe driving.


2. Performing a Tyre pressure check

Next, it's crucial to perform regular checks on the bike Tyre inflation. Proper bike Tyre inflation directly affects your riding comfort and the overall quality of your journey. If the Tyres aren't adequately inflated, premature wear can occur, underscoring the significance of routine 2-wheeler Tyre pressure inspections.


For accurate readings, perform these checks when your bike is at a cool temperature to prevent pressure and density changes due to heat. Refer to your vehicle's manual to find the recommended PSI levels, which can be verified at a gas station or using your own equipment.

3. Ensure your Tyres have the right air pressure when require

Once you've inspected your Tyres, ensure they are filled with compressed air to reach the recommended PSI level. Avoid overinflation, and if they have excess air, you can release some to reach the correct tyre pressure bike. Take your bike for a spin, and after a few hours, evaluate their performance.


If you notice a pressure increase, and the Tyres feel excessively rigid on the road, it's important to cease driving and remove any additional load from the bike. Don't neglect the Tyre tread either, as it's crucial for preventing skidding on wet surfaces. If you find that the tread has worn down by a quarter or an inch, it might be time to think about replacing your Tyres.


Owning and upkeep of a two-wheeler can be a costly affair. Consider having at least a basic bike insurance policy or a comprehensive one. These policies offer coverage for your vehicle in the event of clashes, accidents, or third-party damage.

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Buying a two-wheeler and maintaining it are closely related. Tyre pressure is often overlooked but plays a crucial role in keeping your bike in good condition and providing a smooth ride. Now that you know how to check and manage Tyre pressure, you're all set.

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