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Steps to Avoid Being Sold the Wrong Two Wheeler

  • 13 Nov 2018
  • 2 min read

These tips will ensure that you have the two wheeler that perfectly fits your requirement

After all these years, you’ve finally saved up enough to purchase a motorcycle to call your own. You are all excited about the prospect of having your own set of wheels and can’t wait to go to the showroom and check out the different bikes for sale.

You reach the showroom and the salesperson comes and asks for your requirement. After you state what you want, he takes you in and shows you some two wheelers and then some more. There are so many choices that you are feeling overwhelmed. All the excitement and eagerness, coupled with the salesman’s persuasive selling skills can lead to you choosing a bike that is not right for you.

Therefore, it is better to take your time, and go through the selection with the knowledge of knowing what you want. If you are lacking on the knowledge part, we have compiled a list of things that you should definitely check before settling on a purchase.

Check Out the Ergonomics

If a bike is not comfortable, then it is definitely not the right bike for you. You should try the bike at the showroom by taking it out for a test ride. Are your hands reaching the handlebars without stretching them? Are you comfortably seated or leaning forward? Are your feet in a relaxed position?

These are the things that you need to be sure about. If the ergonomics of the two wheeler is good, then it will be easier for you during your long weekend rides or lengthy road trips with friends.

Get to Know the Seat Height

The saddle height is an important consideration that, if not considered, can greatly reduce the joy associated with riding. Different types of motorcycles come with different types of seats, which affect the ability of the rider’s feet to reach the ground while on the two wheeler.

Riders having a short height and women riders prefer a low seat height, allowing them to swing a leg over the bike easily. Heavier bikes usually demand flat feet during stops to maintain balance, whereas lighter bikes can be balanced by just the tip of your toes.

With or Without Fairing?

Purchasing a bike with or without a fairing is a decision that totally depends on the rider and what his plans are for the bike. Bikes without a fairing look good, but the lack of a windscreen means that they prove to be exhausting on long rides. This is because the oncoming wind exerts pressure on your body and tires your arms out.

So, if long rides is what you plan on doing, then a faired two wheeler is what you should go for. It can make your rides pleasant and also stop the elements from cutting your ride short.

Do You Travel Light?

Riding a bike is all about the sense of freedom and getting lost from the daily hustle. Though, the real joy of riding lies in bikes that are lithe and can take to corners naturally, they can prove to be a problem for long rides. Having a motorcycle that does not have provisions for keeping luggage can put a spanner in your weekend riding plans.

Getting a two wheeler that comes with saddlebags, or is at the very least, capable of getting fitted with one would be the smartest choice.

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Is Fuel Efficiency Your Main Concern?

For Indians, the right bike is usually the one that gives the most mileage. But, riders are passionate people who are devoted to the cause of riding and freedom. Fuel efficiency is still a concern, but not a big one. Having said that, nobody would appreciate owning a two wheeler that demands regular fuel stops.

A bike that can go farther, with less stops, while offering decent performance should rank high on the list of priorities. Not to mention, the savings that you will gain from reduced refills can be put back on to your bike in the form of accessories.

Knowing what you want and what you can compromise on when it comes to your two wheeler purchase, can make the difference between getting the bike that you can enjoy or the bike that you can get stuck with.

Choosing the right bike is important, same as choosing the right two wheeler insurance policy. Getting the right policy ensures that you have peace of mind, knowing that someone has got your back when things take a wrong turn.

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